Sunday, February 8, 2015

Road Signs

LUCY BURDETTE: I can't resist one last travel blog--I swear I won't become one of those boorish relations who shows interminable slides! But the road signs in Australia are so interesting--and graphic...

Drive on left in Australia.

never too old to try it! Even with hubby giving helpful tips

Kangaroo crossing. 


We might have seen an endangered bandicoot, but he was too fast to capture on film. 

We did however see an endangered tiger quoll


 and then drank his beer to support his future


Wood hens on road. Mutton birds on road. 


Endangered woodhen

We did see them both  but the mutton birds fly in at night to land on the beach and find their nests. We watched in awe!


They really mean it this time: Unstable cliffs you may fall and die

twelve apostles, great ocean road

Dangers everywhere.

Sometimes it's better just to focus on the cute animals...

Nothing is quite ever what it seems--this one I just liked--true for life in general...

Happy Sunday dearest Red Writers!


  1. Some of these made me chuckle (you may fall and die) . . .
    Loved your pictures; thanks for sharing. It certainly seems like you had a wonderful trip!

  2. thanks Joan--we did have a wonderful time. Bill Bryson's book had me worried ahead of time about poisonous spiders and jellyfish and snakes, but we didn't run into all that!

  3. Didn't some woman just get proposed to at the top of a cliff, jump up in excitement, and fall over the edge to her death? Gotta take those warnings seriously!

    My favorite sign was in London, 50 years ago (I didn't have a camera, alas): "The owner of a dog who fouls the footway is liable for a fine of five pounds."

  4. This fantastic--YOU have such a wonderful eye!

    What an adventure. (I wonder what Aussies think of OUR signs. Have you ever noticed how many have an instruction--and then say: Its The LAW.? ")

    My favorite signs in Massachusetts say "Thickly Settled."

  5. Ellen, that's a great sign! I did not hear about the sad engagement story:(.

    Thanks Hank--it was fun! Once I thought of taking pics of the signs, we started seeing them everywhere...

    And thickly settled is the best New England sign ever--who in the world besides a Yankee would know what it meant?

  6. What a wonderful trip! I've enjoyed your travel pieces, Lucy, thank you.

  7. You're welcome Kaye--it was fun to relive the trip too:)

  8. Fun signs! I think I posted on your Facebook page my "dead wombat" crossing sign, from the Hunter Valley.

    The most interesting thing to me about driving there was how detailed their rental car roadmaps are. They even list where the phoneboxes are located. I was fascinated by how accurate they were.

    Did you have any hamburgers there? First, the ketchup has real sugar, rather than corn syrup, so it tastes very different than ours, and secondly, they always add a slice of "beetroot", or beet, on the bun. It was tasty, but so weird at first. Even the McDonald's, where my husband insisted we stop, had beetroot on the burger. But the McDonald's also had amazingly good gourmet coffee drinks, and homemade pastries.

    I want to go back. We were only there two weeks, and never left New South Wales.

  9. Love the signs and the pics. And I'm sure the little guy says thanks for drinking his beer to support the cause!

  10. Lucy, this is that sad story:

    What DOES "Thickly settled" mean?

  11. This is reminding me of the first time we went to Europe, landed in Holland, and the first bafling road sign we encountered: vegomlegging. It became evident. It means detour. And we kept seeing signs for UITGANG. Thought it was a place. Turns out it's exit.

  12. Karen, we did have a couple of hamburgers but ran across nary a beetroot. Isn't that funny? We'd like to go back sometime too, and see the things we missed--Perth, Darwin, Uluru, Tasmania...just to name a few. It's an enormous country

  13. Thickly settled=densely populated.

    Hallie, those are great signs!

    Terry, I think he did appreciate it! we would support him further if the beer was imported to the US...

  14. Fun signs. I loved Tank Crossing by a road in Ft Stewart, GA.

  15. Lucy, what a great idea to take pictures of the different signs! I like how you think. I wouldn't need a sign to tell me to stay away from cliff edges with my fear of heights.

    The sign that I always found amusing was one on the corner where I lived which read SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING. How I would love to go back in time and add a comma.

    I'm rather interested in the signs in Britain called the "brown signs," tourists signs that have spurred "brown signing adventures." There are 93 different brown sign symbols that indicate "official" places of interest. From historic building to Roman remains to brass rubbing, these signs mark places worthy of visitation. I like the idea that the signs are just plain brown signs but could be guides to wonderful treasures. I hope to get to Britain soon and plan on taking pictures of these signs (as inspired by Lucy).

  16. Why, I wonder, would anyone put up a sign to tell you that an area was densely populated? What would that matter if one were driving? (I say that as one who has driven in NYC, and they don't come more thickly settled than that.)

    I love a couple of places here in Milwaukee where the street signs will drive you batty-- like where two streets with the identical name cross each other, or where you cross an intersection and suddenly the road you are on has a totally different name.

    And in our downtown area, our founding fathers hated each other so much that they deliberately laid out their roads so they wouldn't meet. Now the bridges that cross the Milwaukee River have to be built on a diagonal so the streets can connect.

  17. Kathy, I bet Debs has seen those brown signs!

    Ellen, that's a very good point...only in New England. Sounds like your forefathers did a number on the city!!

  18. I like your photos. A friend went and she showed was photos of the huge bugs and spiders. Never ever.

  19. LOL PK--That's what Bryson's book was like too...

  20. Very fun pix. Would love to visit Oz!

  21. What's with the apostrophe at the end of the phrase on the steps? Different punctuation rules in Oz?

  22. that's a good question--I hadn't noticed. It must be art museum punctuation lol

  23. My favorite road sign: PED XING

    I always feel sorry for visitors from other countries.