Friday, December 7, 2007

On Surprises

Today is a day that is filled with surprises,

Nobody knows what's gonna happen.

Why, you might find yourself on an elephant on the moon

Or riding in an auto underneath a blue lagoon.

Yes, we Mouseketeers think you're gonna have some thrills,

And you know it's true that a laugh can cure your ills.

And so, if you're pleasure bent, we are glad to present

The Mouseketeers' "Anything Can Happen Day"!

**Jimmy Dodd

On the original Mickey Mouse Club--if you remember and please say you do--it was Wednesday. On "Anything Can Happen Day." Mickey flew on stage on a magic carpet wearing his sorcerer's robe and hat. The Mouseketeers wore different costumes since anything could happen.

We tried to get Roberta, and the newest Mouseke--I mean, Jungle Red Writer--to wear a costume today, and she flat out refused. Rosemary is pulling up her dahlia tubers (or whatever they are), Hallie is reading the newest crime fiction and Jan won't reveal what she's doing. So since I'm supposed to be at work and since I'm the reporter--here's the scoop.

Fridays will now be Anything Can Happen Day at Jungle Red. Okay, today what's happening is the announcement of anything can happen day, which isn't so wild and crazy, I know, but you didn't expect it, right?

So from now on, every Friday, we'll have someting new. Different. Unexpected and unpredictable. (Actually that's what Jan is doing now. Cooking up next Friday's surprise.)

It could be: free books. Free verse. A contest. A protest. A rant or a rave. A special guest. Or the dishy scoop on something new. We'll give you hints and allegations in the comments during the week--so keep in touch. You may want to contribute or cash in.
Monday, come back to join our usual Monday chat. (I know, on the Mouse Club, Mondays was Fun with Music day. Hey. Just be grateful we ain't gonna sing. (We're more about--signing. Books, that is.)
(I was going to put a cute drawing of Mickey Mouse here, but it's probably some horrific copyright violation. So--imagine the Mouse.)
Now back to our regular programming...and go buy Roberta's new book!

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