Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hats or Helmets?

ROSEMARY HARRIS: Part of my brain is thinking Go Giants! and the rest of it is thinking Will someone please stop to Mrs. Bates?? Somehow picture in picture is not going to work tonight and I have a feeling it will be at a critical moment in the game when Laura Linney - in that cute black lace dress - starts recapping what happened last week on Downton Abbey.

Unless the Superbowl is a nailbiter I will be bailing to see what's happening at DA.

My predictions - Mary will break her engagement, Lavinia will be sent packing (tortured and torn, to be sure, but gone.) Now that Mama Crowley has Matthew to look after, let's hope she's less annoying. Branson, the chauffeur got to second base, sort of, last week, with his hand on Sybil's waist. This week...a kiss?

Other prediction...GIANTS, of course!!!

Your predictions???

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: I am trying to imagine Jonathan's face when I suggest clicking over to DA. Not going to happen. I fear around our house, we're gonna rely on TiVo.
I say GO PATS of course..but I must say I don't always love watching big games. I feel awful when someone flubs or makes a mistake.

ROSEMARY: That's so true...GETTING to the Super Bowl is usually the better game.

HANK: MY big big question--DA is all about the entail, right? So, not wanting to spoil anything, but er, things being how they seem to be with Matthew, and thinking of potential what???

RHYS BOWEN: I'm not going to cheer for the Giants after they somehow managed to get the better of my 49rs. And Tom Brady is a Bay Area boy, so Go PATS.
And luckily Masterpiece comes on later on the West Coast. Someone has to kill Mrs. Bates soon. And I have a perfect way of solving this whole entitlement thing: Matthew inherits, but is a nice chap and says "I don't need all this money and this huge house. Why don't you share it with me and I'll officially adopt the child of any of the Downton girls?" No need for series 3.

HALLIE EPHRON: Not a big football fan, and neither is Jerry. We'll be watching DA, most definitely, and here are my bets:

Yes, Mary will dump Rupert Murdoch... er, Sir Richard.
Lavinia will fade into the wallpaper.
Matthew will walk, etc.

ROSEMARY: ..walk, etc.? Hallie, you're so delicate!

HALLIE: O'Brien will have to choose between her loyalty to Cora and her twisted relationship with Thomas. No doubt which way that will end because O'Brien is redeemable.
I don't much care about Bates and Anna.
Gwen will kill herself or become a prostitute, because what else is there?

As my mother was fond of saying: Nous verrons. (We shall see.)

ROSEMARY: Gwen will kill herself ... ooh that's interesting ...and EDITH will discover her maternal side? I do think Mary will inspire Matthew to greatness..or at least tumescence, but not sure that will happen this weekend. Frankly, Sir Richard is just as rich and a little edgier than Matthew.

Nous verrons!


  1. I'm watching the big game for the commercials and the half-time show. I'm rooting for the Giants.

    BTW, what time does the game start?

  2. Go Commercials! Really, any team I am the least bit interested in lost long ago, so I'm reading between commercials.

  3. Seriously, are the commercials THAT good??

  4. I'm so out of the loop, I didn't know when the Super Bowl was, only that it was a Sunday.

  5. I can't believe I missed commenting. Been a bit frazzled this week. Suspect that is nothing compared to next week...

    I'll watch the game for the commercial, switching over to Puppy Bowl. Rick cares absolutely nothing about football, so it will be DA for me.

    Predictions? I thought Matthew had already dumped Lavinia. If Mary dumps Sir Rupert, er, I mean Sir Richard, there may be CONSEQUENCES. He is not a man to be trifled with. But what if he "has his way" with Mary, then she gets pregnant and immediately marries Matthew? That would solve the heir problem.

    The only thing I know for sure is that there will be HATS!

  6. There WILL be HATS!! Is that like I drink your milkshake??
    I read that millions of people have already watched the commercials on Youtube. Is that weird or am I weird? The last one I remember is Robert Goulet sprinting around an office and he's been dead for a few years.

    Debs... relax, take a deep breath and enjoy tonight for this week the real games begin! And can I just remind people that it actually makes a difference WHEN you buy a book or request it at the library? The first two weeks are SO important, so if you're blogging, retweeting, facebooking or even - gasp - talking at the watercooler, this week is No Mark Upon Her week!!

  7. Go PATS, of course. But Hank, couldn't Jonathan and Scout watch them while you and I watch DA?

  8. No Super Bowl here. Downton Abbey, for sure.

    I, too, thought Lavinia had already conveniently taken Matthew's gallant refusal and fled. I think Mary will jilt Sir Richard and marry Matthew, but I don't think he's going to walk, etc. as Hallie would daintily put it. And there will be hell to pay with Sir Richard.

    And what will happen to poor Daisy now that she's a widow?

  9. Well, Reine, I kind of have to watch a little football..whoa, what did we ever do before DVR?

    So besides buying NO MARK, Ro,, which of course we already are doing..what would be a good assignment for each of us?

  10. Oh, and TOMORROW--Debs herself tells all right here! (i think I asked her exactly what you've always wanted to know...)And we're giving away a copy of NO MARK UPON HER to one lucky lucky commenter...

  11. Ooh, Hank-- yes! Forgot about DVR!

    My verification code: grate. :) So clever this little gizmo is.

  12. Nono! Not "grate!" "Grati!" Down auto-spell! Down!

    Oh now this is really too much. New code word: Wompunk.

  13. Oooh, can't wait, Hank and Debs! I've preordered NO MARK UPON HER, of course. And now I can learn all the great behind-the-scenes gossip that only master interviewer Hank could obtain.

  14. Hank is fab, no doubt, and the interviewee had a great time!

    And now back to nurse friend says it's very unlikely that Matthew will "walk, etc." (Hallie, you crack me up!)

    I think Daisy will be okay. As a widow, she'll have a pension, and more status. But will she find a suitor? So many young men won't come back . . .

    And now I'm wondering what we'll all do when Downton is over.

    (My captcha today is Dr. Seuss-ish--"sesseses." I dare you to say that really fast.

  15. PS Or maybe it's Parseltongue.

  16. And if you understand parse tongue.....hmm

  17. I want to be back in my own home so I can watch masterpiece theatre I guess I will have to order Downton Abbey on DVD's when we move back home

    HATS Definitely HATS !!!!!


  18. Well Hank...since you asked...we should all go to Deb's facebook page and Like her, Like the book on Amazon - and since we know you'll love it - leave a 5 star review on Amazon, B&N, goodReads, Librarything or wherever your internet travels take you. Request it at your local library, even if you've pre-ordered it. Mention it on the book discussion groups you belong to..
    That's a start!

  19. NO football here -EVER! Definitely NOT my cup of tea! If I were to watch TV, I would probably watch Downton Abbey. Relatives who are DA fans tell me that I would love it. I have not had a TV connection for nearly two years, which has given me lots of time to read books by so many of you. The big excitement in my life right now is knowing that Deb Crombie's new book will finally be available - it has been a long wait!

    Deb Romano

  20. Definitely hats not helmets in my part of the house, though I have to plug Bolt, the "fat" dog on the Volkswagen commercial, who has a supporting role in the TV Scent of the Missing. Apparently he got in shape enough chasing Volkswagens to play a search dog. :D

    Why do I think Mrs. Bates will come to a nasty end that Mr. Bates will be accused of?

  21. Susannah, you were right about the first part...I suspect you will be right about the second:-)