Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was better with you as a woman than I've ever been with a woman as a man!
*** Dustin Hoffman as "Tootsie"

Thanks to all our lovely contestants in the first but not last Jungle Red Gender Quiz!

The photos below are not our lovely contestants--though who knows, they may be those "Anonymous" entrants who were too chicken to own up to their guesses. But here are the talented authors who wrote those difficult-to-gender-match excerpts.

Anyway, drumroll please...and Hank will open the envelopes.

Quote #1

John Sandford
Invisible Prey

I chose it because I thought you might be fooled by the flower and architecture references, and the concern about children.

Quote #2

Laura Lippman
What the Dead Know

I chose this because she thought it sounded tough, And kind of--cold. That's not a bad thing. It's just not "feminine."

Quote #3

John Katzenbach
The Madman'sTale

Hallie chose this--maybe because it's through a woman's eyes? And seems compassionate?

Quote #4

Carol O'Connell
Find Me

Also Hallie's choice--maybe because it's gritty and gory, and has animals in danger? Not a "woman-y" thing to do.

Quote #5

Alafair Burke
Close Case

Rosemary's selection--because she thought it didn't sound "girly."

So how'd you do? And when you "missed," what made you choose the gender you chose?
And those of you who checked out the quiz but didn't enter--we have stat counter, so we can tell you're all out there, you know--Okay, you're shy. Or, as we said, chicken.
But did you get it right? Or were you surprised?


  1. I win I win I win I win!!! Do it again!

  2. Yes, Lisa! You rock! Congratulations, and yes--we will do it again!
    Care to send us an excerpt to use as part of Gender Quiz 2?
    Now. Very astute..but tell us more. Did you guess? Did you know? Why did you choose what you chose?

    Hmm..that gives me an idea. I'm going to back to see if there was a pattern.

  3. Okay: not counting the anons who didn't guess for all of them, seems like most people correctly thought John Sandford's quote was from a man.

    Most thought Laura Lippman's excerpt was written by a man. (Hmmm..wonder what she thinks about that?)

    Just about a split in right/wrong on Katzenbach, and same for O'Connell.

    And almost everyone figured Alafair Burke was a woman.
    (I think it as the birthday thing, don't you?

    So what do you think about this?

    Send us your excerpts for next week!

  4. I didn't know any of them, and my answers were really just my instinct about whether the writing voice seemed likely to be a man or a woman. For #1, I think the term "architectural remnant" made me lean toward guessing man, #2 "her scream shocked her" and for some reason, the term "fiery pain" made me think woman, #3 "hobbled like a wild beast" sounded like something a man would use, #4 was a total guess, but it sounded more like a woman than a man and #5 was definitely the reference to the birthday -- for some reason it doesn't feel like a man would say that. I'll see if I can find a good excerpt or two and email you. Thanks, that was fun!

  5. Ok, terrific! Lisa, put your excepts in the comments..say, Tuesday? And we'll do another quiz. blog coming tomorrow.

    And if I say: Hey Mickey You're so Fine..will you still be singing it tomorrow? If this space.