Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True Confessions...

Okay, somehow many of the Jungle Red gals have confessed to crushes on Christopher Walken. Who knew? We are all so different, how did this not-quite-handsome guy capture our imaginations? (In my case, so much so that I'm still thinking about that offhand comment he made at the bar, Columbus, when it was a hot spot in New York and I lived across the street. I knew the bartender and was very comfortable there!)

I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover - although don't tell that to St. Martins art director, David Rotstein who will be our guest on Saturday - but who can really say that he or she doesn't? At least the standards have changed somewhat in the last few decades. Everyone doesn't have to be pert and blond to be considered beautiful. And for the men, interesting faces are ... well...interesting..look at the difference between Walken and Rock Hudson. Russell Crowe and Tab Hunter. Those guys were almost too pretty.

So now that you've come out of the closet about your feelings for Christopher, who else have you lusted for from afar - despite his non-traditional looks?
JAN: This is my confession. I have a thing for broken noses. Just look at my husband. I'm crazy about Pete Carroll, former coach of Patriots and soon to be coach of the Seattle team -- whoever they are. I can't stand football but I run to the screen every time my husband kindly alerts me to Pete Carrol's presence. Once I saw him on the street in Medfield.(where he used to live.) I almost swooned.
I'm not crazy about guys who are too perfect. Or too short for me -- and what are the odds that I'm actually going to hook up with them?? I like Johnny Depp, even though he's a bit pretty. But he's also a little weird like Christopher Walken.
RO: This is good. You must have loved Jean Paul Belmondo. And funnily enough I have a character in Dead Head who's got a broken nose and is quite the heartthrob. I should send you an ARC!
ROBERTA: For a while I had a thing for the coach of the UCONN Huskies women's basketball team, Geno Auriemma. About ten years ago, they had a feature in the local paper in which they printed one of the players in color full page each day. They finally got to Geno and I cut out the page and taped it up over our bed as a joke for John. Three days later, he still hadn't noticed it. I had to point it out so we could get a good chuckle.
RO: Interesting choices ladies! After all the chat about the Fatboy Slim video..here it is..I loved it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYJ5Pz-mAXc


  1. Ooooh, fantasy time. A young Marlon Brando or Warren Beatty. And on the (much) less conventional looking side, John Malkovich. Be still my beating heart.

  2. Men with a full head of graying hair: Richard Gere. Paul Newman. (My main squeeze, naturally.) Yum.

  3. Okay, so my tastes run to the conventional: Robert Downey, Jr., Daniel Craig, and (in my distant youth)Robert Conrad from his "Wild, Wild West" days. I used to bicycle home from school as fast as I could pedal to watch that show because of him.

  4. Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Jeremy Northam.

    Gabriel Byrne.

    (Laura, that's so cute...)

    Hallie, I interviewed Warren Beatty in 1972. He was, ah, the handsomest man I had--and have--ever seen. Amazing. Other-worldly.
    Not like a real person.

  5. John MALKOVICH??? Now that's interesting. He sort of creeps me out. Where Christopher Walken doesn't. Who can account for these things?

    Edith, I'm with you on Richard Gere. But mostly because I really like that he's a Buddhist.

    Laura, I saw Robert Downey Jr. in person once. He was on the treadmill next to my husband in the workout room of the St. Regis. He was cute. But short. Or should I say, too short for me. (about 5' 7"") So I had to rule him out. He's officially yours!

    Hank, Jeremy Northam?? He's in the Tudor series. I don't think I can separate him anymore from Sir Thomas Moore. A nice guy, but he was burning heretics at the stake. So I'll have to rule him out. And even though, Christopher Walken played The Continental Man and much weirder, I'm keeping him. So who can figure these things??

  6. It used to be Robert Redford when he was still young and gorgeous. I have a large glossy of him with his shirt open on the bulletin board above my desk.
    Then Brad Pitt until he showed the awful taste of falling for Angelina.
    Now I'm rather attracted to Jude Law.
    I do seem to like the blond,outdoor type--as in one of my first boyfriends. My husband is dark, black Irish looking (which interestingly are my heroes in both series... coincidence??)

  7. Christopher Walken is fabulous. I got my SAG card when I snared a small (very small!) part in Brainstorm. He was terrific on the set, charming to everyone.

  8. For unconventional, I love the Irish actor Ciaran Hinds. He's played two of my favorite literary men--Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre and Capt. Wentworth in Persuasion.

    Also a Daniel Craig fan, and Jeremy Northam, and I wonder who will be first to say Colin Firth?

  9. Oh, Laura - Definitely Robert Conrad from Wild, Wild West. I was addicted to that show. And on the Star Trek NG set, Jonathan Frakes (Riker). Spock--not so much.

  10. Rhys, Rhys, I'm definitely with you on Robert Redford! and he's held up very well, too.

  11. Gabriel Byrne...yup. And Colin Firth....of course!

  12. How did I forget Colin Firth? My daughter and I both own Pride and Prejudice and still drool over the swimming in the lake and emerging soaking wet scene--to the point that I had to recreate it in my last Lady Georgie book, Royal Flush.

  13. Robert Downey is SHORT? OH, that's interesting. He's wonderful, though. (I'm one of the PRO-Sherlock people. Don't throw stuff at me..)

  14. Gregory Peck, in everything he's been in, even interview shows. Alain Delon. Pierce Brosnan, too. Hugh Grant (I overlook the car episode).
    Good topic!

  15. Gabriel Byrne,oh yeah. Also Gerard Butler. I'm a sucker for an accent. Dennis Haysbert, Denzel Washington. And aging-gracefully award to Mark Harmon. My husband has the Irish dark hair, blue eyes thing going. Love that.