Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yet One More...Key Lime Pie!

LUCY BURDETTE: You all know by now that I've got a thing for Key Lime pie. And you probably know I'm addicted to Facebook too--you meet the most amazing people! A couple of weeks ago, a Jungle Red friend, Denise Terry, allowed me to post her gorgeous pie on my FB page. And this led to talk about other recipes. And then I heard about one I had to share. I'll let my new friend Judy Waters tell the story of her famous pie and where she got the recipe.

JUDY WATERS: Back in the lates '60's, we would always stop at this little place in Marathon (FL) called Ted & Mary's.  They only served breakfast and lunch, but it was a perfect stopping point on the trip up the Keys to wherever we were going.  Directions for making their Key Lime pie were printed on the paper place mat and I cut it out and have had it all these many years. 

I thought you would get a kick out of the "recipe" I use.  I never worried about salmonella, even without baking the pie.  ( If you have concerns, use organic eggs--there's never a worry about it with them.)  Just mix it all up and put it in the freezer.   Take it out a little ahead of time so you can cut it and top with whipped cream or Redi-Whip.  I usually make my own graham cracker crust.  

I've always thought this was the original, traditional Key Lime Pie.  Before food got fancy.

(If you can't read the small print, it says 1/2 cup key lime juice, 3 egg yolks, 1 can sweetened condensed milk)


  1. It’s really pretty amazing to stop and think about where our treasured recipes come from . . . here it’s a recipe from the side of the box of blueberries we used to get from Blueberry Acres, a local blueberry farm. We always got fresh blueberries [in five pound cartons] throughout the season and Blueberry Pot Pie was the treat we enjoyed. Alas, the blueberry farm is long gone, but the recipe --- and the memory --- remains . . . .

  2. Joan, will you post the Blueberry Pot Pie recipe? I LOVE anything with blueberries, especially cooked blueberries.

    Lucy, have you tried this pie?

    When I was little, my mother made the most fabulous lemon meringue pie. I have her old recipe box but don't think the recipe is in there...

  3. Here’s the Blueberry Acres Blueberry Pot Pie recipe:
    In a Dutch oven [or similar type pot with a lid], combine three cups blueberries with three-fourths cup sugar and one tablespoon butter; heat to boiling over medium heat.
    While the blueberries are cooking, combine one and one-half cups sifted flour, two teaspoons baking powder, half a cup sugar, and three-fourths cup milk . . . if you cook with salt [I almost always don’t], the recipe calls for three-fourths teaspoon salt . . . mix to form a soft dough.
    When blueberries begin to boil, drop the sweet dumpling mixture onto the berries by spoonfuls; cook uncovered for ten minutes, then cover the pot and cook for another ten minutes without removing the lid.
    Serve warm.

    I am not a dumpling fan, but these sweet dumplings, cooked in the blueberries, are really, really good! We always added an extra cup of blueberries to the pot when we started out so there would be lots of berries to spoon over the dumplings. It’s quite adaptable in that you can serve it straight out of the pot, with hard sauce, with ice cream . . . I suppose you could serve it with whipped cream if you wanted, but I don’t like whipped cream so I’ve never served it that way . . . .

  4. I haven't made this Joan. I looked back at David Sloan's recipe, which I posted a few weeks back. Very similar ingredients, but he bakes his for 10 minutes.

    The blueberry pot pie sounds terrific. I love chicken and dumplings, but would imagine dumplings with fruit would turn out slimy. I will take your word that it's well worth trying.

  5. Recipe sounds wonderful and wonderfully simple. And just about anything on a homemade graham cracker crust is delicious.

    Dumplings on hot sweet blueberries - sounds lovely. With ice cream, definitely.

    Tomorrow I'm dishing with Lucy on Chinese soup dumplings, jelly donuts, and a great recipe for hazelnut biscotti on Mystery Lovers Kitchen.

  6. Mmmm, I love key lime pie. And that blueberry recipe sounds wonderful. And lemon meringue... My mom remembers a caramel pie her mom made that started with white sugar, which she browned in a pan. We've never been able to find the recipe.

    By the way, the note about organic eggs being safe from salmonella is not true. You can, however, buy pasteurized eggs (they look like regular eggs) that are free from salmonella. Although I'm pretty casual about raw eggs in general (cookie dough, anyone), if I'm making something that doesn't cook the eggs well, I always grab the pasteurized one.

  7. I am so honored to have my pie on the blog! Thank you. It was utterly delicious.

    My daughter's father-in-law made one for her birthday, but he used "regular" limes. He said he couldn't be bothered to squeeze those tiny critters.

    I hear there are very good sources of bottled key lime juice.

    Happy eating!!

  8. Thanks for the tip about the pasteurized eggs...I try to be careful, but it's hard not to sample cookie dough:)

    Yes come over to Mystery Lovers Kitchen tomorrow to visit with Hallie, who is always good for foodie chats:)

    Denise, your pie is soooo pretty, couldn't resist adding it!

  9. I have my grandmother's lemon meringue pie recipe, but the lemon mix she used as a base is no longer on the market. It was not as sweet as the modern mixes, more tart. Publix recently made a lemon meringue pie that was almost the same. Only the meringue topping was off.

  10. LOL Jack!

    Anonymous, I would like a lemon pie that was more tart. I bet your grandmother's pie was delicious!

  11. In high school home ec, we were supposed to make a lemon meringue pie. I brought in flour, oil, etc. for the crust, and lemons, and eggs for the meringue -- and EVERY other girl brought in a premade pie crust, lemon pudding, and CoolWhip. Even Sister Home Ec was astonished -- not at them, but by ME! (Of course, when we made angel food cakes the next week, the tables were turned!)

  12. Funny story Leslie--I bet your version tasted a lot better. Lemon pudding and cool whip? I bet our Jack would like that version...

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  14. My mom made her lemon meringue pie from scratch, and it was tart. Damn, wish I'd know to save recipes, back then...

  15. Judy, I love that you cut the recipe out of the placement – and that you saved it all these years!

    Lucy, my grandmother's sister had a wild blueberry "farm" up in Greenville, Maine for many years. I think her blueberry pie was the best ever. I have the recipe if anyone is interested.

    Debs, I also have my mother's from-scratch tart lemon meringue pie recipe. If you'd like it, just let me know. I think her crust was best, too.


  16. yes, yes, we are interested in both of those Reine! Email me at lucyburdette at gmail dot com?

    mouth is watering...thanks!

  17. Yes, me, too, Reine! Please email. xox

  18. I will Debs. I'll attach them as, if that's okay. They'll be on their way tonight.