Saturday, September 8, 2012

Supporting Prince Harry with a Naked Salute - a not entirely SFW post!

JULIA SPENCER-FLEMING: This week, the cover of PEOPLE blared, "Harry - The Naked Prince!" Inside there's a detailed description of naughtiness, nudity and nubile young women, none of which would be noteworthy if it had been any other 27-year-old soldier vacationing in Las Vegas. I like royalty watching as well as the next American and I like good looking men as much as the next woman, so I've been following along in the various British papers (Okay, the Daily Mail, since the Times and The Guardian insist on being stuffy about printing pictures of the third in line to the throne in his royal birthday suit.) Which is how I discovered the Facebook page "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute."
The group was started by an ex-Royal Marine and his friend, formerly of the Royal Hussars, two soldiers who clearly know how to craft an elevator pitch. Much like "Snakes on a Plane," "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute" pretty much tells you exactly what you're getting. There are soldiers in Afghanistan preserving their modesty with their SA80s. There's a cheerful army wife displaying her coffee and tea canisters. There are any number of ex-military standing behind the Union Jack. The site has been so successful, they've spun off a fundraiser for Walking With the Wounded that's raised £4,107 so far.  And yes, the FB page opens with a picture of a group of amputee soldiers who have their hats off to Prince Harry.

Purusing  these sites, I've come to three conclusions: 

1. If there were an international Olympics for humor (or humour!) the UK would take Gold.

2. There are a lot - and I mean a lot - of tattoos out there.

3. The British have no problem referring to sweaty, mostly-naked men carrying deadly weapons as "cheeky lads."

So, Reds, what do you think?
HALLIE EPHRON: I hope their hats are strategically placed.

I know, I'm a killjoy, but what I think is that Harry's an idiot. Twenty-seven is a grown-up -- his grandmother was two years younger when she became queen. Is it a surprise to him that paparazzi are following him around? Because at some level this has to be a deliberate plea for attention. And who can blame him? It's tough being second-born in that family.

RHYS BOWEN: Hallie I couldn't agree more. He knows the job
comes with certain standards and responsibilities. If one of my grandchildren had done something to embarrass me, I would think less highly of them. This is a teenage stunt at best. I will not be displaying myself with a couple of geraniums.
p.s. Having written this original comment we now find that he has been deployed back to Afghanistan. So the silliness now doesn't seem quite so out of place. A last act of bravado before he returns to hell.
DEBORAH CROMBIE: Oh, I can't say I MIND looking at Harry in the buff, and I know he's going off to Afghanistan. But lots of soldiers going off to fight have wives/husbands/families and don't need to "let off steam" by cavorting naked in Vegas with questionable girls. Nor do I see why he needed a "break" after looking responsible for two weeks at the Olympics. Grow up, Harry. I have huge admiration for his grandparents, who have always behaved well no matter how difficult the circumstances. So there's me--stuffy. And no well-placed geraniums:-)

JAN BROGAN - I think we all need famous people to behave badly
-  or we'd have nothing to talk about.  And who better than a good looking prince? Face it,  unless you go to a Charlie Sheen extreme, it's just not that unusual when actors or rock stars behave badly.  They are SUPPOSE to behave badly.  It's only interesting when an actual PRINCE (and not the musician formerly known as Prince) act up.  It's the contrast between responsibility and irresponsibility that make it so thoroughly entertaining.  Besides, this takes the pressure off William and Kate - they can continue be the models of behavior and allow Harry to provide us with a scandal.   LUCY BURDETTE: Well said all! Now off you go to look at the Facebook page--it's pretty darned funny. Though I like the original photo the best. It reminds me of one of my favorite funny movies, The Full Monty:). (Though I'm not posting either Rhys.) (Though hmmmm, most of the reds will be at Bouchercon--group shot??)

JULIA: I think we should definitely do a group shot at Bouchercon. I'll be the one standing behind the potted plant. 

What do you think, readers? Scandalous? Sexy? Silly? Or all three?


  1. Tempest in a tea pot . . . .

    This whole episode is surely soon-to-be-forgotten the moment the next celebrity does something more “newsworthy” that knocks Prince Harry off the publicity pedestal. The real “culprit” in all this brouhaha is the cell phone picture-taker who “leaked” the pictures in the first place. After all, it’s not as if the prince was cavorting around in the buff in public, now is it? Certainly not one of the prince’s finest decisions; nevertheless, this all took place in what most of us would consider to be the privacy of the hotel suite. I’m sure he had no thought of pictures being taken or publicized . . . someone should be calling the picture-taker onto the carpet for his or her less-than-stellar behavior.

    At best, this is simply one more bit of royal silliness for the rest of us mere mortals to natter about. This, too, will fade into the obscurity of scandals past without dreadfully disparaging the royal family, especially now that it has been somewhat eclipsed by the somber news of Prince Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan.

  2. I've seen all the pictures, but I'm still not sure Prince Harry needs additional support.

  3. I guess I have to break down and look for the original pictures now. I saw the show of support before I even knew what the nmbskull had done. Hallie's right...27 is not 17.
    Now onto more important stuff - Who is the bald guy??? What a bod! (Any more pix of him...?;-)

  4. Ro - He's on the original Facebook page. He's a Royal Marine Commando and his profile pic will really melt your heart - he's got his arm around his pretty wife and their adorable chubby-cheeked baby.

  5. You know what they say, Jack: "Pics or it didn't happen."

  6. Wasn't Charles caught naked on film at one time? And wasn't Diana caught bathing topless somewhere? And of course, Pippa Middleton now has naked photos out as well. It seems to be the thing to do these days, and of course, everyone has a camera on their phone these days.

    Given that he'll never have to impress an employer and likely destined to be a minor royal, the impact to his life (other than grandparental disappointment) is likely to be minimal.

  7. At least he didn't post them on his Facebook page:-)

  8. Even at 27, I know I made some questionable decisions. I still do. So he's a guy, and he did something silly, and the only reason it's noteworthy is he's royalty. Honestly, I like him a bit better for it. He's not all priggishly stuffy. And I hope he comes back safe from Afghanistan.

    But man, I am impressed with the humor/humour of the naked salutes, and I am over the moon that they're turning it into a fundraiser for such a good cause. That makes me proud of all of them.

  9. Too funny. It is wonderful that they are using this to raise money for the wounded. My daughter just ran in a race this morning, sponsored by folks donating over $800 for the Wounded Warrior Profect. Lots of military running, including platoons wearing t-shirts saying "Warrior in Training" and at least one amputee in a wheelchair. They raised more than $100 grand.

  10. He's an adult cavorting with other adults in a private room. If there had been papparazzi around when Her Majesty was young, who knows what a hidden camera might have seen.

    I think the problem is not what Harry does in private, but the fact that the person with the camera thought it was okay to share it.

  11. Love the facebook site! What a set of great pictures. I also loved the original calendar of (near-)naked British women of a certain age some years ago.

  12. The British are quite a stuffy as they appear if you watch any British TV..... however, if anyone is to be faulted... uhmmmm how about his security detail... I'm no techie. but even I can take a photo with my cell phone..

  13. Concluding with the photo of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip sulluting (Harry?) was a hoot.

  14. Concluding with the photo of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip saluting (Harry?) was a hoot.

  15. Come on, ladies! Sexy, silly, yes, but scandalous, PLEASE!
    If Harry was not who he is, this would never have surfaced.
    The moron who ratted him out desreves the brickbats.
    Harry is doing what young guys do! Read your English history for scandalous goings on, clothed and unclothed.
    Some famous long dead lady said, who cares what people do, as long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses!

  16. I lived on a Navy base in California for 20 years. Age has nothing to do with party behavior when headed to war.

    My vote is with Harry. xo

  17. Whatever happened to "what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas"???

    Really we all make bad decisions...and ya know what? Now we know where the real crown jewels of London are!

    I'm very grateful there were no cell phones when I was young and super immature.

  18. I have to say, for me, the scandal isn't that Harry got a bit racy in a hotel room in Vegas - it's the fact that his security detail didn't make sure that all cell phones were in the locked and upright position in some bowl somewhere. He was partying in the privacy of his suite and should have been able to do anything (legal) that any other single, good-looking 20-something could do with other consenting adults without having some scumbag make a quick buck by selling the cell phone pics. I also agree that I'm very happy that cell phone cameras weren't ubiquitous in MY wilder days. Mostly, I just wish him the best of luck and that he and his unit stay safe in Afghanistan.

  19. Pretty tame behavior, especially when compared to other activities engaged in by members of the royal family over the centuries.

  20. Damn you. I was writing Chapter Eight and really getting into it when I got sidetracked by your Tweet and ended up ogling these photos. Now what was I doing?

  21. People will always make the controversy on anything that they can think on influential people but it's the influential people are those who stay strong amid all of it. The Prince is entitled to do a simple public show if that's all he can have as an entertainment for all the stress caused by wealth management and governance.