Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ask a P.I.

Rosemary: Today's your chance to have a one on one session with a P.I.

I met Vito Colucci, Jr. when I was doing research for my book, Dead Head. I didn't have the first notion of what a real P.I. - all I knew was what I'd seen in movies and on t.v. - a far cry from the real job. Until I met with Vito and he gave me the lowdown.

Vito is the owner of Colucci Investigations LLC. He's a former member of the Stamford, Connecticut Police Department where he worked as Narcotics Detective and Undercover Organized Crime Investigator. One of the main investigations Vito spearheaded during that time was uncovering organized crime ties within his own police department. Working along with the FBI, he wore a wire for this assignment and infiltrated two crime families.

For the past 22 years, Vito has been a private investigator working many high profile cases; Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley case, Jayson William’s case, (honeymooner)George Smith case, the Charla Nash chimp case and the Andrew Kissell murder case. Vito has also worked on some of the biggest high profile cases in CT including murders, rapes, corrupt priests, etc.

Vito is a regular commentator on various news programs including: Fox News MSNBC, Catherine Crier/Court TV, Star Jones, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Larry King, and CNN Headline News, The Bill O’Reilly Show and the Joy Behar Show.
Vito was a featured speaker at the first World Investigator’s Conference in Las Vegas in 2005.

Vito has his own nationwide network radio show “Crime Time with Vito Colucci PI" on the Business Talk Radio and Lifestyle Talk Radio networks (where I was a guest last week!) and he's just completed a thirteen episode series called “Bloodwork” for A&E Crime & Investigation network. He is also the author of the newly released book “Inside the Private Eyes of a PI.” Vito is a member in good standing of CALPI (Connecticut Association of Licensed Private Investigators. (Visit him at

And with all of these projects and hectic schedule, Vito's agreed to answer your P.I. questions today. So fire away!


  1. So what does a REAL private investigator do all day? Peek in windows for cheating spouses?

  2. I've heard that PI's rarely carry weapons and, in fact, needing a gun might be a sign that the PI is not doing a good job. Do you think that is true?

  3. for my book, I need to track down former prostitutes and pimps from Boston's Combat Zone in the 1970s. I don't need "specific" people as much as I need people who will know the scene at the time (1976), and hopefully the major players in a crime I'm writing about (I'm fairly certain all but one is dead). I'm wondering where to start. Criminal records?

    Many thanks!

  4. Would a private investigator be likely to talk to a reporter? To work with a reporter?

    And another question--how much do PI's charge? What would be a range of rates? Is it by the job, by the hour?

    What misconceptions have you seen in mysteries about PI's? Anything drive you crazy?

  5. Hi Vito, thanks for visiting us today and answering questions! I'm curious about whether a defense attorney would hire a PI in order to get information both about his/her client and also to dig up other suspects. Can you explain how that would work? thanks!

  6. What are the main types of cases a PI would get? On TV, most cops are antagonistic about PIs. How realistic is that?

  7. What type of training do you need to have to become a P.I.? Are there state certifications that you have to obtain?

  8. Welcome,Vito,

    What is required for a PI to work in other state than they live or have an office in? As in if they are following someone.

  9. Vito is hovering trying to answer your questions but he's having some technical difficulties. Fingers crossed he'll get through soon, but if not we'll leave his post up a little longer.

  10. It's an exciting job for people interested in investigations.

  11. Ahhh, you have had a wonderful career - thanks for sharing you're tails.