Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Language of Blogs

RHYS: It's Thursday, I'm doing tax and in need of some silliness. The other day I was posting a comment when I happened to notice the word we now have to type to verify that we're not Russian spammers trying to enlarge body parts.

This particular word was RECURESS. It was the sort of word that cries out for a definition. Mine is Recuress: female who shows up at all functions hoping to be noticed.

Then I started collecting more of these nonsense words (or are they nonsense? Are we perhaps being brainwashed into learning a new language? The language of blogs?)
In the last week I've found:
PREDIBLY: probably,maybe
UNCESSI: neverending, like elevator music
MINIZ: Not maxiz
BILYBA: As in the Monkey's song-- I saw her face, now I'm a bilyba
NARKYA: Seriously annoying
PATIC: The sort of ache one gets from playing with small children: as in patic ache
baker's man. (sorry, couldn't resist that one)
MODER: Hello Moder, Hello Fader

So how about checking next time you want to post a comment and also post the definition of your special word? And one day we'll all be speaking the language, I'm sure.


  1. OH, my gosh! I've been collecting and saving these for a blog! YOu beat me to it.
    I'll get my list--and post!

  2. Rhys, this is too funny. I did a blog on the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

    The Captcha words often make me giggle and create meanings for them, rather like sniglets. Remember those?

    My word for today is: dinedig

    Definition: When there's nothing in the house to eat and you have to root in the back of the fridge or starve. (For those of us who live in the sticks with no restaurants that deliver. ;) )

  3. Hank, LOLOL! Great minds, right? word: thyss

    If Dr. Seuss wrote romance, he would write of a woman's thyss. (Sorry. *ducks*)

  4. I just did a blog for the Pink Fuzzy slippers--hi gang! xoxo
    and my first word was CHICIS. (Like--chic, and chicks! Perfect!)

    Silver, we were always on the same wave length.

  5. It's amazing how often we are all on the same wavelength. I find that someone is blogging on a topic I was saving up. And today's word is
    bubprig--that one's easy enough to define. It's a guy who is a snobby good ole boy.

  6. Rhys, you're too funny! Taxes make you word today is "heasts"--the heist of a furry animal...

  7. What are you people talking about? First, my husband tells me I'm out of it because I don't know who Justin Bieber is and now this.

  8. PRhys,

    Great idea. Our own non-spammer confirmation language.

    My word was entre, which is actually a word. What do I do now??

    I'll have to screw up my password so I get another shot at it.

  9. OKAY


    As in the lastest non-wheat, non dairy, non meat and yet, non-macro-biotic cuisine.

    You haven't been to the latest Cishest restaurant yet?? Then Ro, you ARE out of it.

    I hear they have great wines. A little fruity, but not bad.

  10. The funny thing is that the nonsense words sound so real.

    I just came off another blog where the word was "penienis". I'm afraid to guess what that is. (BTW, it is a blog's worth of women writers.)

  11. And the word I'm staring at now is kikeril
    which as you know is the kind of deviant behavior associated with peniensis.
    We should compile an entire dictionary (in our spare time, ha ha)

  12. Splendiferous - only happens occasionally, but well worth it when it happens.