Sunday, October 12, 2008

On Bouchercon

From Baltimore,

The Jungle Red Writers had a great time, with Hallie moderating our panel on Do You Want to Know a Secret? What we all wish we'd known BEFORE we'd gotten into the mystery writing business.

This was Hank's idea and we attracted a packed crowd because everybody wants to know a secret.

We did our best to offer entertainment and encouragement, and had a lot of fun exchanging war stories.

Characters who won't behave, plots that won't work and writing ourselves into tight corners.

And of course, rejections, bad reviews, and the pros and cons of promotion.

At the Sisters In Crime luncheon earlier that day, Roberta said farewell as president of the national organization, where she'd wowed everyone with her hard work, cool hand and attention to detail.

We had a great weather in Baltimore, and lots of fun attending panels, auctions, and parties at this well-organized event.

Not to mention all the fun smoozing with other writers, editors, booksellers, reviewers and most of all READERS.


  1. Just got home and I'm exhausted. What a great time! It was my first Bouchercon and I had a blast. And if I say so myself, our panel was a big hit. So many people came up to me all through the weekend (and I'm sure to the rest of us) to say how much they enjoyed it and how many tips they picked up.

  2. Just got home! And what a fantastic weekend. I learned a lot, met so many wonderful people and generally felt like the luckiest person ever.

    And yes--our panel, um, rocked. It's terrific to feel such a connection with the people in the audience..I have some wonderful photos of you all, and I'll put them up asap!

  3. And next year in Indianapolis (my home town!from the time I was five, at least..)headed by the amazing Jim Huang.

    I'm already signed up--who else hopes to go?

  4. I hate that I missed you all--sounds like it was an amazing panel. See you in Indy!

  5. Got home from Bouchercon last night - my FIRST mystery convention and first Bouchercon. What a blast! My mind is still dealing with the input, and I'm itching to get back to my manuscript and dechipher all of my scribbled notes from the weekend. :-D

    I sat through your panel - you ladies did a wonderful job. And Patty Smiley introduced me to Hank on Saturday. :-D

    PS: gotta go write my own blog report...

  6. I thought of you all this weekend. Sounds like a fabulous event, and I wish I'd had a chance to hear your panel -- even though I don't write mysteries, I'm betting there was good information outside the genre-specific.

    Well done you!

  7. Hi marianne,
    Hope we were helpful. All that talk of the discipline of writing -- something that normally eludes me -- inspired me, too,when I got home. Hope to see you again next year.

    And Susannah, I guess I'll never meet you unless I get my butt to Texas!