Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Oh, Kaye!" Chats about what we'll all be doing on Nov. 8th

November 8th.

It's almost here.


What took it so long??

There's not a person among us who isn't ready for this election to be over.

So, I hope, we'll all be voting on November 8th, if we haven't already done so.

But I'm not here to campaign.  

I mean . . .  whose mind isn't already made up?

I'll just quietly tell you I've already voted.

This is an election that got me out of the house and actually working for my party at the grass roots level.

The Watauga County Democratic Party is the most hardworking group of people I've ever had the honor and pleasure of getting to know.

There are a lot of stories here in my little corner of North Carolina - some of them you've even watched being reported by Rachel Maddow.

We haven't been alone.  The stories have been widespread, sadly.

Voter suppression has been real.

And soon, it'll be over.

Pretty soon we'll all know if the candidates of our choice will be serving.

Or not.

Will we have our first woman president?

Or not?

All elections are important.

But am I exaggerating when I say this is the most important one of our lifetime?

I don't think I am.

So, like many of you, I'll be sitting in front of the TV Tuesday evening until this election has been decided.

Until I know whether or not we're going to finally get to hear people say the words, "Yes, Madame President" for the next four years.

Either way, there will be tears.

A great deal of tears.

And I imagine I'll be chatting with a lot of you via Facebook Tuesday night.

And I'm pretty sure we'll all have a box of tissues close at hand.

And me?

Chocolate.  A lot of chocolate.

And pizza.

And alcohol.

How 'bout you, Dear Reds, will you be watching the election returns, or waiting until the next morning to learn who our new president will be?

Anyone hosting an election party?  If so, do tell - what are you serving?

Or, planning a quiet night at home eating things like chocolate and pizza and having your favorite adult beverage?


  1. After I vote, I’ll take the chocolate, the pizza, and the adult drink and leave the election returns to others . . . .

  2. I've already voted, it's all main-in here in Oregon. On Election Day I'll avoid the media until at least 9:00 pm (Midnight east coast) because any earlier will be endless streams of early exit poll guesses and I don't need that. What I do want is a clear decision.

    Food? Pizza Luna's good, and wine followed up by brownies and vanilla ice cream.

  3. Heavens, yes, I'll be glued to the TV. And crying, no matter what happens, for so many reasons.

    On Thursday, I'm hosting book club. We usually try to key our dinner theme to the book, as per the hostess's choice. This time I decided we'd have a red, white and blue theme. I'm making pasta with red sauce, and serving red and white wines. Everyone is invited to bring additional dishes or drinks in that theme.

    If the election doesn't go the way we hope I'll be making black pasta made with squid ink. And nobody wants that.

  4. Oh Kay, here's raising a glass in the hope that favorite book blogs can stop politicking and stick to publishing topics.

  5. I just taught a writing workshop for the Mad Anthony Writers in Hamilton Ohio - the best, nicest, smartest ever group and of course ground zero for this election. They are SO sick of the rancor and the ads the rule at the workshop was NO POLITICS. Jane Biddinger, who welcomed everyone, put a little COMMENTS box in the front and invited anyone who wanted to express a political opinion to put it in the box and anyone who wanted to know what they had to say could then take it out and read it. I don't know if I'll be glad when it's over. Depends on how it turns out. I'll certainly be glad when the robo-calls and nasty TV ads stop.

  6. Hallie, did anyone use the box? I wish we could get CNN to do that.

    I voted early, thinking I might have some closure and just tune out. That was the day before the FBI did its thing, so you know how that went.

    Not to be a downer, I don't think we'll necessarily know who the winner is on Tuesday night, not that I won't join you all in pizza and big girl drinks. And even when it's over, whatever the outcome, I don't think the tone is going to change. Whichever side is disappointed is going to rail against the other, I fear. I'll be hitting the TBR pile and turning off the television.

  7. Definitely voting on Tuesday (no early voting in this state). Definitely not listening, watching, reading any news until Wednesday. That Jimmy Carter conceded the 1980 election before I had voted (lived in WA then) for John Anderson still seems an unfair and undemocratic thing. All this having to know before the last polling station has closed and transmitted its results officially turns the electing process into entertainment and shows the short tempered have to be first character that dominates and smothers civil discourse and thought.
    Thanks, Jungle Reds and commenters for letting me rant!
    Do remember to vote! It's the patriotic thing to do.

  8. LOL on the squid ink pasta Karen!

    I'm eager for this to be wrapped up too, because I'm worrying the polls like a hungry dog. At least the lead-up has made clear how different some of us are from one another--the new administration will need to find a way to support those who feel left out and run over. It's not going to be easy!

  9. I was also at Write Like Mad (Hallie is a fantastic teacher, by the way), and I didn't see anyone get anywhere near the box. Jane was very clever and funny about requesting that no one talk politics!

  10. I'll cast my vote on Tuesday with my neighbors and friends, then I'll get back to work. I don't want to hear anything until the fat lady sings, so I'll try to resist the temptation to check the results until Wednesday morning.

    But I'm afraid Lucy is right--one winner will surely need to work hard to reach out to the supporters of the other candidate. If, on the other hand, that other guy wins, I don't foresee him making any effort whatsoever at reaching out to heal this nation of its divides.

    So, in the meantime, praying. And reading. And eating. Slow cooker chocolate pudding cake.

  11. Observing in fear and trembling from the Great White North. I think I'll shut down ALL media until Wednesday morning.

  12. Scary. A friend of mine was followed from a parking lot by a man in an SUV honking & giving her the finger. She said it was because of the bumper sticker on her car. This country is going to need a lot of healing. Election night. I always stay up until the returns are in. This might be a long night.

  13. We voted absentee in Massachusetts. My husband, who is a devoted political analysis on TV watcher (and sports fan) -- even he has turned off TV coverage. I gave up watching early in the primaries. We'll spend part of Tuesday with our daughter and her three little girls. I am going to suggest we go out for dinner and check in on returns after that.

    Chocolate. Wine (perhaps a cocktail).

    Love this post, Kaye!! Off to church. Prayer helps.

  14. I am on the road now, so I always turn on the TV to a news station when I arrive in a hotel room, just for company, and to make sure I haven't missed anything. Lately I've just turned it off… Because bottom line, no one can really know anything-- all predictions are only predictions, based on who knows what, and it becomes endless and ridiculous.
    I am hoping I'll be home Tuesday night, and I will not be able to resist watching the election results. No matter what happens, it will be life-changing. ( and yes, I voted! Absentee… Since I was not sure I would be in Boston on election day! )

  15. Will be interested in your election results next Tuesday. I have no TV, so will check on-line the next day. And I will be vacationing in the US the following week, so there will likely be post-election fallout/discussion wherever I go.


  16. Hi, everyone! I'm going to be out a good bit of the day today, so please don't think I'm ignoring your comments - NEVER!!!

    I'll be back to respond and in the meantime, isn't it the greatest thing ever to be able to have the ability and freedom to express your opinion and your viewpoints whatever they are?

    I know Jungle Red is a politics free zone. And I can't say how very much I appreciate the fact that during what is a most historic time, that I've been allowed to post this one time political post.

    Thank you, Reds.

    And Denise Ann - you have no idea how much it meant to see you say that you loved it. Thank you, my Reds Friend.

    (seems like there will be a lot of pizza eaten on Tuesday!)

  17. I voted a couple of weeks ago, and I doubt anyone here has doubts about my political proclivities. Since last week sometime I've been on a news blackout on the coming election and tried my best to ignore it on FB, mostly unsuccessfully.

    It intrigues me that my partner and many friends are becoming physically ill over this. I'm seeing increased anxiety, elevated blood pressure, depression, even one incidence of suicidal ideation. Terrifying stuff. IMHO, any woman who votes orange is uninformed, and how can that be? I'd say any man, but, well, you know. They have enjoyed male privilege for so long now.

    I won't be watching Tuesday night. 16 years ago I watched the returns on BBC from Salisbury UK. I fell asleep safe in the knowledge that Gore had won and woke up to another world. It was heartrending, and we all know what happened next.

    However this is many degrees of magnitude more frightening to me. As a woman, a lesbian, a grandmother of six, one a biracial child, a resident of a predominately Jewish neighborhood, a world citizen, I am threatened, so threatened that even the new kitchen isn't enough to make me want to live here if this election goes the wrong way.

    Grace, move over. Lots of us may emigrate to Canada.

  18. Already voted and can't wait for Tuesday night so I can breathe again and hopefully feel that this country can get back to normal again. I'm not going to be political but if Both candidates were men it would not even be close. Too many men would not vote for a woman if she was Joan of Arc and Mother Theresa combined.

  19. Joan, And I will toast you with our adult drinks!

    Richard, I think it'll be apple pie with ice cream here (after the pizza, and before the next pizza).

    Karen, I love your red, white & blue theme! Fun! And your other dish made me hoot!!!

    Reine, here's to pizza, yes!

    Hallie, what a delightfully smart idea to make it a "no politics" zone but include a comments box, I like it.

    Michele, sadly, I do think you're right. I believe we are in for some nastiness after the election that is going to require serious efforts in healing - on both sides. And I'm not sure,honestly, many of us will live long enough to ever see the healing we're going to need.

    Elisabeth, I would have been SO angry! and so hurt.

    Lucy, I was finally able to break myself of that. Thank God! It was making me sick, literally.

    FChurch - Recipe for that pudding, please!!

    Susan - oh, how I wish I thought I were capable of doing that.

    Lesa, that is scary! and it's heartbreaking, isn't it? and really - unbelievable.

    Denise, I gave up on the national news channels long ago. Now, I log in on my laptop to BBC, and The Guardian. When I want to, when I'm ready. Dinner with your family sounds perfect. And quite lovely.

    Hank - YES! "No one can really know anything!" YES!

    Grace - oh, I love you Canadians and your cool calmness and common sense!!

    Ann, It still upsets me to think about the Gore debacle. And Yes, this is very, very frightening, I agree. and, it truly breaks my heart.

    Rhys, true. What truly puzzle and frightens me this election is the number of women who will be voting for Trump. I simply cannot believe it.

  20. I am waiting to vote on Election Day, a deliberate choice, because I wanted to be part of the whole process on that day. I'm thinking now maybe I should have voted early, as I predict I will be a mess by Tuesday. I may call a friend to go to dinner Tuesday before the barrage of election results on TV. I don't know that I can watch it all. I'll probably tune in intermittently. I'm so nervous about it, scared actually. The direction our country will take is on the line, and I so want to see us continue to move forward and not backward. I've tried to not make my FB page all about politics, but I simply can't help posting a lot here lately. It's just so important.

    This election has been so divisive. There are people whom I considered intelligent, reasonable people who are voting for the candidate that I find so reprehensible that I can't imagine a country under his guidance or lack of. I am hoping that we all can find a way to love one another again, no matter what the results.

  21. Kathy, once again, my friend, you have stated things so perfectly. We can go back to talking about and sharing chickens on Tuesday. ;-) to lighten things up a bit for ourselves

  22. Ugh. Worst Presidential campaign "season" ever. I voted early. I want it to be over. I'll probably watch Netflix Tuesday evening, not the news. I'm afraid counting votes is going to take forever.

  23. I think of you daily now that North Carolina is so important. Also watch MSNBC and saw when they broadcast from Boone. This is a very upsetting election, and my mood changes wth the polls. I'll be thinking of all of you Nov. 8!

  24. There is an actual psychological malady recognized by therapists for the impact of this election!
    How sad a statement about our democracy is that?!

    And, yes, it's cynical, but how much of the fanning of the flames has been the media looking for ratings? And polls? Aren't they are good way to get lots of people watching tv election night?

  25. Libby, your point about the media is so on target! The media should be charged with a crime. I don't know what it would be, but they all have been so irresponsible and flame fanning that facts become twisted and lies become believable for some. There has been so much hate, but the media has dirty hands in that.

  26. Pat, It truly has been, hasn't it?

    Oh, Lil, Thank You!!

    Libby, honestly, I think it's one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

    Kathy - YES!

  27. Kaye,

    How do you deal with voter suppression? I hope someone like Jimmy Carter (yes, our former president of the USA) will be watching to make sure people are allowed to vote :-)

    I spent several days last week sending texts to voters in North Carolina asking them to vote.

    Sunday morning - we arrived at the office at 6 AM to send texts all over the USA asking people to vote. And in some places, to remind them about the early voting option. There were also many people phone banking!

    I already voted!

    Thank you for your election post.


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