Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You really had to be there: Romantic Times part 2

Sorry this is a lousy picture, but I was sneaking a shot of the candidates for Mr. Romance 2008. You get the idea...Rumor had it that one of the candidates had to be carried off in a gurney once he got the news that he didn't win the title! To the right are Lori Avocato and me, posing with CJ, a long-time Romance novel cover model. You just don't see this kind of thing at Malice Domestic!


  1. We definitely have to rethink the Crime Bake program.

  2. As someone for whom Halloween is the favorite holiday of the year (picture someone usually dressed in jeans, Birkenstocks, and unadorned skin and hair delighting for one night in wearing very short skirts, lots of makeup, her pointy "Gary Larson" glasses from the eighth grade, and some kind of either European or southern accent out of which she cannot be coaxed), I would heartily support a costume event at Crime Bake. What fun! Come as your favorite sleuth? Or maybe that wouldn't be that colorful. Hmm.

    Edith Maxwell