Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Roses for Rosemary! A Derringer Award nod...

Bouquets to our Ro!

This just in! The Short Mystery Fiction Society has nominated Jungle Red's own Rosemary Harris for a 2008 Derringer Award for her short story, "Growing Up is For Losers." It was published in "Still Waters" from Level, Best Books, 2007.
The story features one of the characters from her debut novel, "Pushing Up Daisies."



  1. Yay for RO! The short story was terrific..and the Derringer is just the beginning...

    Hallie found the roses AND daisies..pretty perfect, huh?

    And if you'd care to chat about it--I'd love to know how you made the transition to short story from novel length. You wrote PUD first, of course--why did you decide to try a short story?

    Of if you'd just like to finish your champagne, you can maybe blog about it later.


  2. You guys are so sweet! Right now I'm guzzling diet red bull (editing Corpse Flower) I know, I know all chemicals but what can I say - I love the stuff! Since you asked...I had started book two and planned to take Paula Holliday out of her fictitious town and to the Philly Flower Show. And whaddya know, I missed one of the secondary characters, so I wrote a story about her, 20 years before Daisies. Also wanted to try third person as opposed to first. Many thanks to Level Best Books for selecting and submitting!

    A lot of people have told me they like the character guy asked for her phone number because he was convinced she really exists! BTW, shelved Flower Show book and Paula and Babe are both in Corpse Flower, second book in Dirty Business series. (I'm no fool...usually.)

  3. Congratulations! You're making "dirty business" look pretty darn lovely.


  4. So, Ro, it was worth taking a shot at the short story format?

  5. I loved it. But it was a lot of work...challenging to tell the whole story in just 5000 words. Very different skill set. I admire people who can bang out short stories in no time; I bet I spent a month on Growing Up is for Losers.
    I don't think I wrote this here..sorry for repeating if I did, but the story behind Losers was that I was waiting for a friend in a bar in the east Village and a guy walked in with a t-shirt on that read Growing Up is For Losers. I thought it would make a good title and a fun story for Babe and started to sketch it out on a cocktail napkin before my pal arrived.