Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Reds Take Malice

LUCY BURDETTE: If you've been to a conference with Jungle Reds on the program, you'll know that we've moved away from traditional panels and toward--game shows! Family Feud several years ago was a huge hit, and even included our honorary Red, Julia's hub, Ross.  We've done Balderdash, and Jeopardy. We bring prizes and encourage silliness. This year at Malice Domestic on May 2 in Bethesda will be no exception!

The game this time around is called 50 SHADES OF RED--and we have the most adorable buttons to help celebrate. Only four of us are able to attend this time (Hallie, Hank, Rhys, and Lucy), but we've wrangled an amazing guest moderator: Charlaine Harris!

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: So, This year's game is called 50 Shades of Red because we thought it was funny. But here's the secret--it means nothing. And that's funnier, right? But we're basing or new (and original) game of on that 1970's game Fact in Five. Remember that? Where you have an infinitesimally short amount of time to name--five countries that begin with W. Five dogs with colors in their names. And on and on. Lots of competition, lots of suspense. And lots of bluffing.

But the Reds have tweaked and polished and this year at Malice, we're making it all about mysteries!  Two of us Reds versus the other two. We'll face off to name as many things as we can--in twenty seconds--in a category given by the amazing Charlaine.  And then the opposing team will try to do better.
We're still working on the rules--plenty of time!--but we know some audience members will definitely be involved. So come prepared to play--and win!
And now--even if you aren't attending Malice!--we need your help.

HALLIE EPHRON: First: WE NEED CHALLENGES! Submit them as comments. Remember, these are facts in fives...

So I'll start:
Name five mystery novels with RED in the title.
Name five mystery novels that involve trains.
Name five clues in Sherlock Holmes stories.
Name five sleuths with dogs (or dogs with sleuth.

Your turn!

HANK:  I'll say: Nancy Drew's dog Daisy.  Pause, pause.  Are you wondering: did Nancy Drew have a dog name Daisy.???  And the answer is no! Because I am bluffing. (Not very well, but it's just an example.) So in Fifty Shades of Red, a player can bluff. But the opponents can challenge!! Wen there's a challenge, the timer stops, and the audience votes on who is right. The loser forfeits three hard-won points.

So how about:

Mystery novels set in London.
Detectives with children.
Mysteries with animals in the title
Series with more than five installments
Actors who play detectives in the movies
Mysteries that have become TV series
RHYS BOWEN:What my fellow Reds didn't mention yet is that we'll be choosing audience members to join our teams. If you'd like to help us out with your superior knowledge (and you really do know the name of Nancy Drew's dog)--you need to be wearing a special limited edition Jungle Red "I READ RED" button. We'll be choosing our panel members from the audience from  those who are wearing the buttons..and we will be handing them out at Malice! So make sure your find one of us..and get your I READ RED button so you can participate.  It'll also make you eligible for wonderful prizes! 

LUCY: Okay red readers, we'd love your ideas now
--tell us your category ideas! Just put them in the comments. 

And if you're coming to Malice, please come to the funny farm--errr, panel--at 12:30 on Saturday.


Joan Emerson said...

Wow . . . this sounds like great fun!
I'm not too good at thinking up things on the spur of the moment, but these ideas came to mind:
Name five detectives' sidekicks.
Name five historical mysteries.
Name five amateur sleuths.
Name five mystery series that are set in a country other than the United States.
Name five mystery series that feature husband and wife teams.

Mark Baker said...

I so wish I were going to be there. I had a blast at your panel at Bouchercon. I think I've figured out I can go to Malice next year, so there is that to look forward to.

Name five Middle Grade Detective series

Edith Maxwell said...

Oh, I can't wait!

Five academic mysteries
Five mysteries featuring a farm
Five mysteries with a protagonist over forty. Or fifty. Or sixty...
Five series set between 1880 and 1900
Five series featuring caterers

Mark, glad you get to go to Malice next year!

Susan Elia MacNeal said...

Have fun, ladies! Wish I could be there!

FChurch said...

Five archaeological sleuths.
Five forensic anthropologist series.
Five series set in the South.
Five Western sleuths/sheriffs.
Five New England series.
Five Irish protagonists.
Five English pubs featured in a mystery. (Bonus points if you've raised a pint in each of them!)

Deb Romano said...

Julia inspired this one:

Name five amateur sleuths who are members of the clergy.

(I myself cannot come up with five!)

Anonymous said...

5 mysteries set in small towns
5 mysteries featuring cats

Kathy Lynn Emerson said...

Well, obviously--names of five cats in cozy mysteries!

I'll definitely be in the audience but I'd advise against picking me to help either team. I'm one of those people who only comes up with a good comeback, or an answer, three hours later.


Kaye Barley said...

Oh, How Fun! I'm missing Malice this year, but I will see you all at B'Con.

Lucy Burdette aka Roberta Isleib said...

oh Kathy, unfortunately, I'm a slow thinker too:). Kaye, we'll miss you at Malice!!

thanks for all the suggestions--keep them coming please...

Kristopher said...

This sounds like it is going to be tons of fun. I will definitely be in the audience (as another of those who can not think under pressure).

Five books with different titles in other countries.
Five authors how have appeared as guest bloggers on the JRW's blog.
Five weapons in the board game Clue.

Brenda Buchanan said...

I will be at Malice and looking for one of those special buttons!

Here are some ideas:

Mysteries involving poison
Mysteries set in the 1960s
Protagonists with sartorial quirks

BTW, the new captcha thing is a riot - I had to click on all the photos of cake, which brought up two more ideas.

Mysteries with party scenes
Crime novels involving bakeries

Susan M. Boyer said...

This is BRILLIANT! And it will be so much fun. I will track one or all of y'all down and beg for a button! Your game show is a favorite panel, and I can't wait!

Five mysteries set in the South. :)

Five crime-solving couples.

Five female private investigators.

That's all I have for now. :)

Mary Sutton said...

I wish I could be there. I remember Family Feud at Bouchercon 2012 (Cleveland); it was a lot of fun.

five mysteries (stand alone or series) that have been turned into movies/TV shows

five actors who have played Sherlock Holmes (TV or movie)

Deborah Crombie said...

I'm so jealous of you all who are getting to go!

How about:

Five mysteries series set in Egypt?

I'm not sure there are five, actually, but I know there are several.

Such fun!

New captcha is a hoot!

Rhys said...

This is obviously going to reveal me as a clueless slow thinker unless we can have
5 sleuths named Molly
5 mysteries involving royalty
5 mysteries set in Wales
5 mysteries written by someone called Rhys

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

These are so great!

Mysteries involving magic
Mysteries that are an authors second series
Agatha best first novel winners
Mysteries with a food in the title
Mysteries with a reporter main character

I admit I am looking at your categories--and can think of like, one example. Yeesh. My team is in TROUBLE.

Rhys, are there five Rhys's?

(I had to select all soup. THE PRESSURE!)

Pat D said...

Detectives who are Great War veterans.
Native American (or Indian!) detectives.
Women accused of murder who are innocent and become detectives!
Regency era detectives
And when I say detectives I mean mystery solvers, pro or amateur.
This sounds like so much fun. Too bad my brain turns to pudding when it is needed.

Kathy Reel said...

Oh, I so wish that I were going to Malice and scoring one of those buttons. I loved your panel at the 2013 Bouchercon where Ross and youngest passed out the prizes. I can take some comfort in knowing that you Reds will have something equally amazing at Bouchercon in Raleigh, where I will be attending. I'm still hoping to get in a Malice one of these years soon.

Five Edgar Award Best Novels
Five Edgar Award Best First Novel
Five Edgar Award Best Paperback Original
Five Edgar Award Best Fact Crime
Five Edgar Award Best Critical/Biography
Five Edgar Award Best Short Story
Five Edgar Award Best Juvenile
Five Edgar Award Best Young Adult
Five Mary Higgins Clark Winners

Or, you could just change the above to five of any in those categories, winners or nominees or just ones that fit the categories For example, five mystery short stories or five young adult mysteries or series, and you could even do five Mary Higgins Clark novels.

What fun you all are going to have, participants and observers. Rhys, you gave me a great laugh-out-loud moment with your suggestions. Hahaha!

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

I am getting VERY nervous.

Maybe we should have trolled for ANSWERS.


So lets, um, practice.

Pick any category. Tell us the answers. (Or if you like, you can just tell ME. :-) )

Carol B said...

This just makes me want to attend Malice more than ever! I love game shows--well, some of them. Oh well, maybe some day..... I can dream, can't I?

Joan Emerson said...

I'll bet you know more of the answers than you think you do . . .
Here are some answers to go with my earlier post:
Detectives’ Sidekicks . . . .
Captain Arthur Hastings with Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie mysteries
Doctor John Watson with Sherlock Holmes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries
Archie Goodwin with Nero Wolfe in the Rex Stout mysteries
M. Hercule Flambeau with Father Brown; Father Brown mysteries [G. K. Chesterton]
Honey Wheeler with Trixie Belden; Trixie Belden mysteries [Julie Campbell Tatham; later Kathryn Kenny]
Hawk with Spenser; Robert B. Parker mysteries [later written by Ace Atkins[

Historical Mysteries . . . .
Rhys Bowen’s Lady Georgiana series
Rhys Bowen’s Molly Murphy series
Susan Elia Macneal’s Maggie Hope series
Charles Todd’s Bess Crawford series
Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael Chronicles

Amateur Sleuths . . . .
Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Clare Fergusson
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple
G. K. Chesterton’s Father Brown
Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew
Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey
Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone

Mystery Series set in a country other than the United States . . . .
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, set in England
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, set in England
Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache, set in Canada
Alexander McCall Smith’s Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency, set in Southern Africa
Vicky Delaney’s Constable Molly Smith series, set in British Columbia

Husband-and-Wife Teams . . . .
Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence Beresford
Dashiell Hammett’s Nick and Nora Charles
Stephen J. Cannell’s Shane and Alexa Scully
Anne Perry’s Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
Faye Kellerman’s Peter and Rina Lazarus Decker

Anonymous said...

You girls are too smart! I can't wait to read 50 Shades of Red - written by one of you - it will outsell the Grey Lady!!! And I don't mean the NYT!
Will be with you at a distance at Malice! Thelma Straw in Manhattan

Reine said...

Name a wheelie (wheelchair user) sleuth.
Are there any? There must be.I just haven't found her yet. She should be a she, because wheelie guys in novels are all massively strong and can make their chairs do the impossible. She could have a RED POWER WHEELCHAIR. If you find a way to work in a wheelie sleuth-who is a woman-who has a red power wheelchair… my next chair will be Jungle Red and dedicated to the love of mystery reading and writing!

Have a great time at Malice. I'll make it one of these days! xoxoxo

Jane S said...

Name 5 female protagonists
Name 5 Agatha Christie Mysteries
Name 5 Sue Grafton mysteries ( not just A, B, C...the whole title.)
Name 5 Janet Evanovich titles
Name 5 mystery authors whose last names begin with B...or C...
Name 5 fictional towns in mystery series

Dru said...

Name 5 mysteries that take place in Washington DC
Name 5 mysteries where the protagonist is a mystery writer


Alice Loweecey said...

I want to play! I can't wait to get my red button!

Name 5 husband/wife detective teams
Name 5 mysteries with colors in the title
Name 5 seasonal mysteries

Mo said...

Wow. This is going to be so much fun to watch. I will be there cheering you on!