Sunday, September 29, 2013

Post-Haiku Hangover

LUCY BURDETTEThe poems yesterday were so wonderful! Will Lynn Calhoun and Deb Romano email SJ with your addresses for the prizes: SJRozan at gmail dot com.

And Karen in Ohio, please email me about your copy of AUNTY LEE'S DELIGHT....lucyburdette at gmail dot com

And I couldn't resist taking a stab at Haiku after SJ's post yesterday--and all of yours... 

Here's one inspired by Yoda:

Lazy gray kitty
Lounging in September sun
Call me for supper

And I bought the last available gallon of peaches at the local market, hence:

Shoulder season fruit
Juice runneling down my chin
Soon to be a pie

Though actually, I didn't make a pie, I made Ina Garten's peach cake, which (in spite of all the diet talk earlier this week) when you're ready to splurge, I highly recommend. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. Peach anything is yummy . . . thanks for the link to the recipe.

    All this haiku talk reminded me that some time ago my daughter had asked for one related to Mars . . .

    Sky filled with wonder
    Stars lighting the night with dreams
    Calling man to Mars.

  2. That it is a stitch. Thanks everyone for yesterday's haiku's! I had them this morning for my breakfast...

  3. Yum. We had grilled peaches with ice cream and blackberries last night for dessert.

    Thanks for the book, Lucy!

  4. Oh fun, Joan, see we have a whole new pastime on jungle reds, thanks to SJ!

    You're welcome Karen--the grilled peaches sound divine:)

  5. I do hope you enjoy it, Karen in Ohio!

    Lucy I love your photo-haikus, especially the beautiful peaches!