Sunday, February 5, 2017

"Oh, Kaye!" chats about football, puppies and Ryan Gosling

Hi, Dear Reds - 

It's Super Bowl Sunday!!

Who's everyone cheering for today?

The Atlanta Falcons were my home team for oh, about 30 years, so since the Carolina Panthers didn't make it this year, I'll be pulling for Atlanta.

And, of course, the big thing for Super Bowl Sunday is food.

Not like it once was though.

I remember when Super Bowl Sunday at our house was a very big deal.

Lots of people, lots of food, lots of adult beverages.

That was back in the day.

These days, it's so low key it's hard to describe.  Just think TV, recliners . . .  you get the picture.

But the food is still important.

And grazing seems to be a Super Bowl tradition for us, so we'll be having a little of this, and a little of that.

But there is pulled pork BBQ in the crockpot serving as our Super Bowl entrée.

But you know, I can't really think too much about football right now 'cause we have a new family member.

Her name is Annabelle and I'd like for you all to meet her.

Annabelle Barley is a 10 week old Corgi.

We just picked her up yesterday, so today we're going to be busy getting acquainted and helping little Miss Annabelle feel at home.  (I hope she likes football).

We took her shopping yesterday.  She seemed to think that was fun, so I do believe she's going to be a girl after my own heart.

Now, since we have the oh so delectable Ryan Gosling gracing our page today, who saw La La Land?

What did you think?

I loved it.

I know not everyone feels the same way, but it was exactly what I needed, and if it's still playing here in Boone next week I'll probably go see it again.

Annabelle is still small enough that I'm betting I can sneak her in tucked in a pocket . . . 


  1. Kaye, Annabelle is so sweet [and La La Land is so good] . . . .

  2. Annabelle is a real cutie.
    If it is not the Huskies, or the Seahawks, what football?

  3. Football: yawn.

    But Annabelle is adorable! And isn't it fun to see a musical on the big screen again? I really want to see La La Land.

  4. Thank you, Joan. She is a sweetie.

    Coralee, we do have our own teams, don't we? As it should be.

    02Karen - DO go see La La Land!! It will make you happy.

  5. Annabelle is adorable! I hope to see more pictures of her.

    I haven't seen La La Land, but would like to. Some people I know who saw it didn't like it but those who like the same movies I do keep raving about it, I feel like I need to see it!

    Deb Romano

  6. LOOOOOOVE Annabelle! We are going to a superbowl party, but I'm there for the food and the commercials. Everyone will be rooting for the Patriots!

    We enjoyed LA LA LAND, but not convinced it's the best picture of the year. my choice would be MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, an incredibly moving and real movie about how a man manages the aftermath of a great tragedy. But maybe our country needs light and singing and dancing right now?

  7. I'm seeing "La La Land" this week at a great movie theater in Seattle. I'm a fan of both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone; can't wait!

    I'll be on a plane during the game, but I'm assuming there will be regular updates.

    Annabelle is adorable. How big will she end up being, Kaye?

  8. Annabelle is a darlin' little girl!! What a sweet face!

    No football here--youngest is a diehard Steelers fan, along with his dad and uncle.

    I read a fair-minded review of La La Land. It started with admitting that a modern-day musical sounded corny, then proceeded to lay out the reasons it worked. I will probably see it at some point. Light and laughter, yes indeedy, I can use some of that in my life!!

    P.S. Hank, how's the eye??

  9. I needed this! Maybe we'll go see La La Land during the super bowl.

  10. BBQ beef here, Kaye, but that's because I can have it all week afterwards. Commercials! I'm only in it for the commercials. (I already know I love the Budweiser one, and I don't even drink beer.)

    I can't wait to see all kinds of Annabelle photos & hear stories of her adventures and discoveries.

    La La Land. Right there with you. Already saw it twice. I know some of the places in the movie, and that's really fun. But, Ryan Gosling just made it for me. Sending a few sniffs for the ending, but it works. And, I already bought the cd to listen to the music over and over.

  11. Kaye, more pics of Annabelle! I was I was coming to NC just so I could smooch her!! Cutest puppy ever. Well, except maybe for my Dax when she was about that age...

    We might turn on the game. Not big football fans, but usually watch the Superbowl for the commercials. And I will be getting ready to head out on book tour first thing tomorrow morning so I hate to say it but I will probably be packing...

    Food? I would love to be making wings (I have a great recipe for baked wings) but for us it will have to be homemade pizza tonight.

    I have not seen a single Oscar nominated movie, so now I will probably have to wait until they all come out on video. But I really want to see La La Land and Hidden Figures.

  12. That JRW comment was mine! I forgot to change my login. I'm a little off my game today; good thing I'm not playing in the big game!

  13. Welcome, Annabelle! You'll have to introduce her to the other jungle red pooches!
    And, well, we'll be watching football… with chili and guacamole. We are so predictable! And if you live around here, there's no question who you're rooting for :-)
    Kaye, will you keep us posted on the puppy progress?

    And oh, thank you Flora… My eye is healing… I fell on the sidewalk you all, wearing flat shoes, tripped on a brick and hit my knee and shoulder and arm and face. It was not a pretty sight… And now is very very red and bruised and scraped. But I keep thinking, it could have been so much worse…
    Happy Sunday everyone! . ( and go pats ..)

  14. Deborah Romano - I think La La Land is a movie people either love or just dismiss. I'm in the love it group and I think it's exactly the kind of movie some of us might be craving right now.

    Hallie - Yes. Go! It will make you glow.

    Lucy/Roberta - I agree that it may not be the best movie of the year, I have to admit. But Lordy, it did make my heart soar.

    Ingrid, Corgi's get to be about 10-12 inches high and ideal weight is, I think, 25 - 30 pounds. We had a hard time keeping our Harley at the "ideal" weight. Like his mom, he loved to eat.

    FChurch - That review sounds spot on. Some people just don't care a thing about musicals, so it's probably not going to be a movie they'll enjoy. Me? I'm a sucker for a musical. I always walk out wanting to dance down the street singing.

    Lesa, you seeing it twice it what made me know I had to go see it. I'm going to be sad if it's not still showing here next week 'cause I really do want to see it again. (and I'll take tissues). And you know there will be lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures of Annabelle. We've taken "a few" this morning that I'm going to post at Meanderings and Muses in a little while.

    Debs, what is cuter than a little puppy?! I mean! I wish you were coming to North Carolina. Annabelle and I would come collect some hugs. Will you share your wings recipe, please? I cannot seem to find one that suits us.

    Hank, I have been worried about you! Your eye!!!! Honey!!! And while wearing flats. Holy Smokes. Take care of yourself! xxoo

  15. Ann in Rochester. Another nasty woman.February 5, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    Ooooh Kaye, how I wish I could snuggle Annabelle. And thanks for naming her after me. Almost.

    Game Day chili is simmering. Buffalo wings ready to heat back up. Plenty of adult beverages. Hope I can stay awake for Lady Gaga. Had a wee bit of surgery Friday that is a pain in the bum Literally. So no party for me. Maybe I should rethink that chili?

  16. Though a Seahawks fan, today pulling for Patriots. We're having a huge breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice) then just fruit midday, followed by chips, dip, guacamole, beverages at game time (3:30 here) and fajitas for evening meal, which will be about 3rd quarter or so.

    By which time it could be snowing...again. It's possible we'll get snowed/iced in for a day or two...again. Living on a steep hill with a great view has its downside.

  17. Annabelle is adorable. Enjoy her and I know you'll have wonderful memories to share with us all.

  18. Hank, sending you bushels of "get well soon" wishes . . . .

  19. Ann in Rochester - you are so welcome - it's a beautiful name! I'll be thinking of you and your recent surgery, take care.

    Rick - I think we could enjoy the heck out of ourselves at your house. This sounds just perfect. We got ice overnight, but not too badly. Be careful.

    Dru, she is precious and you know you'll be hearing lots about her!

  20. Annabelle is beyond precious -- she looks so soft and cuddly, and I hope you will share lots more pictures

    Here in Colorado, I will be pulling for the Atlanta Falcons, one of the reasons because they are wearing the initials of different fallen servicemen on their helmets, one of whom was the son of a high school classmate. Also, Dan Reeves, my all-time favorite Dallas Cowboy, used to be their coach, and their new coach is also named Dan.

    Hank, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and as little discomfort as possible!

  21. Hank! Hope you are feeling better!

    Kaye, Annabelle is adorable. Can you carry Annabelle or is she too big? I love corgi dogs.

    For me, the best part of La La Land was the dancing. Dialogue was sketchy since the rear window captioning in the theater was malfunctioning. I thought it would make a great Silent film, IMO.

  22. Kaye, I am already smitten with the adorable Annabelle! She is so lucky to have you and Don. I know you all will give her a home any pet would envy. Heck, I envy it. And, I'm so happy that you and Don have Annabelle, who will be a constant source of fun and joy. I think Harley is happy for you, too.

    I doubt that I will watch anything but the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Not a football fan and no one else here today. The pulled pork sounds delicious.

    And, I need to get to the theater to see La La Land.

  23. Thank you all for the kind wishes! So lovely of you… And now I am going to take a nap… Love love love and see you at the game.
    Smooches to Annabelle! Lucky dog!

  24. I keep forgetting that there's a big football game happening today. Thanks to Kaye, I now know who is playing! Yeah, I'm not a football fan and don't have a TV to turn on so I'll be reading or watching a detective show DVD.

    And eating homemade chicken soup!

    Hank, I'm horrified about your nasty fall. It only takes a second, doesn't it? Do get well soon!

    Deb Romano

  25. Celia, I did not know this about the Falcons wearing the initials of different fallen servicemen on their helmets. That touches my heart.

    Thank you all for the sweet words about Annabelle.

    Kathy, we have plans to adopt you next.

    Homemade chicken soup sounds like just the thing, Deb - YUM!

    Hank? A nap! YES! perfect, I'm headed that way myself.

  26. My husband, the Patriots FANATIC is with our grandsons watching the game, and I am happily binge watching "Endeavor." Good thing I have a bad memory. All new TV.

    Love the name of the puppy (I have a granddaughter, Annabel).

    My husband and I both loved "La La Land" -- it was such a relief from the tension we had been feeling.

    So happy you have the monthly Oh Kay!!

  27. Kaye, I'll share the wings recipe, as I passed it along to Debs. For the juiciest wings, I brine prior to cooking. I add 2 tbsp of salt, 1 of sugar to 1 quart of water, stir to dissolve, the put the separated flappers & drummies in for at least 2 hrs, preferably overnight. I put the wing pieces on a wire rack over a sheet pan after drying them, bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, turn them, & bake for another 15 minutes. While they're cooking I make my sauce. I use a base of catsup, add Worcestershire sauce & soy sauce, my favorite hot sauce (Cholula) and a generous splash of Tiger Sauce (really hot sauce). (We like our wings spicy) Sauce goes on the stove with a splash of beer to simmer & meld the flavors. When the wings have cooked I coat them with the sauce using a large bowl, then put them back in the oven for a final 10 minutes to lightly brown the sauced wings. Yes, it's a bit extra, but the juicy, tasty wings are worth it. Since the sauce is definitely one to be individualized, I encourage folks to experiment with what seasonings they like best. Best of all, by roasting them in the oven, it decreases the fattiness. Diet wings? *tee hee*

  28. Oh, Hank. I think you need a pirate eye patch to complete your look. We spent the weekend in San Antone. Got back in time to see the Bushes do the coin flip. So glad they're home. I'm rooting for Atlanta. I am not a fan of Mr. Bill dating from his time as the Cleveland Browns coach. Kaye, your pup is adorable. We lost our beloved Boo in September. Still have my father-in-law's dog Jack, but it just isn't the same.
    Oh my gosh! Atlanta just ran for 82 yds and scored!

  29. Denise Ann, thank you so much. I look forward to my monthly gig here at Jungle Red, and it makes me feel good to hear you enjoy having me here.

    Diane - wow. these sound delish - especially the diet part (wink wink).

    Pat - I was napping so hard I missed that 82 yard run! aargh!

  30. I'm a CT girl, and the Pats about killed me here!!!! Woo hoo! Patriots for the win!!!

  31. How nice to meet Annabelle! She's adorable!