Monday, March 8, 2010

And the winner is...

RO: Forget about Barbara Walters making people me the dresses. If you had the perfect body and could afford anything in the world - or had it thrown at you for free..why in the world would you wear that?? An itty-bitty jacket that makes you look like one of the dancing elephants in fantasia. A frilly bathrobe with a blue belt?
The names stand out even if some of the hideous outfits have been forgotten. Demi Moore in the bicycle shorts, Geena Davis in something white and weird which I think she lent to Kim Basinger a few years later, Cher in the Vegas showgirl headress. (I confess, I thought Bjork looked cute in the swan dress.)

If the point is for us to remember them, no worries,it worked. And the men get in on this, too. Mickey Rourke? Ewwww. I prefer to remember him as he was in Nine and a Half Weeks or The Pope of Greenwich Village.

HANK: Remember--Celine Dion? In what looked like a jacket on backwards?

RO: YES! I thought she'd lost her mind!

HANK: My mother always says they wear those ridiculous outfits because they'll be certain to get their photo in magazines. It's the "just spell my name right" theory.
(When people say to me--"Put me on TV!" I always tell them--"You have to do something really really good, or something really really bad." Same goes with clothes, I guess.)

RO: No thoroughly ridiculous outfits tonight. Too bad. In fact, surprisingly tame and a little boring.

HANK again: Watching the show right now. Is it me? Is everyone weird? Did that woman just get up and start talking in the midst of the acceptance speech for best short? What was that Neil Patrick Harris song? "The best two since Dolly Parton?" That's supposed to be funny? I do like Cameron Diaz's dress. And everything by Armani Prive. And I keep saying "Who's that? Who's that?" Sigh.
But I must say--this is a WEIRD program.

RO: YUP! Every once in a while I think...who are these people??

Hank: What's up with George Clooney?

RO: Yes...George is on drugs tonight. Happy for Jeff and Sandra...but...WTF..that was so not the Best Movie. Do they totally hate James Cameron or what? And it's not just that I probably lost the Oscar pool at the party. I get it...war is not healthy for children and other living things..Peace, man.. but this was not about was about the movies. I don't suppose it's going to hurt Avatar at the box office but it is a reminder that all awards are subjective.


  1. I think George was in on the joke. Which fell sadly flat.

  2. So now you know who the night owls are on Jungle Red!

    Karen, I agree, it was all supposed to be a joke. Steve Martin just wasn't that funny...

    Yeah for Jeff Bridges--see the movie! The song that won is gorgeous.

    and hooray for Mon'ique--see that movie too. Intense and fierce, but so well done.

    The best actress thing I don't get. Streep became Julia Child in a most miraculous way. Bullock was solid, but no way better...

  3. I agree with Karen...George was told to glare.

    I did NOT stay up until the end of this and I agree that the outfits were tame. Where is Cher when you need her? What struck mew as the muted color palette. Aside from the silver an sparkles, so many women wore dresses the same color as their flesh. And who WAS that woman who interrupted an acceptance speech - I felt so bad for the poor guy. I did think the show was better this year than usual - Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin were wonderful. And I loved the tribute to horror films.

  4. OMG - just read that Meryl Streep's gown was designed by Chris March - fans of Project Runway will remember Chris (who could forget him!)

  5. No idea who Chris March is..
    Loved J Lo's dress. She is such a knockout. I saw her once in Williams Sonoma when she was preggers. So tiny, and her skin was really that perfect.
    I think the show lacked sex appeal. Aliens, soldiers, abusive parents...where's the love? ;-)
    And Hallie's right about the dresses even Demi Moore looked kind of blah and that's not easy.
    Okay...did Sarah Jessica Parker look like she was going to a bar mitzvah circa 1973, or what?

  6. I thought SJP's dress was weird. I the most telling moment, I said--Oh, she lools fat. (I guess I'm bakc in high school..) I wonder if those decorations were metal and if so, wouldn't that hurt?

    And, contratrian me, I thought Meryl Streep's dress was dowdy, and at least needed a belt. Chris March, that's so funny! And kind of--random, don't you think? Wonder how that happened. Who knew who, all that.

    My fave..hmmm...I guess, that woman who I don't know who is. Amanda Seyfried. Althoguh I agree with Hallie, there was no contrast between their dresses and their skin.

  7. I thought it was only me who was getting so old that I no longer knew who the stars were.
    I didn't even watch the whole thing.
    But I did enjoy Sandra Bullock not being intimidated by Barbara Walters. When Barbara teased her about the Sandra, Sondra, she called her Babs!

  8. Sorry guys, did not watch (rented the Hurt Locker instead - what a powerful movie!!)

    But checked out the winners and dresses online this morning and I did NOT THINK Sandra Bullocks dress looked like saran wrap I thought it was terrific. And I thought that Sarah Jessica Parker was advertising for/connecting with/channeling Carrie Bradshaw's really bad fashion sense.

  9. I liked Bullock's dress, too, and that smasher Jennifer Lopez had on. I thought Kate Winslet looked pretty classy, too. She rarely misses.

    I must confess I turned off the show at the 15-minute mark. I like Neil Patrick Harris very much, and Martin and Baldwin, too, but all of that fell sadly, sadly flat with me.