Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Tuesday.

RO: For a lot of people those two words are incredibly exciting. After all of this time the party will be focused on one person. No more waiting. That's right, February 5 will mark a whole new era in history.

I wonder what I should wear?

You knew I meant MY party didn't you? Not those other two. I've tried to stay calm about this. I mean, I've known it was coming for 22 months - elephants have given birth in less time. The launch party for Pushing Up Daisies is in a very cool Greenwich Village mystery bookstore (Partners & Crime, 44 Greenwich Avenue, in case anyone is inspired to join me in celebration.)
Think Audrey Hepburn's bookstore in Funny Face. I'm thrilled that they said yes, and that friends have promised to fill the place so I don't feel like a flop. It's just what I'd hoped for, and it'll be great, but also the start of a whole new career as a Shameless Self-Promotional Hussy.

Later this week I'll be blogging from Glendale Arizona - no, not the Super Bowl recap The other big attraction there this week, my signing at Poisoned Pen Bookstore. Barbara Peters, the owner of the legendary store has chosen Daisies as a First Mystery Pick so I'm thrilled to be meeting her for the first time. Then, on to Birmingham Alabama, where I'll be participating at Murder in the Magic City and Murder on the Menu. Let the games begin,as they say.
In the meantime, what were your first book parties like? And if they haven't happened yet, what would you like?

HALLIE: My first launch party was at the wonderful Kate's Mystery Books. The novel was AMNESIA (the first in the Dr. Peter Zak series), the year 2000, and I was celebrating it with my co-author Don Davidoff. Friends and family and fans were snaked out onto Mass Ave in the rain. It was at that moment that I understood that when a friend has a book launch, the biggest gift you can give that person is to BUY THE BOOK! It was quite the high. Rosemary: ENJOY!

ROBERTA: Rosemary, this is so very exciting, even from the sidelines! I had my party at my hometown bookstore, RJ Julia's in Madison, CT. They had to move it to the library across the street because the turnout was so big. That's what I'm grateful for--that all those friends and family members made an effort to celebrate my launch. I will always remember that night and I hope you have a similar lovely experience! I echo Hallie's advice: enjoy every moment!!

RO: You guys are so sweet.

HANK: How many times had you thought about it? Before Pushing Up Daisies was even named, let alone written? There you are, in a wonderful place, with a huge stack of your first book and a long line of people who are eager to read it. Can anything be more perfectly once-in-a-lifetime? Now it's real. You did it. You did it. My first book party was at Ralph Lauren on Newbury Street in Boston. It was June, and it was about a million degrees outside. It was so hot the AC tanked, and we had to open all the windows. People were drinking champagne and chatting and buzzing and buying books and books and books. All my friends and pals were there, even competitors from other TV stations, my Mom from Indianapolis, my Dad from Washington DC. The smile quotient was very high. A smile still comes to my face when I remember it. People said--"oh, your hand must get so tired from signing books." Are you kidding me? I could do it forever. I wish you long lines, much joy and many sales. Two pieces of advice: Don't worry. And take some time to relish the occasion. You did it, sistah.
JAN: Too devastated by Superbowl loss to reminisce on my own book parties gone by at the moment, but want to offer congratulations on your two big successes this week: Giants victory and book launch party! Sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you, Ro, but I know you will have a fabulous time. Savor it!

RO: It's going to be hard to top the last thirty-six hours....Lee Child asked me to sign a copy of my book for him at Love is Murder and THE GIANTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

...but I shall try.


  1. Today is the day! Congratulations, thinking of you, and ...

    O how I wish I were there.
    But O ...
    I lift a cup of tea in your honor, and look forward to reading your book while "trapped" somewhere waiting for the search puppies.

    Congratulations again and again!

  2. Dear Rosemary,

    Barring disaster, I should see you tonight, but I also posted about it at

    I plan to frolic and be effervescently happy for you, as long as you don't pinch the armband I'm wearing in Patriotic Black.

  3. You should be launched by now and well into orbit. How's the view up there? (There's an idea: Paula gets a gig testing conditions for growing plants on the space station. You can write it. Just give me half the royalities.)

    Hope some ticker-tape floated your way! Congratulations, Ro!