Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the WInners Are!

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Well, we hope it's a happy Sunday for you-are you all surviving the Hurricane? Please let us know..

And continuing our Jungle Red win--book-a-day week--we'll give a special prize to a hurricane-commenter! It'll be a signed copy of...well, let me see what wonderful mystery I can find! Just leave us a comment. Wanna take a chance? It'll be worth it..

And now, this week's winners! If you haven't already emailed me your address, just go to my website and click on contact in the upper left. And Congratulations!

MONDAY: The winner of Joe Finder's BURIED SECRETS: Nancy. And a special runner-up prize to Thelittlefluffycat.

TUESDAY: The winner of Jon Land's BETRAYAL and the Jungle Red book of your choice: Dixie 50.

WEDNESDAY: The winner of Kathleen George's HIDEOUT: Laurie Moore.

THURSDAY: The winner of Melissa Bourbon's Pleating for Mercy: Dee

FRIDAY: The winner of Tammy Kaehler's DEAD MAN'S SWITCH: Jacqueline Seewald

SATURDAY: The winner of June Shaw's DEADLY REUNION: Edith Maxwell

SUNDAY: The winner of a wonderful new mystery: find out tomorrow! And join in a very very unusual discussion where we pose a very difficult question.
To win: Just tell us your hurricane status... we hope you all are staying safe.


Gram said...

Right now there are winds and some rain. It is supposed to get windier later. Dark skies! Dee

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

I think there are whitecaps on our swimming pool--very very windy!

Jungle Red Writers said...

This is HANK: Any Jungle Reds out there who can manage to take out all the white spaces in this post, feel free..I've battled the formatting for hours now..and finally..gave up.

Think of it as..suspense?

Cindy Carroll said...

Hi Hank.

Took a look at the page source for the post and there are a lot of:

< br />
< br />< div>< /div>
< br />
< br />< div>< /div>
< br />
< br />

in there. The < br> coding is what is giving the white space. It adds a line. If you take those out you'll have less white space. I had to put spaces in the < br> and < div> because Blogger accepts HTML tags and was putting in actual spaces in my comment.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Oh, BRILLIANT!! Thank you. I thought I had taken out all the stupid divs, but they just reappeared and frustrating. Anyway, now it's a little wacky, because I'm sure I altered a magic < or a > or something, sigh. But you get the picture!

Thank you, Cindy!

Nancy said...

Survived Irene. It reminded me of having lived in New Orleans some 20+ years ago. Today is a beautiful day - sunshine and blue sky. Hope everyone else is safe, too.

Darlene Ryan said...

We're getting a lot of rain and have been since very early this morning so we put streaks in The Kid's hair. Sadly, I couldn't convince her dad to let me do his.

Rhonda Lane said...

We lucked out with Irene, even though the eye of "Irene Lite" passed back over land about 60 miles west of us. Still, no water in the basement. No loss of power. No trees down in or near our yard. We feel lucky and humble.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Yeah, lots of finger-crossing going on...

Nancy said...

Spent the weekend in San Antonio and, like Houston, it was 109 and dry. So, fortunately, haven't had to deal with Irene (wish you could package up some of the water and send it our way!). But having survived Ike (and 17 days w/o power), my thoughts are with all the folks affected by Irene!

Shizuka said...

Safe. Irene turned out not to be so bad in Queens, NY. But I stayed awake most of the night changing towels under the new leak that sprung right near the window. Noticed this morning that the leak has been building for a while. My window sill seems to be moving away from the wall!

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Oh, Shizuka, good luck to you! Hope that turns out okay.

Nancy, thanks..whew, that must have been a mess.

PlumGaga said...

This has been a week for rejoicing that I live in the scenic, and currently sunny Northwest.

Pat Marinelli said...

I finally got my power and Internet back. Seems like we got one and then the other went out.

No damage but tossed all the food in fridge and freezer.