Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Jungle Red News Years QUIZ

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: It’s still January, right? Never too late for champagne. And we haven’t missed it: our new year’s resolutions!  (Oh, don’t think you’re gonna get out of here without them.)  And keep reading--a quiz is coming up! (You'll find out how well we know each other...)

Here are the most popular resolutions of 2015, according to someplace: 
Lose weight
Volunteer to help others
Quit Smoking
Get a better education
Get a better job
Save money
Get fit
Eat healthy food
Manage stress
Manage debt
Take a trip
Drink less alcohol

So then I went back and looked up the most popular resolutions of 2008. They were:  
Get out of debt or save money
Lose weight
Develop a healthy habit
Get organized
Develop a new skill or talent
Spend more time with family and friends
Join a social network
Break an unhealthy habit
Clear out wardrobe on Ebay

I guess times do change.  This was the midst of a recession—look how much higher “get out of debt” is. 

But my favorite: Would ANYONE you know resolve to join a social network?  Ha. Our resolutions would be to get OFF of them. Right?  And when was the last time you thought about EBay?  (Am I completely out of it/ Is there still an Ebay?)

So then I went back to our Jungle Red resolutions blog from 2008, And hilariously, one commenter vowed to get off FREECELL. And another praised her new cutting edge iPhone.

Back in 2008, we Reds also listed our resolutions.  So now I’ve asked each Red to tell me a 2015 resolution. Just one.

And here they are:  But wait—which of us said them?
One of us resolved:  “To check email only after I've written at least 100 new words and no more than five times a day.”
This year, the same person said: “Do one thing at a time and try not to keep thinking of what I’ve got to do after..”
Another of us said: “This year I will learn that I don't always have to be perfect--that trying to be perfect comes with a physical price.”
This year she said: “Decluttering!”
Want to try another of us? In 2008, she said: “Try harder to live in the moment.” 
This year she said: “Let it go, let it go.  Stop worrying about what you can’t control.”
And one more? Who said: “Have more fun with folks I love, quit wasting time on stuff I can't control. “
Hint: This year, she’s in Australia! With folks she loves. 
Red Debs has since taken up Reds residence: this year her very luxurious resolution is:   “Take more baths. Long, soaking, bath salt/bubbly, relaxing, meditating baths.”
We welcomed new Red Susan this year…and her resolution is one for all of us: “Take a lesson from Miss Edna and enjoy life, Auntie Mame style...”
So two things Dear Reds:
Can you guess the Reds’ resolutions? Who vowed not to check email? Who decided not to be perfect? Who promised to let it go?  And who took off for Australia?
And of course—what are YOUR resolutions? Do you think they’ve changed since 2008?


  1. The 2008 Resolutions:
    Hallie is vowing not to check the email more than five times.
    Rhys is the reminding herself she doesn't have to be perfect.
    Hank is trying harder to live in the moment.
    Roberta wants to quit wasting time on the stuff she can't control.

    No, I haven't really changed when it comes to resolutions; I'm still resolving to have more faith in myself, but that's a tough thing for me since insecurity is my middle name.

  2. "Now is the accepted time to make resolutions to better yourself. Next week you can begin paving the road to hell with them like normal." - Mark Twain

    Having quoted that, I really am trying to lose some weight (after I eat up the Christmas sweets) and do exercise other than running. So far, I haven't been perfect, but I've been pretty good at it.

  3. I'll go with what Joan said for the guesses. For me:

    2008 - work more
    2015 - work less

  4. Roberta is in Australia I think. Other than that, I can't answer any questions. It's too early plus people need more exciting resolutions if I'm supposed to remember them. You know, like, "This year I am finally going to spell the word JERK on my neighbor's lawn with Round-Up."

  5. Oh, Jack, you;re right--we are predictable!

    (Once when I was a kid, one of my jobs was to mow the front lawn with our riding mower. I mowed it into the shape of the map of the United was hilarious, but I got into a lot of trouble--my parents did not think it was funny.)

  6. 2008 was the year of fun for me. I'd just survived 2007, the year of cancer. :)

    2015 - Play, Create, Restore, Nurture. 4 words, lots of opportunities.

  7. Oh, Lynn--that's such a profound marker. Hurray. You bring tears to my eyes.

    The last seven years have brought so many changes...fascinating what stays the same--and yet, how we're not the same.

  8. No resolutions here. I just try to make necessary changes as I go along throughout the year. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't!

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  10. Yup, Deb, according to all the experts (whoever they are!) that's a great way to do it.

    There must be some study about how long resolutions last... and are they really helpful?

  11. This is scary. Plus ca change... Joan's right except for one, I think.

  12. I'd also make the same guesses as Joan - except maybe Hank would be the one resolving not to check email. Not sure.

    I don't do resolutions. I set goals for the year, things I can actually do and measure. I check on them quarterly and adjust as needed. It's worked for the last two years. =)

  13. I call them goals instead of resolutions -- it sounds more mature (ha!)

    Last year's were to lose weight and exercise more. This year's are to keep the weight off and maintain the exercise program.

    ~ Jim

  14. Isn't it funny how all the resolutions could be scrambled--and we'd all agree to all?

    Hallie IS the email. checker. How'd you do, Hallie?

  15. And the winner from yesterday of Becky Masterman's book--either one you'd like! *** Margaret Turkevich**** Email me at h ryan at whdh dot com with your address!


  16. How'd I do? LOUSY. I've resorted to turning off the Internet and setting a timer. Works sometimes.

    Who vowed to do less "wasting time on stuff I can't control?" Julia or Hank??

  17. I have to admit that was me, Hallie! And so far I am not doing well at it at all :-)

  18. No resolutions. I'm still slogging through family issues that are inevitable for everyone. But I know life will lighten up and I'm treading water until then. A nice trip would help!

  19. Hank for the email
    Hallie for not being perfect and decluttering
    Rhys live in the moment
    Roberta for not wasting time on stuff she can't control and being in Australia

    I had a hard time deciding on the above guesses. I can't wait to see who really said what.

    This year, I would love to lose weight, and yet it's also the year that I want to worry less about how I look. The weight is more for health, but, of course, it's tied up in self image, too. I want to finish getting my house painted and organized, which may be the end of me. I also want to share my reading more with my daughter and almost daughter-in-law by having a mini-reading club. Our first book up is The Handmaid's Tale. The reading group will also include my thirteen-year-old granddaughter on certain books. First book up for that is The Book Thief. And, of course, I'd like to do some more altruistic acts, such as helping strangers, those for whom I have no reciprocal expectations.

  20. Jack, I just read your comments. You always give me a good chuckle. And, Mark, great quote.

  21. Kathy that is wonderful ! You are an inspiration!
    And it's Rhys for the clutter
    Hallie for email... :-)

  22. Pat D-- just keep swimming -- we are with you!