Sunday, March 6, 2011

Writers Challenge Winners

JAN: Well, I hope everyone who participated feels like a winner - I know I do now that I ignore my email for hours at a time (yes, really!) It was easy to pick the three winners at random, but harder to pick just one for inspirational and one for honest, because there were so many participants who were eloquent in their comments (not so surprising, since you are all writers) and pretty much everyone fessed up to a slip or two.

But here goes: The winners chosen at random are:

Silver James
E.B. Davis

Most inspirational is a tie, to both Stephen R - who wrote through pneumonia -- and to Ray -- who really helped cheer us on.
And most honest goes to Jack.

Please email me at and I'll tell you which prizes you won:

We're awarding three signed ARCS -- from Julia Spencer Fleming, (One Was a Soldier), Hallie Ephron (Come and Find Me ) and Rhys Bowen (Bless The Bride). A out-of-print hardcopy of Deborah Crombie's Now May You Weep, An out-of-print hardcopy of Final Copy, and a copy of Drive Time, the last in Hank Phillippi Ryan's award-winning Charlie McNally series.


  1. Lot of giggling around my house today. "You won the prize for WHAT?"

  2. The email genie says your (Jan's) mailbox is full this morning

  3. So happy for everyone! (Whoever won DT, hapy to send yo whicker book you want!)

    on a wierd cmpter..more to come..

    very excting week next sure to check it out!

  4. WooHoo! Congrats everyone. But I should remember to fully caffeinate before attempting a coherent email. Sorry for the double send, Jan. *headdesk*

    Thanks for the kick in the arse, the inspiration, and the honesty. This was a great "exercise."

  5. Even tho the message says full i'm still getting emails and will get back to all winners when i get to my real keyboard(this via iphone)

  6. Congrats to the winners. If nothing esle I learned more about myself as a writer on this challenge.

    Thanks to you all.