Monday, November 2, 2009

Autumn Leaves

RO: A few years back (in the days when I had time for such pursuits) I made a fall CD. Just a collection of music that either reminded me of autumn or back to school. Yes, there was a summer cd and a winter one as well - I said I had time.

Anyway it included songs like Van Morrison's Moondance, Frank Sinatra's Autumn in NY (his version of the Summer Wind made the summer playlist), Lou Reed's cover of September Song (not as mournful as Walter Huston's, but nice and edgy) and at least fifteen versions of the Autumn Leaves.

Everyone from Edith Piaf to Chet Baker to the Modern Jazz Quartet. I realized I had more versions of that song than anything else in my collection. More than Sleigh Ride and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, its two closest rivals. More than St. Louis Blues and Tenderly, my two dark horse candidates to supplant the titleholder.

So my question is what's on your playlist, ipod, turntable, cassette deck? What do you have more of than anything else and is there anything that you particularly like to hear at this time of year?

ROBERTA: I am so bad about keeping track of music. I still haven't managed to get my computer to sync music with my iphone so I can't listen while I'm walking. But I know what dominates my playlist, summer winter spring fall, Patsy Cline. I love her music and the film that Jessica Lange starred in as Patsy: Sweet Dreams. Ro, you'd never have time now to make a CD like that, but what a nice idea!

HALLIE: Oh, Roberta - my kids have forever tortured me about the thing I have for Patsy Cline... I fall, to piec-ezzz... I also love Patty Paige. I've always been a sucker for country, so Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are on my playlist. Performers who are still alive: The Dixie Chicks - when I'm feeling pissy I particularly like to listen to "Goodbye Earl."

RO: Okay...we should start practicing Walking After Midnight for next year's something or other show because I definitely have the Patsy chip, too.

RHYS: I got an ipod Touch for my birthday last month and I've been having fun uploading stuff to it. Mostly classical music to keep me calm and relaxed when my flight is delayed, but also the soundtrack of Mamma Mia and my favorite Beatles songs that always manage to make me feel happy.

HANK: What is it about Patsy Cline and JRW? She's a special favorite of mine, too. (You want me TO forget (to forget) PRE-tend we NEVER met!) And Ro, I think Autumn in New York is just the same song as Moonlight in Vermont.

I made a "tape" (anyone, remember?) of song to "run" to (anyone? remember?) and I loved it--It included Jump, and then "Might as Well Jump" and then a song by the Cars (which one?), and then Born in the USA. And more power songs--White Rabbit. Running on Empty. Dancing Queen. I forget what else, but I loved it. A Walkman (anyone? remember?)eventually ate it.

Another day, I was blasting Carmina Burana on the walkman, and was ice skating to it, got overconfident, and splatted badly.

RO: You know how to ice skate? Dang it woman, is there anything you can't do? I used to go every Friday night to hang out with my pals but mostly remember drinking hot chocolate and hanging on to the railing.

HANK: If I had to choose? Ella Fitzgerald. Ella sings Cole Porter or Rogers and Hart. Any day.

RO: Tapes..yikes. I made what I called an anti-road rage tape for driving. I still have it. Mostly classical, some jazz. Impossible to curse out the guy who just cut you off when you're listening to Rampal/Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano.Yes, I have Cardio CDs too. These days my cardio playlist starts with Lovely Day by Bill Winters.

And we wish you all a Lovely Day!

Come back tomorrow when we announce the winners in the Jungle Red Hallopalooza drawing and later this week for visits by Liz Zelvin and the legendary Carolyn Hart!


  1. Yes, I definitely remember tapes! I used to have my walking tape. I moved up to walking and workout CDs and still have my workout playlist.

    I also have a 'weather' playlist, but don't have anything specifically seasonal.

    I have a 'writing' playlist as well. It seems to help me focus.

  2. When I want to feel nostalgic it's Moon River, and Sammy Davis singing Bo Jangles. They both bring tears to my eyes.

    And I LOVE Ella! When I was in college we used to play her "Every Time I say goodbye I cry a little."

  3. "Every I say goodbye" was in the movie The Godfather. I'd never heard it before and thought...yikes...they should package that with a razor blade! So sad.