Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays from Jungle Red Writers

(With apologies and appreciation to Clement Moore...and maybe Dr. Seuss.)

Twas the week before New Years'
And all through this site
Not a blogger was working
Not even to write.

Our books are all saved on our thumb drives with care
In hopes that bestseller lists soon would be there.
Our new novels were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of royalties danced in our heads.

The Jungle Red sisters, five east and one west
Had just settled our brains for a well-deserved rest.

When in PW’s pages--There arose such a clatter
We opened the mag to see what was the matter!

To the review pages we turned in a flash
To see Hallie and Jan both praised with panache!

The bookstores were loving “A for M’ by our Ro
And Rosemary’s gardener continued to grow!

And what to our wondering eyes should appear
Rhys and Hank pubbing new ones—and early next year!

But what makes us the happiest—keeps every day new?
We knew in a moment—it’s our blogging crew!

You listen, you chatter, you join in the game
We cheer you, we love you, we call you by name!

Thanks, Laura! Thanks Edith! Thanks Becky and Lee!
Thanks Michael, Susannah and S. Con-no-lly!

We love Maddy, and Rhonda, Felicia and Clare
We hope Amy and JB will always be there

To June and to Karen, to Marianne, too
Love to Janet. And Mo. And to Peter. (He’s new.)

Our guest bloggers were stellar
Chris! Mary! La Barnes?!
To the Paulas, and Maddee, and the fab Cathy Cairns.

To Jane, Gin and Charlaine (queen of the LIST!)
To the Femmes and to Lipstick--consider you're kissed.

Christina! Elizabeth! Alex! Michelle!
Hail “Anonymous” too—your comments are swell.

We had memories, recipes, tales of our youth
We’ve had jokes, and disasters, and telling the truth.
To the top of the lists! To the top of them all!
We’re revising, and writing, and sharing our call!

As dry words before our reviser’s pen fly
When they meet with cliché, and we fix them (we try):

We’ve landed at New Years, and our thoughts go to you
May you read perfect books, may your wishes come true!

May you waste not a word, may you write fresh and new
And fill all your stories with mysteries and clues

And remember: on days that things don’t turn out right
And you wonder if this was a fraud and a fright

You have sisters on line—there are six of us here!
And each one is wishing you all-the-year cheer.

And we all say—we love you! ‘Fore you click from our site--
Happy New Year to All
and long may you Write!


  1. That was so incredibly awesome! Impressive, very impressive. Was it a joint effort?

    And, I gotta admit that I did look for my name.


  2. And a Happy New Year back atcha, to all our fantastic blogger-authors! May the words flow and the revisions glide. Thanks for adding a bright and stimulating spot to all your readers' lives (both blog readers and book readers, of course).


  3. Applause, applause! That was wonderful, and put a big smile on my face! Cannot wait to read the newest and to see you around somewhere. Happy holidays to all, and courtesy of you ladies, to all a good fright!

  4. that was all Hank--Hank you're brilliant! Thanks for making us look good and happy holiday wishes to all!

  5. Now THAT was great fun, and thanks so much.

    Happy, safe holidays to all!

  6. What a wonderful present--you all are just the best! Visiting this blog is one of the pleasures of my day because you are all so positive and wise and smart and funny.

    Hope your holidays are full of yummy, delightful, meaningful, restful, curious, and loving things. See you in the New Year! xo

  7. OMG HANK!!!!

    That was AWESOME. When DO YOU SLEEP????

    She did this in the middle of Revisions, everyone.
    I think Santa and her blog sisters owe her a BIG ONE!!!

  8. I commented earlier, but I'm back to wish you all happy holidays!

    Also, to tell Hank she IS absolutely brilliant.


  9. What an amazing poem! Your humor shines through in all that you write. Thanks for sharing. And happy holidays!

  10. This was TOO fun!!!!!!! Hank, you are indeed amazing.

    Happy Holidays to you and all the lovely Jungle Red women.


  11. I wish I could say I had something to do with are a GENIUS!
    And Jan's right, when do you sleep??
    Lovely, lovely!

  12. To the blog sisters - a wonderful crew -

    Writing this blog and sharing what's new

    It's hard to imagine such talent galore -

    But then again that's what JRW is for!

    We love you, we you love with all of our hearts and wish you a New Year with accelerating publishing starts -

    So accept our congratulations for a job well done - and I can't wait 'till next year for more JRW fun!!!

    Happy Holidays -

    Much love - MTV

  13. Wow! ::mad bowing from the waist:: I am not worthy! I am not worthy!

    What a poem! And thank you all for giving us such a fun place to visit.

  14. My 20-year old son and his girlfriend were over today to make Christmas cookies and have dinner, and I could brag that Hank Phillippi Ryan wrote a poem with my name in it! They were suitably impressed. Brilliant adaptation, Hank, even without my name.

  15. Awww....this is too wonderful. And this is what I'm thankful for this year..all of you.

    Sigh. You all bring tears to my eyes.


  16. Fantastic! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

  17. You too, Karen! I'm LOVING Sacred Cows. It's terrific, and the only reason I'm not embarrased that I hadn't read it before is that I'm having so much fun now.

  18. Wow, Hank.How did you find the creative energy to write this wonderful, witty piece?
    Happy Holidays and take time to relax.

  19. Oh, Rhys. You all are the inspiration.

    And hey--whe are we going to get to hear about your new book?

    Merry Christmas, everyone..I'm now going to wrap Jonathan's presents that he doesn't know I bought...
    love it.

    Tomorrow, a new blog! And Friday--help for your query letters!


  20. I'm trying to post a new blog.


    Stay tuned,everyone.