Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby you can drive my car

RO: I've been in six states in the last week - tearing around from one bookstore to another - and I couldn't have done it without Aretha Franklin, Randy Newman, Dire Straits, Candide, John Barry and the rest of the cds in an old bookmark box that I keep on the passenger seat of the Jeep. And there are more to week Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania for RT Convention, Malice Domestic and Festival of Mystery.

With all the talking I do at events you'd think that I'd want to be quiet when I'm alone.
Nope. Singing at the top of my lungs while going 75 miles an hour is a beautiful thing. Perhaps not for a listener, but hey the jerk in the Camry can't hear me, nor can the trucker.

Old rock and roll, show tunes, standards - hell, I was singing along with The Mills Brothers this morning. Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters. What part of the brain houses these lyrics? (And what more important thing has it displaced?) I didn't even know that I knew the words to You Always Hurt the One you Love until I sang it two hours ago.
What's lodged in your brain that you're embarrassed to admit? Theme song to the Flintstones? Old tv commercials?
HALLIE: Lately, the Dixie Chicks have taken up residence. Maybe it's the mystery writer in me--it's surely the country and western twang fan in me--but I can do all the lyrics of Goodbye Earl.
It's a song about a woman and her friend who kill her abusive spouse. (Earl, ain't it dark? Wrapped up in that tarp?)
Love anything by Dolly Parton, or Brenda Lee, or Patsy Cline...especially Patsy. I think there's a theme here.

Ro: Earl, aint it dark? Yikes.
I wouldn't mind if it was Patsy Cline - it's when something like The Monster Mash or the theme song to Green Acres "Fresh air! Times Sqvare! You are my wife - goodbye city life!" decides to lodge itself in my brain.

Aaahh, perhaps if there wasn't so much empty space there.
Here...let it get stuck in YOUR head for a while.


Roberta Isleib said...

wow, you've got a killer schedule set up Ro! The only song lately in my empty mind is sung to the tune of "K-K-Katie, Beautiful Katie, You're the only g-g-girl that I adore..."

Only it goes: "T-T-Tonka, beautiful Tonka, you're the only d-d-dog that I adore..."

He likes it a lot:).

Sheila Connolly said...

Oh, yeah--road music. "I'm not ready to make nice!" The complete catalog of Fleetwood Mac (plus additional Stevie Nicks). Willie Nelson ("on the Road Again"), and recently I've become addicted to the soundtrack from Crazy Heart, which is weird because I don't like country music. Great line: "sometimes falling feels like flying, for a little while."

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...
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Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Oh, RO, if I listen to the soundtrack from Candide, I always cry. So that's no good for the road.

I have a CD called Puccini for Lovers--yes, sappy, but the music is wonderful--Il mio babbino caro, and the duet from the Pearl Fishers--it's fantastic, beautiful, and when I sing along, no one is there to know that I'm faking the Italian.

Also--Linda Ronstadt. Emmy Lou Harris. (You know the song "Crescent City"? That's a perfect song to sing at the top of your lungs..)

Laura DiSilverio said...

I have tweenage daughters and I occasionally get Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana stuck in my head because the girls play the CDs and sing along--aaagh! For weight training/working out, I like '80s rock or dance music: Seger, Def Leopard, Aerosmith, Foreigner, Janet Jackson. (I'm sure no one else will own up to having a Janet Jackson CD--CONTROL.) For singing along, I like country (Lonestar, Collin Raye,Reba,etc.) and Broadway musicals. "A Little Night Music" or "Les Mis," anyone?

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Laura--I bet I could sing every word (not well, of course, for that we need Rhys) of Little Night Music and Les Mis!

Maybe at Malice??

Laura DiSilverio said...


Absolutely at Malice! Or driving to Oakmont. Bring the CDs!

Jungle Red Writers said...

Right....where is my Les Miz cd...? Ever heard Aretha's version of I Had a Dream? It'll give you chills.
I just did the final cd packing. I will probably forget pantyhose but I'll have good music.
Janet Jackson? No problem..I own a Doris Day cd. It's pretty good. Que sera, sera.

Spencer said...

Hallie - Allow me to recommend Willie's Place on XM/Sirius. Lots of Patsy Cline. My favorite of hers is "(He Called Me) Baby Baby Baby."


Rhys Bowen said...

My favorite road music recently is the soundtrack to Mama Mia because I can sing along and feel happy.

But I'm a constant victim of the song-stuck in my head syndrome. Usually kid songs, commercials or others with no redeeming features.

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