Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sisters in Crime New York Holiday party

ROSEMARY HARRIS: So many parties, so little time, but one party I always love to attend is SINC NY's annual holiday party.

This year under chapter prez Catherine Maiorisi there was a change of venue to midtown's Les Sans Culottes restaurant on Second Avenue and 57th Street where the group took over an upstairs room on Tuesday night 

With so many events and meetings  - most of which have excellent guests and speakers so it's hard to chat - it's sometimes difficult to just connect with other members and catch up! To find out what they're reading and writing.

I had a blast reconnecting with members Hilary Davidson, Laura Joh Rowland, Cathi Stoler, Pearl Wolf, Liz Zelvin, Laura Curtis(Kramarsky), Clare Toohey, Peggy Ehrhart, Pam Aherne and others.
Hilary's new book, Evil in All of Its Disguises (great title!) comes out next March, Liz has a new novella, Cathi just started a new novel - so great to hear what everyone is up to! That's one of the terrific things about Sisters in Crime - the camaraderie. Both nationally and in the individual chapters.

That's Clare and Laura, two of the genre's hardest-working Women of Mystery. And Liz, wearing the scarf  she scored in our holiday gift grab bag. (I got a very cool calendar which was too shiny to photograph well...)
What a  great night! I'm loving my Sisters in Crime and wish us all a happy and successful 2013!


  1. Love hearing all the news!

    We had a great time around her at the New England Mobile BOok Fair Mystery Party--the new owner, Tom LYons, is taking over the tradition left by Kate Mattes, the fabulous owner of Kates Mystery BOoks who always had a huge crush of authors and readers for her holiday gathering.

    Robert B PArker was always an honored guest, since he'd helped Kate set up the bookshelves when her store first opened! (It was no long ago, Sue Grafton came for "L" I think!)

    ANyway, KAte moved to Vermont, and Robert B PArker has left us...but the new party featured Joan Parker, and we all raised a glass and toasted to the past and the future!

  2. Oh, Ro and Hank, so jealous! I miss being close to my writing buddies.

    Raising a long-distance glass to you all!

  3. Thanks, Ro, for sharing with us. SinC is the one of the best things about the mystery biz. Our local chapter, Border Crimes (Missouri and Kansas), will celebrate the holidays the first Saturday in January with a great brunch (and Bloody Marys). Tonight, my book club, Women of Intrigue, is having its holiday party at Mysteryscape, the new bookstore in the Kansas City area. Hurray for celebrating the holidays with our writer and reader friends!

    Clinking my long-distance glass with yours, Debs. xoxoxo

  4. It looks like it was fun. I'm a tiny bit jealous, however I've been invited to a teddy bear party by a small friend. Bears know how to party and they have the best treats.

  5. What a fun party! Our New England chapter didn't hold a holiday party this year, but our outgoing chapter president, Barb Ross, just wrote a post outlining all the amazing things we did this last year. Sisters rock!

  6. We just had our party on Sunday at the home of one of our members. Great food, great conversation, good books - love my Pittsburgh SinC sibs!

  7. Yay, Sisters in Crime! Yay New York SinC! Yay Pittsburgh SinC! And of course SinC/NE.