Sunday, November 7, 2010

Announcements, Announcements, Annouuuuncements!

HANK: Well, that's how we sang it in Camp, anyway. And in the spirit of the town crier, JRW now brings you the Sunday news:

FROM: Jungle Red Writers

Margaret Maron is fine fine fine--but her car is not is such great shape. Another driver rammed it sideways the other day..totalling the car and sending our Margaret to the hospital with broken ribs. Margaret is FINE and recovering nicely..but the accident happened on the first day of her book launch!
So we're all rallying to make sure Margaret's book gets the attention it should..while Margaret is taking care of her broken ribs.

So! Her new book is CHRISTMAS MOURNING, and Kirkus says:

"Maron makes you yearn to belong to an extended family, bake Christmas cookies with the Knott nieces and nephews and climb into Dwight's arms. She plots like a modern-day Christie, but the North Carolina charm is all her own."

Margaret's home town store Quail Ridge Books--where her launch party has now been postponed until December--has plenty of books on hand, and if you order soon, Margaret will sign as many as you want!

And here's her wonderful interview.

Now. Need a Christmas present? How about Margaret's book? And Margaret, get well soon!

FROM: Simon Wood

Charity Appeal

This is for the animal lovers out there.

I doubt anyone is aware that my wife and I foster animals for the ASPCA and other organizations. We usually take the no hope cases, where the animals aren’t expected to survive or need specialist care. Over the last few years, we've rescued dozens of cats and dogs and found them new homes. Our family pets are all rescues -- ones that we couldn’t give up after the care we'd given them.

Our cat, Bug, was one of those rescues we couldn’t let go of after we’d taken him in. After five fun fill years, Bug died last week. He was a great cat and a lot of fun to have around the house. We’re going to miss him a lot.

In Bug’s honor, I’m going to donate all eBook royalties earned at Amazon and for the next two weeks to Best Friends, an organization I truly admire. This applies to the following titles:

The Fall Guy
Asking For Trouble
Working Stiffs
The Scrubs
Road Rash
Dragged into Darkness

Please feel free to share this appeal on Twitter, Facebook or your blog. If there's a strong showing, I’ll extend the appeal.

Thanks for listening,
Simon Wood


On November 18 at 1 p.m. Elizabeth Sims will be teaching a 90-minute live webinar at Writer’s Digest on line: “How to Write a Dynamite Mystery or Thriller that Sells.” Registration, now open, entitles you to submit a page of your writing for Elizabeth’s personal (constructive) critique. She’s the author of seven popular novels and is also a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest magazine. For full information:


From: MJ Rose

Hi everyone,
I've been involved with a new site where you can find out about your favorite authors' favorite books. It's free of course - a fun way to browse - - it's in beta so its just mystery/thriller titles for the most part -

but I'd love to hear some feedback about if it helped you discover some new titles...So far there are some great writers up there including two of Jungle Red's own, Hank Phillipi Ryan and Rosemary Harris, as well as some of the leading thriller writers Lee Child, Steve Berry, Morrell, Carla Neggers and lots more."


M.J. Rose - THE HYPNOTIST - An Indie Next Pick
Author (
AuthorBuzz (
Buzz, Balls & Hype (

(From Hank:
Oh, yes, love Peroozal! Go to
and check it out.) Authors, if you want to get involved, let me know. It's fantastic. You'll be hearing a lot about it soon--so be sure to get in early!)


From: Donnell Bell

Announced on Publishers Marketplace Nov. 5th, 2010

Donnell Ann Bell's WALK AWAY JOE, in which a Colorado woman threatened by a stalker must depend on the protection of the police officer who sent her to prison years ago, to Deborah Smith and Debra Dixon of Bell Bridge Books, in a nice deal, for publication in Fall 2011 (World).


FROM: Susan Boyer

My short story, Final Arrangements, will be published in the next issue of the bi-annual literary journal moonShine Review. And, I signed this week with an agent, Denise Little, with Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.


From Kathleen Delaney:

Murder Half Baked, an amateur sleuth mystery, will be released by Camel Press late spring of 2011.

December is usually a slow time in the real estate business, but this one isn’t turning out that way. Ellen McKenzie has a new client. Grace House, a half-way house for women who need help, is looking for a larger residence and Ellen’s Aunt Mary has nominated her as their real estate agent. It’s going to be a complicated transaction, but as Aunt Mary is helping Ellen plan her wedding to Dan Dunham, Santa Louisa’s chief of police, on New Years Eve, Ellen can hardly refuse.
Ellen finds herself drawn to the residents of Grace House and, in spite of the countdown to Christmas and the wedding, she is eager to help. At least, until she finds old Dr Sadler dead in the cemetery, his head bashed in by the arm of a marble angel.
All possible suspects seem connected in some way to Grace House, but it’s not until someone burns it down and all the residents, including one new-born, move in with Ellen and Dan that she decides she’d better help Dan find the killer.

From: Susan Schreyer

My debut mystery novel Death By A Dark Horse will be available as an e-book on November 15 from Amazon and Smashwords. For the next two weeks -- until December 1 -- Death By A Dark Horse will be FREE from Amazon! In the meantime, the first 2 chapters are available on my website

From: Evelyn David

The Brianna Sullivan Mysteries by Evelyn David are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. The e-book series currently contains 3 volumes: I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries, The Dog Days of Summer in Lottawatah, and just out - The Holiday Spirit(s) of Lottawatah debuting on Monday.

Hell on wheels or a psychic in a travel trailer? Brianna Sullivan gave up her job finding missing luggage for the airlines in order to seek the freedom of the open road. Her first stop? The small town of Lottawatah, Oklahoma. Using her psychic abilities, Brianna takes on a multitude of jobs to earn gas money, help out the local police detective, and direct some troubled souls towards the light.

For more information, please check out our website at

To celebrate the new e-book series, we are giving away the winner's choice of an autographed copy of our newly published second editions of Murder Off the Books or Murder Takes the Cake (Wolfmont Press.) Leave a comment for Evelyn David at Jungle Red or at our website before November 8 at noon Eastern (Tuesday) in order to be entered into a drawing to win an autographed mystery. We'll choose one winner from the comments left at Jungle Red and one from the comments left at our website. Be sure to leave an email address in your comments so we can contact you if you win.
From: New England Sisters in Crime/CRIMEBAKE!

For those who'll be joining us at CRIMEBAKE!

Whether this is your first Crime Bake or your 9th, come by the Canton
Room to say hello on Friday from 3-6
for our first “Welcome to
CrimeBake event”. At 3:10, 3:50, 4:30, 5:10, 5:40 we will welcome
CrimeBake newbies, talk about Sisters in Crime and our chapter,
explain the scavenger hunt (BIG PRIZES!!) we have planned and introduce ourselves.
There will be coffee, tea and conversation in between.

It's a great way to connect with colleagues, meet new friends, and
learn about this year's Crime Bake.

Did we mention the big prizes?

And here's a link to the Facebook event:

Who else has an announcement? Tell us in the comments! And a lucky commenter will get a free signed book! (JRW hasn't decided which one yet...but you'll love it!)


  1. What wonderful news about new sales and books coming out. Don't let anyone tell you that the book business is in a slump--publishers are still acquiring new manuscripts and still putting books out there.

    And Crime Bake is going to be a blast! If you're there, stop by and say hello at the Hospitality Suite.

  2. My micro-story, Death of a Tango Dancer, was recently circulated by King County Library System (3rd largest in the US) as part of their groundbreaking Take Time to Read Program.

    KCLS cleverly addresses the main barrier to reading - lack of opportunity - by providing very short stories where people have small snippets of otherwise wasted time, for example, when waiting for the doctor.

    Might be something to try in other cities! To read the story, hear the "soundtrack" and learn more about KCLS' program, visit Love to know what you think!

  3. My story, "Reduction in Force," appears in Thin Ice, which releases next week at Crime Bake. Look for a slew of excellent stories in this year's issue, including one by Sheila Connolly.


  4. Yes, Thin Ice releases at Crime Bake in less than a week! Level Best Books' new website is here. Take a look, you may see some familiar faces!

  5. Hear ye, hear ye! Many of my readers don't seem to know that I write under three names. Lorna Barrett, L.L. Bartlett, and Lorraine Bartlett. I've got stories/books under all those names. I can be found on Amazon and Google under all those names.

    Thanks for letting me make that announcement!

  6. HI Lorna, Lorraine and LL! SO happy to see you here. I have a fabulous photo for you--I was at Logan Airport, and saw someone reading Murder is Binding! I introduced myself--and asked if I could take her photo. Remind me to send it!

    And yay--so nice to see you all here today. And authors,don't foreget to check out Peroozal! Contact me directly for more info.

  7. from Sue Curran:

    "Battle of Wills" by Sue Curran is now available at and for those near Madison WI be looking for info on a signing at Booked for Murder coming soon.

  8. I just discovered this blog from a note on DorothyL. I'm an avid reader, not an author, but what a fun place. I'll be back to learn more.

    pennyt at hotmail dot com

  9. Lisa Fernow and Penny T win books!
    Yay. Contact me via my website and click on contact in the upper left. Please put "from JungleRed" in the subject line so it doest get caught in the spam filter. And I'll offer you a choice of titles!

    See you all tomorrow!