Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tagged: Part 4

Mr. Daruma Fell Down (A Japanese Game of Tag)
How to play the game
First, the person who is 'it' (the tagger) yells to other children, "Mr. Daruma fell down!" When the tagger yells, the other children run away. Then he turns his back to them. Next he calls out again, "Mr. Daruma fell down!" After that, he turns around and looks for the other children because he has to catch them.
When a child moves and is caught, he has to go to jail. The other children have to get close to the tagger and hit his back; however, they cannot move when the tagger looks at them.
Therefore, they have to run as fast as possible while the tagger's back is turned and he is yelling, "Mr. Daruma fell down!" Whenever a child hits the tagger's back, other children can escape from the jail.
When the tagger catches all but one child, the game is almost over. In that part, the tagger is given many chances to catch the child because he can yell quickly.
When the tagger has tagged everyone, a new game starts. Then, a new tagger is selected by a finger-flashing game.

I just though this sounded fun..yelling "Mr. Daruma fell down!" I would have played this a lot when I was a kid, although the part about the finger-flashing at the end sounds suspiciously like something we used to do back in Brooklyn usually while driving and passing slower vehicles.

Ro’s Stats

1.I weight train with a NYC fireman.
2.I’ve made it to the top of Kilimanjaro.
3.Pushing Up Daisies is the first thing I ever wrote for publication.
4.I sat in a limo with Bill Clinton when he was President
5.I own over 300 cookie cutters
6.My garden was featured in Connecticut Magazine
7. I kissed Pete Townsend once.

My little twist on this? One item is false, can you figure out which one?


  1. That's easy. You actually kissed Bill Clinton (hasn't everyone?) and rode in the limo with Pete Townsend.

    either that or the 300 cookie cutters is a complete fabrication.


  2. #3 is the fabrication?

  3. Oh, I hope the false one isn't having kissed Pete Townsend. I suppose it says something about that that's the one I went, "Wow!" at, not your(possibly?) having made it to the top of Kilamonjaro (I could spell that right if I went back to the original blog post!).

  4. Oops--that was supposed to be, "says something about ME!"

    Proofread, proofread!

  5. I really did plant a wet one on Pete a party for his book(probably the one in which he admitted to being gay, but I hadn't read it yet)

  6. wow they all sound equally unlikely to me! the things I am learning about my blog sisters...

  7. Okay, you did NOT ride with Bill Clinton in the limo WHILE he was president.
    It was afterward, when you were dating him....

  8. ...yes and Hillary was driving. Actually I did ride in a limo with the Prez, after we went jogging on an army base in the DC area. He gave me a bottle of water, our eyes met... and then the other 4 people we were with broke the spell.

    And #3 is true, Pushing Up Daisies is the first thing I ever wrote.

  9. Hasn't happened yet, but one day my garden WILL be feaqtured in Connecticut Magazine..