Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Charlaine Harris reveals all

And finally, Charlaine, will you answer our Jungle Red questions?

JRW: Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot?

Oh, Miss Marple. I love her.

JRW: Sex or violence?

Now that’s difficult. Violence, I think.

JRW: Pizza or chocolate?


JRW: Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan? (We won't even include Sean Connery because we know the answer. Don't we?)
Daniel Craig.

JRW: Katherine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn?

JRW: First person or Third person?

JRW: Prologue or no prologue?
No prologue.

JRW: Your favorite book as a child?
“Jane Eyre.”

JRW: Making dinner or making reservations?
Making dinner. Though if there was anywhere here that took reservations, I’d vote the other way.

And also: the Jungle Red Quiz. Tell us four things about yourself. Only three can be true. We'll try to guess what's false.

1. My office d├ęcor includes headstone pictures.

2. I have skeleton flamingos in my front yard.

3. I set up a haunted house at Halloween.

4. I have a customized set of fangs.

Okay, Jungle Red readers...which one is false?

And thanks, Charlaine! And congratulations on a second season of True Blood.
(Tomorrow--come meet Lori Andrews! Her real life is right out of a thriller...and her new book IMMUNITY is--a real thriller.)


  1. Hi Charlaine,
    Well, my stepson finally thinks I'm cool because I (sort of) know Charlaine Harris. he's a HUGE fan. Thanks so much for visiting.
    So, was there anything that made you groan when you watched the first episodes of True Blood? Any.."I didn't mean that" moments?

  2. Hi, Charlaine. Thank you for your visits to Jungle Red. DH and I enjoy watching True Blood.

    When you write in first person, it must be startling to see the other viewpoints portrayed so vividly on screen.

  3. The fangs sound so darned plausible. Hm. I'm going to have to go with #3....

    Oh, I'm so with you, Charlaine, on Daniel Craig!

  4. Hi Charlaine;
    Aforementioned Stepson- Andrew Harris-

    I've read all of the Sookie novels and LOVED them. I've yet to see Tru Blood- but I plan to this weekend.

    If you could team Sookie up with any other fictional vampire or vampire hunter; who would you want her to meet?
    I ask this esp. as I remember the 'Dracula' short story you wrote...

    And I think that number #1 is false....As I want to live in a world where SOME company makes skeleton flamingos

  5. Rosemary, if I can bestow some coolness on other moms, my job is done. My kids have grudgingly admitted I am not a disgrace. I have to say I was startled by the Maudette/Jason sex scene. I'd never pictured it to myself, because it occurred away from Sookie's sight, of course.

    Rhonda, it was definitely a shock the first time I saw "True Blood." I'm adjusting.

    Laura, Piece Brosnan is a very handsome man, but he just isn't substantial like Daniel Craig is, huh?

    Hi, Andrew. If I could team Sookie up with another vampire or vampire hunter, I'd pick the Edwardian detectives James and Lydia Asher and the vampire who contacts them to work for him, Don Simon Ysidro, in Barbara Hambly's wonderful THOSE WHO HUNT THE NIGHT.There's a certain similarity to Barbara and mine's approach to vampires that I think Sookie would 'get.'