Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's guest hunks

While we're in between our author guest hunks, we thought you'd enjoy a visit from our private fellas. These are the guys who bring us coffee in the morning, attend book events, laugh at our jokes, and generally Make Life Worth Living! In order of appearance, here are Roberta's John, Jan's Bill, Rhys's John, and Hank's Jonathan. (Missing but not forgotten are Hallie and Ro's guys.) Aren't they adorable?


  1. What's with all the Johns? Hmmm, that doesn't sound right.

  2. Yes, Sheila, I noticed that, too. We're all J's--Hallie's Jerry--and then there's Bill and Bruce.

    The husband-going-to-the-book-event element is vastly under discussed. As Jonathan and I were driving to a speech 45 minutes away from our home at 7:00 AM this week--well, wait. Let me say, Jonathan was driving, and I was drinking the mug of coffee he had prepared.

    And I said--you know, there would be NO WAY I could do this without you. Get up, get dressed, drive 45 minutes in morning traffic, and arrive someplace un-frazzed and ready to give a talk in from of 250 people for an hour. Just--no way!

    He smiled, and asked if I had remembered to bring the camera. (which I had) So he could take photos.

    Now remember--he's a very devoted and successful defense attorney, with important and meaningful cases and a wonderful career of his own.We are just lucky lucky lucky, and Roberta, thanks for making this day for all our hunks.

    What's the most surprising thing *your* husband does?

  3. My husband cooks. Every night. He works all day for a very demanding boss and then comes home and makes fabulous meals: stuffed shells, crispy duck stir fry, chicken with pancetta. He says this relaxes him. I'm all for that.

  4. Hey Karen-
    That's wonderful. Give him a hug from me, and ask if he will adopt us.

    But see, that's exactly what I mean. Roberta is so right to bring this up--there are just so many wonderful husbands out there..and often, unsung.

    And even so, there's always the male/female clashing of the minds.

    True story:

    Imagine 12 midnight or so. In bed. I'm thinking thinking thinking. Jonathan sleeping sleeping sleeping.

    Hank: Honey, are you awake?
    J: Mmmm.
    Hank: You know, I was thinking. You never tell me your hopes and fears. DO you have hopes and fears? And why don't you ever tell me?
    J: Mmm??
    Hank: I mean, I should know that. And if there's something you're afraid of, I should be able to help. And if there's something you hope for,I can help, too.
    J: (silence)
    H: Honey?
    J: I do have hopes and fears.
    H: oh, so...
    J: I hope you'll let me sleep. But I fear you won't.

  5. Three cheers for your cooking Chris, Karen! the crispy duck stir-fry sounds delicious:)

    Hank, you are hysterical. My head is always spinning, to the point where John has christened our salad spinner "the Isleib."

    I used to quiz him mercilessly about what he talked about with his buddies over 4-5 hours of golf. Now when I ask him what's new with the guys, he says: "We just talked about our relationships."

  6. We are all very jealous about Jonathan -- who comes with Hank to all her events and seems to have endless patience.

    But husbands are all good in different ways. Bill doesn't come to all my events, but he did drive me to Scituate last week because my driving leg was hurting! And although he doesn't generally cook,he has become quite the barrista, and makes me cappuchino (That I'm drinking now) every morning.

    He also grew up with three sisters, so I don't have to probe to hear what's on his mind. In fact, he's the one who always remembers to make time for us to sit on the porch or deck and just talk. And he cleans all the time. In fact, he cleans so much, I sometimes get irritated.

    But recently a good friend's husband passed away suddenly, and now I'm very appreciative of my husband. I thank God every morning I wake up and he's still there.

    It's amazing how well appreciation goes over!

    So this isn't just a good discussion Roberta and Hank are encouraging, it's great marital therapy -- tell us all about the stuff you sometimes forget to appreciate it in your spouse.

  7. Awwww. They're all so handsome and sound so sweet. Mine doesn't cook (when he does, he sets the smoke alarm off and terrifies the dogs), usually doesn't pick up after himself and doing laundry is a hell no! And he snores so loud the windows rattle. Literally. (Thank god for earplugs!)

    That said, he buys me awesome turquoise jewelry for no reason, has encouraged me in my writing the entire time he's known me (almost 30 years now), and sends me off to writers' conferences and to visit friends without a second thought. We celebrate #26 this summer. I think I'll keep my Greg for another 26!

  8. Oh, Silver. That's lovely.

    One day, soon after Joanthan and I first met, we were walking along a street in Nantucket.

    Jonathan said, out of the clear blue: "What kind of jewelry do you like?"

    I burst out laughing. "I'm so sorry," I said. "But I have to go call my mother."

  9. LOL, Hank! My problem is, I don't wear jewelry as a rule. He's just started this in the last year or so. (Hrm...I wonder if I should be suspicous...?) He moved his law office down to "Stockyards City" and there's a wonderful Native American art gallery down the street from him. He walks down there for his exercise. The owner's son is an wonderful jewelry artist and G will see something that catches his eye and the next thing I know...I have to figure out when to wear it. Not that I'm complaining!

    He doesn't wear a wedding ring - long story about almost losing a finger when his ring caught on an APC back in the Army days - but last week, one of the judges he practices in front of a lot tried to fix him up with a single attorney (and opposing counsel at the time). He blinked. "Oh. Well, judge, I'll have to ask my wife." The judge died! He's now shopping for a ring!

  10. Boo! I'm in a hotel lobby in Ann Arbor and I don't have any pix of my cute guy in the new mini computer. Rats! What does he do? Well...he cooks, too and he's pretty good. And these days he's taken to driving me to the airport and picking me up - which is heaven. After a long trip (or a short one) just to see him there with th doggie in the car..and an iced cofe or red bull. Heaven!! And he lets me ramble on all the way to CT about whatever goofy thing I'm curently obsessing about. Priceless.

  11. Ah, what I appreciate most (and actually do tell him from time to time) is that he is never mean to me. And after too many years of being married to someone who was, I feel blessed. Plus, he makes me laugh! I could do way worse.