Tuesday, October 31, 2017


  1. Our TV is always on, and it is almost always sports -- live games, taped games, and endless analysis. And, no, it's not me. My husband is a Boston fan, and there is really nothing like it. When a big game is on, he talks on the phone with his brothers throughout. Not. My. Thing.
    I did have an AHA moment about softball during one of my PT sessions this fall -- my brothers played Little League, and my father coached a team. I had baseball cards, and a team -- Brooklyn Dodgers. I knew the rules and could fill in a score card. But I never played. I think I would have liked softball.
    So happy my daughters and granddaughters have had so many more opportunities to play several sports.

  2. Dodgers. I grew up in southern California, was a Dodgers fan from the day they moved "out west". Pro football is my preferred sport to watch (Go, Seahwaks!) and I often watch some of the NCAA Men's basketball Tournament in late March.