Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Oh, Kaye!" chats about fuzzy faces

Recently, a Facebook friend posted a meme on her page about facial hair.

I'm not going to post the meme here 'cause it was pretty horrid and made references to facial hair being disgusting.

And I was shocked to watch how quickly so many people hopped in to say how much they hated beards and mustaches and it quickly became a mob mentality with things like "ugh, I HATE facial hair, it's gross and nasty and and and . . ." or, "Ewwwww, I would never allow my husband to have facial hair!"  or "OMG, how could anyone even consider kissing someone with hair on their face?"  Stuff like that.  

Now, you know, I can certainly understand a person having a preference when it comes to a man's looks, but assuming that all men who choose to sport a beard or a mustache are dirty disgusting creatures kinda set my teeth on edge.

You can probably imagine why.

I've spent over 30 years with this guy, and I think he's pretty cute.  Sexy as all get out, truth be told.  I love the way his beard feels against my face when he gives me a kiss.  

And I for sure don't see anything gross or nasty about his beard.

Fact of the matter is, I've never seen him without it.  

I've watched it lose some colors over the years, but it was there the day I met him and I would be heartbroken to ever see it go.  

And here's a few more guys who apparently think facial hair is an okay thing.  You'll probably recognize some of them.  Maybe from TV, or the movies, or maybe even on the back of the book you're reading right now.

Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't kick any of them out of  the house simply because of the fuzziness of their faces.



Well, okay - this guy might have to go  . . . 

But the rest of 'em?  Oh yeah, they can stick around for as long as they'd like.

So.  How 'bout it Reds, facial hair - Yay or Nay??


  1. I have never understood how the sometimes-thoughtless things that are posted manage to generate so much mean-spiritedness.
    As for the facial hair, I've got no complaints about it. [And thanks for all the great pictures!]

  2. My Steve is a very handsome man. Beard. Mustache. Long hair. Now it's shortish due to medical treatments about a year ago. But it's growing back. Although our sons, but not our daughters, were warned in their phys ed classes regarding the dangers of long hair, from getting it caught in the closing door of the bus and getting dragged down the street while very uncomfortable things happened, to losing football games. Losing football games? Losing football games. Never mind the jobs they would never get… chuckle, chuckle. I gave each of them a wallet-sized photo of their father with beard, mustache, and shoulder length hair giving one of his speeches for work. The dress code regarding hair was dropped within a couple of months.

    Teachers are precious and a trusted resource. Of course.

  3. I read FUZZY FACES and I thought: Kaye is going to blog about how you know you need glasses! Because for me it was when I couldn't recognize a person from across the room.

    But no, facial hair is not something I'm particularly fond of. I like to look at it but it does take, ahem, maintenance.

    Hercule Poirot's mustache? Maybe that's why he's a single.

  4. I adore well groomed facial hair, especially goatees (maybe because my fella has one.) That last photo made me laugh!

  5. Delightful humor! someone should take some pictures of the lineup in the Swiss meetings... who in that room has facial hair???? tjs ion Manhattan

  6. Kaye, now you're talking! And the last photo--and your comment--cracked me up, too.

    My Steve, like his dad and twin brother, has had a mustache since the day I met him 38 years ago, except for twice. He went to the Arctic for several weeks for a photo shoot, and grew a beard while he was there. We were just dating at the time, and before our second date when he came back he decided to cut off the beard, since it was summer here. His razor slipped, so he just decided to shave his whole face.

    Well, he came to pick me up and knocked at my door. I opened it, expecting to see a fully bearded man, and instead saw a complete stranger, and I slammed the door in his face! He looked so different without the mustache. I couldn't get used to it, so he grew it back.

    The only other time I've seen his upper lip naked was the day of a Halloween party. I was going as Snow White, and Steve decided to be Dopey (I'm trying not to make any editorial comments about this), but I pointed out that Dopey was the only beardless dwarf. He came downstairs clean shaven. And looked quite authentic, I must say.

    However, my grandson, who adores Steve, was eight months old, and when he saw Steve he wouldn't have anything to do with him. The mustache came back, tout suite.

  7. Sean Connery. Sam Elliott. Nuff said.

  8. The only facial hair I ever have a problem with is my own.

  9. Joan, that is the truth!! (and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!)

    Reine, losing football games?? yep, another instance of placing everyone inside their own box. Their box of "this is how it's "supposed" to be." sigh.

    Oh, Hallie, so funny. Yes, without my glasses any face not two feet from my face is fuzzy.

    Sharon, I love a goatee. I think facial hair is pretty sexy. Except that last guy - I laughed out loud when I spotted that last picture and couldn't resist using it.

    Thelma - Good Point!!!

    Karen, you have made me giggle (no editorial comments here either). I would react just like you or your grandson if Donald ever surprised me with a clean shaven face.

  10. FChurch - I'm with you, girl.

    Carleen - you are hysterical.

  11. And Hallie, I was certain she would be blogging about the Easter bunny and other furry animals:).

    thanks Kaye!

  12. Kaye, I just never know what to expect in your monthly post. You always make me smile. Jim always had at least a mustache, and usually some form of beard. And right now? I can only say, Ramin Karimoo as Jean Valjean. (Sigh)

  13. Lucy - it was a real toss up, I must say. But, I felt the crucial facial hair topic really needed to be tackled. Actually, soft furry animals/soft furry faces - hmm, not so very different maybe? I love 'em both, truth be told.

  14. Lesa, Surprises are fun, huh? And, I am always happy to make you smile!

  15. If it's well-maintained, I don't mind. Your Don is handsome. And I especially love the photo of Alan Rickman.


  16. Thanks, Dru - I think he is too. :-) And Alan Rickman, oh yes.

  17. Kaye, you are fabulous! What fun to play "guess who" with those photos! I'm not sure I got all of them--but fun to see Deaver, Hallinan, James--who is your secret fave?

    We are bearded here, too--Jonathan, I mean. And I have seen a photo of him without it. But it was from--1960, I think.

  18. Hubby (of 36 years) looks naked without his lovely facial hair - and not in a good way.

    I still give him grief for shaving his mustache the morning of our wedding, then teasing me (still!) because I didn't notice.

  19. Hank - your Jonathan has such a great beard. My secret fave is Tom Selleck forever and ever.

    Cyndi - that's a fun wedding story! A girl's gotta be a little bit too nervous the day she's getting married to notice something like a missing mustache!

  20. I wasn't expecting a post about men's facial hair either when I read the title, "Fuzzy Faces." I was expecting something about how fuzzy pictures turn out or the like. I was quite pleased to be wrong. What a lot of gorgeous men with facial hair!

    My dear husband can't grow facial hair much, so it's never been an issue with us. He's only ever been able to grow it to the point of stubble, which I don't like. However, our son is able to grow beautiful beards and has had one from time to time. His girlfriend is amenable to either way.

    Kaye, it's pretty amazing that you haven't ever seen your husband without a beard. I agree that his beard is very attractive, but have you never been just a bit curious how he would look without it?

    Carleen, you made me laugh, as I agree with you. Hahaha! Reine, losing football games was quite the ridiculous statement indeed. Gee, I wonder if some kids believed that.

  21. I loved all the photos. Like Dru, I was especially fond of the one of Alan Rickman.

    I think facial hair is a very individual thing. There are men I think look better with it, and men I think look better without. There are some styles I tend to like less than others, but then there are individuals who sport that particular look and voila, on them it looks good.

    I will admit, though, that just yesterday I counseled my 21-year-old son that I think he needs to either shave or cut off the ponytail as he enters the job market. I just feel that either one can be overlooked or overcome in an interview, but together they make a first impression he might not be able to overcome.

  22. Yes!! I learned pretty early on that my template for a good looking guy included the facial hair. I don't like the loooong beard, just at the chin-length. But seriously, tall, dark, facial hair ... that get my immediate attention.

    When I met my husband, Steve, he grew the facial hair. We got engaged. For the engagement photo .... HE SHAVED! I was sooooo angry with him. He's not made that mistake again but it is forever captured in the photo -- the one photo I like of ME, btw. :)

  23. Kathy, honestly, if Donald ever shaved off his beard I would be so hurt. I've seen loads of pictures of him when he was a kid that it's taken care of whatever curiosity I might have had.

    Susan - Best of luck to your son as he enters this new phase of life. Keep us posted.

    PK - yes. Tall, thin, jeans, boots, dark hair and a beard and I swoon. Always have, and I expect I always will.

  24. Facial hair, in general, seems out of fashion with younger men. (With the exception of one of my cousin's sons, who has the most resplendent handlebar mustache!)

    But so many men these days shave their entire heads! What is up with that? I don't know why it's considered attractive to be completely bald, frankly.

    Probably connected in some way to other shaving habits, ie, "manscaping", not to mention similar issues with women. When did hair get to be so generally undesirable?

  25. Kaye, it's a good thing I'd set my coffee cup down before I read your post! Ha, ha! The last photo and Carleen's comment could have been my un-doing!!! Loved this post! I don't have an opinion on facial hair. It depends on the man, to me. The photos above looked pretty good to me!

  26. Karen, I'm kinda fond of the shaved head look. I especially prefer it over that horrible comb-over some men try to get away with.

    Coco, happy to start your day with a giggle, girl!!!

  27. Kaye, you made me spit out my tea! I thought you meant facial hair on women:-)

    As for facial hair on men, I've never been crazy about big long beards, but have always thought some men were more suited to nicely trimmed beards. My brother, for instance, although I was crazy about the year or two he let it grow to Old Man in the Sea proportions.

    And now my hubby, who has always been baby-faced since we were teenagers except for a brief mustache, has grown a nice little trimmed beard. And I like it.

    Oh, and I'll take any of the guys in the pics--except the last one!

  28. oh, Debs - I'm so sorry I made you spit! LOL!!! It never dawned on me someone might think I was talking about women's facial hair - now I have the giggles.

  29. Kaye, two of our boys told me that the football coach said that no long hair was allowed. It would be easy for players on the other team to grab and pull them down!

  30. Okay. After several tries I cannot pick out Alan Rickman. And he is mine. I mean my favorite. I mean he's god-help-me handsome and the sound of his voice… time for me to shut up I think. Why can't I pick him out with facial hair?!

  31. Very nice collection of pictures! I'm with you, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but my sweetie usually has facial hair and sometimes a beard and I like it. And when I hear someone going on and on about how gross it is I think oh just grow up and be quiet ;-).

  32. Reine, Alan Rickman is about half-way down, opposite I think Matthew McConaughy--Matthew's shirtless, on a beach, wearing dark glasses and a bright blue headband. Alan sports short hair, a gray scarf at his neck, and his usual handsome face! ;-)

    Have you seen him in Snowcake with Sigourney Weaver? Um-um-um!

  33. I was noticing in church today, in a church we were visiting, that their pastor, like my own back home had facial hair. Now if it is a trend among Lutheran ministers, it's got to be a good thing.

  34. Of all those posted, Johnny Depp is the only one I'd "kick out of the house" but that's because he looks like he's never washed his locks, facial or otherwise. Ew.e

  35. Grandma Cootie - EXACTLY!!!! People can get upset over the craziest things, can't they?!

    FChurch - he really does look particularly nice in that picture, doesn't he?

    Susanne - how cool to hear beards are "in" for some ministers - i love it.

  36. Had to laugh. I thought you were talking about women's fuzzy faces at first. My husband is clean shaven these days. He says his mustache betrayed him and started going gray so he got rid of it.

  37. Oh, Pat D - so funny! I'm making a promise to myself to be much more clear next time!!! LOL!!!

  38. Ahhhh... FChurch. I see what the problem was. I was distracted by the scenery on the beach.

  39. Kaye, thank you. This was lovely fun for a blessedly slow day in our house. xoxox