Sunday, April 10, 2011

Murder 203

ROSEMARY: Well, Day one of Murder 203 is in the books and by all accounts is was a great success. Guest of honor Carolyn Hart was joined by Leslie Meier, Jessica Speart, Stefanie Pintoff, Meredith Cole, Jonathan Hayes, Sheila York, Jane Haddam, Jon Land, Cordelia Frances Biddle and at least a dozen other writers and journalists for Connecticut's Mystery Festival held in Easton, Connecticut. The show wraps up today and once again the people of Easton have made us feel welcome and given us a good time - in addition to letting us be on panels and chat up our books! Kudos to library Director Bernadette Baldino, Asst Director Lisa Forman, the library board and the Friends of library Association for helping to make this happen. Small regional shows give readers the opportunity to really mingle withsome of their favorite authors ( and give them the chance to discover new ones.) And they give authors the chance to stand out and not get lost in a star-studded crowd of 2000 as is the case with some bigger shows. I'm already looking forward to next year. The guest of honor has already been chosen... Check their website in the next few weeks for announcements.


  1. Oh, wish I could have been there! Sounds terrific...can't wait for next year.

  2. @Hank - same here! Pesky back surgery kept me away. Next year, for sure.


  3. Those gals are doing a great job...and it's so great to have another regional event in New England!