Friday, March 25, 2011

End of week thoughts

It's been a strange week--an unsettling week with Libya, Japan, nuclear fallout and Elizabeth Taylor's death. It's funny how one can be affected by the death of someone one didn't know, but she was the last mega star. I'm currently attending Left Coast Crime in Santa Fe, (with blogsister Rosemary) and a group of us discussed Elizabeth Taylor and the fact that we are all getting older..and most of us lamented that we hadn't lived enough. We still have seven husbands to catch up on!
Tonight there was a fabulous opening reception with a group of native American dancers from a nearby Pueblo. I wish I'd thought to bring my camera. Rosemary did so maybes she can share a picture with you. But the youngest member of the group was eighteen months old. She had the complete costume, absolutely adorable, and stood solemnly watching while the bigger kids and grown ups did a wonderfully energetic buffalo dance, full of intricate steps.It was a great way to have a blessing bestowed on our convention.
Tomorrow I have a panel with Laurie King, Rebecca Cantrell and a couple of guys on 20th century sleuths. It seems funny to refer to the 20th century as history now, doesn't it? And tomorrow night is the banquet. I'll have John take pix and try to post them.
Between panels there was a little time for shopping. We now own two lovely Indian baskets and may go back for a rug tomorrow....
I was tempted by some snakeskin boots until I found they were $750. Now I'm telling myself they would have pinched my toes.

And I wanted to share some amusing snippets to give you an end-of-week chuckle. you know when you Google something, Google paid ads appear beside it. Well, last year when I was writing Royal Blood and wanted to make sure I got all my vampire facts correct, I googled vampires. And the first ad that came up said, "Want to meet other vampire singles?"
Well, this week I was researching cyanide. I typed it in and up came the ads, Potassium cyanide, we offer best prices.... cyanide, best buys...

I ask you--has the world gone crazy?


  1. I miss Santa Fe. It's long been one of my favorite places to visit and at one time, before real estate got outrageous, Lawyer Guy and I considered retiring there.

    Some days, I'm almost afraid to turn on the news. People are so...angry. Nature, too. I don't believe in the Mayan prediction of 2012. The Mayan calendar makers always rewrote the calendar at the end of their epoch. Unfortunately, at the end of this calendar, there are no more Mayans to rewrite it.

    You were blessed by the buffalo dance. Enjoy the rest of your stay and everybody have a safe trip home

  2. In answer to your question...yes, the world has gone crazy...and I think it's in an affort to survive all the other craziness. Lanford Wilson and Pinetop Perkins also left the mortal coil this week. Seems creative people die in three's,or so we at the bookstore have noticed. We're bombarded with bits and bytes whe it comes to news...mostly bad, but thankfully some good...and it does seem that people have shorter fuses these days. Maybe because of the bytes?

    I've never been to Santa Fe, although I now think New Mexico in general would make a good trip. Thanks for the descriptions...having seen a spirit dance in Alaska, I'm sure I would be entranced by the buffalo one as well.

  3. Oh I wish I was there too! I was in Sante Fe many years ago and definitely want to go back.

    And Rhys, the snakeskin boots would have pinched--I can feel them from here!