Tuesday, June 9, 2009


  1. Thanks for taking all of the great plant names for your books! You've made it hard for the rest of us. I almost called book two Money Plant (after Corpse Flower was nixed), but the publisher didn't like it.

    Quiz time -
    Everything sounded believable to me until the alligator...in Massachusetts?

  2. We used to have lots of honesty in our garden in England. I really miss it.

    Quiz: The alligator sounds too unbelievable to be false, so I'll go for the saxophone.

  3. I'm guessng the house was never destroyed by a tornado.

    I'm thinking/hoping the alligator may be ceramic.

  4. Well, would you make up the tornado thing?

    I'm going for saxophone.

    S'pose you won't tell us any of the names...

  5. I know the pilot part is true, so yeah, I'm going for the sax!

    Thanks for having Cynthia on - she's a wonder and her books a joy.