Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Oh, Kaye!" does not talk about the weather, politics, Harley, or her new hat. But does chat about music and food (again!)

I was a little stuck when it came time to write this month's blog.  

What, oh what, to write about??  'Twas a mystery.

I could write about our weather.  We had our first snow of the year yesterday.

photo taken by me at our house 

But, it's early.  We have a lot more winter to go through after all, so I can do that another time.  So instead, I talked about it and posted a lot of pictures at my Meanderings and Muses, if you're interested.

Or, I could talk about politics

internet meme

Or not.

Or, I could talk about how much Harley dislikes Halloween

Photo by me

Or I could talk about my new hat

Photo taken by my Donald

'cept I think I'm in the minority in my love of hats.

Instead, for a bit of an inspirational nudge, I decided to see what I had written for Jungle Red in October last year.  It was a blog entitled, "What's Cookin'?"  And I looked at the blog I wrote in October the year before that.  It was a piece about our trip to Nashville for the Country Music Awards.

Imagine that - two things I love.  

Food and music.  Especially live performance music.  I am a fool for concerts.

Too much of one of those things has me now living in a partnership with Nutrisystem.  

And it wasn't the music.  Or the concerts.

Photo by me


Me and Nutrisystem.

We're in this together.  Temporarily, of course.  

Lord A Mercy, it better be temporary.  

And I hope it's not for terribly long.

But however long it takes.  It is what it is, and it's past time for me to do this.

And - the food is, surprisingly, not bad.

The best thing is that it's in the proper portions.

photo by me

Proper portions 
means - they. are. tiny.  TINY!

I grew up a skinny girl, and stayed skinny for an awfully long time. 

Photo by Alan "Dad" Wilkinson

I have always had an appetite as big as a lumberjack, and didn't have to worry about how many slices of pizza I ate, or how many scoops of ice cream I had. 

Photo by me

I never learned how to count calories, or carbs, or even had a clue that my portions were an affront to most people.

Well, okay, so Donald did mention a time or two that he was a little stunned by it, but he was always very sweet when he said it.

But, all that has changed.

It's past time to get things under control.  

Breakfast can't be quite so much of this

photo by me

There will be less of this

photo by me

Definitely less of this  

public domain photo

And I, for sure, won't be baking as many of these

photo by me

'Cause here's the thing.

My favorite jeans are too tight, and I can't even button my favorite white shirts.

And since I'm addicted to white shirts, this is particularly painful.


However, my shoes and my boots still fit.

And that's a good thing.


I'm gonna want to be wearing a pair of boots to a particularly exciting upcoming event.

Probably these boots - 

Photo by Donald Barley

For this event -

advertisement poster


And maybe, just maybe, by the time this rolls around next March, I'll even be able to wear one of my favorite white shirts and a favorite pair of jeans.

Cross your fingers for me, please.

We're going to be sitting on the floor in the 10th row, and you know Stevie, Christine, Lindsey, Mick and John are going to want me looking fit while I'm on my feet singing along with them at the top of my lungs.

Can you tell I'm excited?!  

Boy Howdy.  

I am VERY excited!

I love Fleetwood Mac.

To the moon and back!

And their concert is the goal I've set for myself to get back to my "fightin' weight."

So, how 'bout it Reds, do you guys do this sort of thing?  Do you pick an upcoming event as a goal to help you lose a few pounds, or am I just being silly?  I mean, I do know that Stevie, Christine, Lindsey, Mick and John are going to have things on their minds other than me and the fact that I'm finally able to button my blouses and wear my favorite jeans, but this is sorta what "goal oriented" means to me.  What can I say?

AND - I want to know - who's seen Fleetwood Mac?  

When?  Where?

Do you love them?

Were they great?  

Did you love the show?  

Anyone seen them or planning on seeing them on this tour?


  1. So I googled Fleetwood Mac and found their 20 biggest hits, and I've never heard a single one of them. Hmmm.

    Well, I hope you have a great time!

  2. My fingers are crossed. You will be ok.

  3. And I love Fleetwood Mac. You'll be in high gear by the time that concert rolls around.

  4. I too was that skinny girl who ate everything and never ever gained - tried to gain in fact. I am now a great-grandmother and as the greats and grands have increased, so has my weight.
    I like Fleetwood Mac, but I think I like The Eagles better!

  5. Kaye, you are a breath of fresh air! That skinny little girl stuff resonates with me too... I boasted for years I could eat anything! Then... came, I guess, the wondrous forties... and now I too have to watch the calories! Why is it we love most all those scrumptious foods!!!! Thelma in Manhattan - who is now loving instant oatmeal doctored with ginger, cinnamon and grated orange rind ( ordered from that Spice Company online!)Yummy!

  6. Hi Kaye, I love FM too, but have never seen them--what fun!

    It's not really fair that our metabolisms decide to slow down just when we're used to eating what we want! Good luck!

  7. I was a skinny girl until I was in my 20s but thought I was fat by the time I was 15. Thanks to an overzealous track coach I quit running, something I had always loved. It's a pretty simple formula - remove the exercise but don't change the eating and you'll gain weight. Compound that with food issues like emotional eating and my result was serious obesity. I've lost (and regained) weight several times but this time I've included both group accountability and exercise components. I've lost 50 pounds and have gone from struggling to walk half a mile to knocking out an eight mile jaunt. I work out twice a week with a group led by my cousin the personal trainer (soon to become 3 times a week) and try to walk several times a week. I track my food using a website and app called Lose It. I know that I will probably have to do this the rest of my life. I'm okay with that because I know it will help me have a better and longer life. I need to lose at least another 110 pounds at which point I will have lost half my body weight. For once I really believe this is possible.
    And Fleetwood Mac! I love the song Tusk with the whole marching band thing.

  8. All that food you're skipping? Send it my way! This morning I made pancakes - LOTS of pancakes, and with my daughter and son-in-law and grandbaby here only crumbs were left. I will however wait until their next visit to make pancakes again.

    Fleetwood Who? I'm afraid theirs was a decade (or two) that I slept through with Ellen.


  9. Reine, Thanks, dear one! High gear? We shall see!

    Gram, oooh, I love the Eagles too. I put them and Fleetwood Mac in the same category of greatest of the greats from that time frame.

    Thelma, Good Morning, Good Morning! I love that little meme about calories being these tiny little critters that live in our closets and sew seams in our clothes to make them smaller. Hateful critters.

    Lucy/Roberta - Thank you! No, it is not fair!! You don't look as though you have ever had that to worry about though. Not a single day in your life. Lucky soul!

  10. Sandi, wow. I hope you are as proud of yourself as you deserve to be. You've already accomplished something amazing. Losing weight is one of the hardest things imaginable. It was easier for me to quit smoking than it has been to lose weight. And with your new lifestyle and amazing attitude, I'm sure you're going to accomplish this next goal. Good for you! wow. Do you give yourself some virtual pats on the back every once in awhile? You should.
    I'll think of you when FM rips into Tusk at the concert.

  11. Hallie. Pancakes. Lots of pancakes. You're killing me.

    I don't think it ever occurred to me that there might be people who never heard of Fleetwood Mac. I'm stunned. truly.

  12. Love the hat, and the boots of course, Kaye! You will rock steady, girl.

    Love Fleetwood Mac, and almost everything they've sung.

    Good luck with the eating plan. Adding in some walking, and some weights, will help, too.

  13. Karen, thank you! And oh yes, I'm still hitting the gym regularly and that never changed. The food intake was, apparently, out-pacing the exercise.

  14. Kaye, I saw Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Bowl last year - I am so envious of your 10th row seats! Lindsey Buckingham was incredible!! And now that Christina's back - you're so lucky.

    As for weight, I've been scrawny all my life, so my goals are more about health - heart, cholesterol, etc. I have 2 friends and we set our goals together - we call them Days of Discipline. Then we touch base every few days to talk about what we're struggling with, as well as our successes. It really does help to have this kind of support.

    Wishing you lots of luck with your Fleetwood Mac goal!!

  15. Wow! Do I empathize with this, Kaye. A few years back on a visit to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge outside Taos a "kind" person took a photo of Cindy and me. When I looked at the photo, I said, "Oh my God, I've become my dad". My waistly girth was just too much to accept. So I cut out chips and ice cream and ramped up the exercise and with a few weeks had knocked off a lot. Well, a Halloween photo from the other night brought me to the same conclusion. Here we go again. Hopeful for progress before Bouchercon?!

  16. I feel your pain Kaye! I have to dump some weight too. Bleah.
    No, I've never seen Fleetwood Mac.
    The last live music performance was this summer at a county fair. My sister and I saw Merle Haggard. He was wonderful!There are a lot of people I'd love to see, but I'm too cranky to fight the crowds and ticket prices these days. It has to be in the right venue: not a stadium or huge concert hall. And it has to be someone I really really really would like to see. Good luck on your diet. I know you'll be successful.

  17. Kim - A good support system can really help, I think! Good for you for finding the motivation and sticking with a program. And, as I've come to learn fairly recently, we should never, ever take our health for granted.

    and yeah, I have to admit, Christine coming back for this tour was all it took to tip us into the "Heck, Yes, We're gonna go!" side of the coin. I can hardly stand it.

  18. Pat D - Thank you!

    Merle Haggard! You lucky soul. I love him.

    We go to a lot of concerts and seen a lot of our faves, but we have not been lucky enough to see him. I hear he puts on a terrific show.

  19. David! Photos! YES! When I take a look at some of pictures taken of me this past year I literally cringe. There's one in particular. I was stunned and it was THE motivating factor. And yes, you will be right back where you want to be by B'Con. And good for you. I'll be missing this year, but hopefully by Bouchercon 2015 I'll be wearing some of my favorite white shirts again. See you there? And Cindy?!

  20. One of the most fun days ever was when Stevie Nicks came to Boston to perform on Boston Common--and I got to be the one to introduce her!

    And GO, Kaye! SO wonderful--just be healthy and happy.


  21. Sandi, good for you! and David too! I think the key is to absolutely keep moving and eat the stuff like chips and ice cream once in while...

    Hank, what fun to introduce her. I wish you had a video of that you could post for us...

  22. Hank Phillippi Ryan - you did not! DID you?! You did. I could die. She is sooooo awesome. And healthy - that truly is what I'm concentrating on. I haven't felt as well this past year as I should. And, truth be told (see how I slipped that in there?), now that I'm retired, money is tighter than it once was and I simply can't afford to be replacing clothes because they don't fit. I need to fix myself.

  23. OMG those boots are a WANT. Yes, I 'try' to do things like that. I have quite a few sexy jeans I would like to get back into. I have chunky walking shoes (yep out the door every morning), tennis, and sandals. I am desperate for boots. Blessings, Janet

  24. Janet, I'm so happy you like my boots! Thank you!

    I have always been partial to boots, but it's only been the past few years that I have embraced cowboy boots. Now I am 100% hooked. Get you some - you will love love love 'em.

  25. I've seen Fleetwood Mac twice, most recently last week. I've also seen both Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks on their own.

    A couple of years ago I wanted to lose 50+ pounds. I gave myself a year - from ComicCon to ComicCon. So Fleetwood Mac is a good goal.

  26. You go, girl! I have lost a lot of weight since my surgeries, and I watch what I eat and deal with portion control.And eat a lot of fruits, vegetablesAnd a treat every hie.Like 2 or three dark chocolates by Dove. I feel very virtuous :) Good luck.

  27. Hope you have a wonderful time, Kaye . . . .

  28. Hi Kay -
    I missed this yesterday, but wanted to send best wishes with the diet and chime in on Fleetwood Mac.

    My brother is the real Fleetwood Mac fan in my family and will drive some distance to see them. The first time he saw them was when I took him to Fillmore East the week of his 14th birthday in November 1969 - he still has the ticket stubs. There were only men in the group then. The opening act was Joe Cocker and the headliner was King Crimson.

    They were my son's 1st big concert, too, in 1990.