Friday, April 8, 2011

What are you wearing??

ROSEMARY: It's Friday so it's time for some fun. I know most of us aren't practicing our Oscar speeches (although, ahem...some of us have Emmys) but lots of us do watch awards shows and frequently wonder what the heck some of those people were thinking when they went out the door that night.

Other than on your wedding day, what's the fanciest occasion you've ever had to dress up for and what did you wear?

For me it was probably New Year's Eve at the Metropolitan Opera. I've done that for the past two years and that's a dress-up night. Two years ago it was Carmen so I went for a slightly trashy cigar girl look complete with red satin rose at waistline. This year a black and gold strapless but I don't want to get too specific...I may wear it to the Edgars. Didn't get too dressed for the Agathas or Anthonys the year I was nominated. There's probably a picture somewhere but dang if I know what I was wearing. Ten dollars says it was black.

So what's your go-to party girl outfit - and let's just hope it isn't a swan dress like Bjork's.


  1. My 21st birthday. We were living in Singapore at the time and "coming of age" was a big thing. I wore a beautiful white sari with pale blue medallions and silver embroidery. Unfortunately I also had a 70's hairdo!

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  3. Oh, I mother used to explain that people wore ridiculous outfits because the the "just spell my name right" theory of publicity also applied to "just put my picture in the paper" no matter what the reason.

    And see, we're still talking about Bjork! So I was right.

    I dressed once for Halloween as Wallis Simpson in a slinky slinky navy jersey wrap dress with a red satin royal sash and jeweled brooch and a tiara and pencilled eyebrows and lots of boyfriend at the time dressed as Edward, complete with sword and scepter. We were regal and hilarious, and NO ONE had any idea who we were.

  4. Every Christmas, my husband's work puts on an awesome Christmas party and I get to wear an elegant ballgown. Last year, I wore a red one ruched in the middle with a slit up the side. I felt so statuesque.

  5. I love dressing up, just don't get much of a chance to do it.

    Lots of Halloween costumes, but the fanciest times were the two Cotillions we were invited to, to see our friends' daughters come out. (What a scam that is, by the way.) Then one of the girls also had a "old Hollywood glamour" themed party, which required a tuxedo for my hubby and a long gown for me, complete with elbow-length gloves. Which were really hard to find.

    My oldest daughter's wedding required a long gown, too, but I didn't feel very elegant. It was an outdoor wedding, on a 93-degree day with 100% humidity. I felt more like a dishrag than anything.

    My word verification is "whines". Hilarious.

  6. Getting to meet Hallie tonight!

  7. Wow-ee-wow. We've got some fancy dressers here...cotillions...coming out parties. Any most of us write about murderers and low-lifes now!
    I hope there are some pix of the sari. I bought 3 slawar chemise (sp) outfits when I was in India and Nepal last year but I haven't had the nerve to wear them yet. Something tells me even as my husband was paying for them, he knew..

  8. Truth be known, Nicole Kidman's chartreuse Galliano Oscar gown is one of the few tasteful Oscar dresses I've remembered over the years.

    Cher's Vegas showgirl outfit was memorable, too. Then there was the costume designer from "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" wearing the mini dress of blank AmEx gold cards.

  9. I almost posted a pic of the Gold Crad dress but it seemed relatively tame compared to some of these others.
    Working at home on the computer so much I don't get to dress up too often. When I go to shows or cons I tend to pack whatever doesn't wrinkle and doesn't scream "I don't get out much."
    Yesterday on Meanderings and muses I guestblogged about a red dress.. check it out -

  10. I think I'm "challenged" when it comes to judging fancy dresses. At the awards shows, I usually can't tell the difference between the ones the red carpet mavens say are "exquisite" and the ones they scoff at. I will say, I COULD tell that Bjork's was not "exquisite."

  11. Fanciest occasion: can't decide between being an Edgar presenter/nominee or having tea with the queen.
    I love dressing up and lament that there are so few occaions when I can wear a long ball gown or even a sexy black dress.

  12. Rhys...can you run that part about having tea with the Queen by me again...?

  13. And then there are teenaged girls: Crossing 79th St behind a gaggle of 14- or 15-yr-olds (5 of them), I was impressed with their nearly-identical outfits: skin-tight, teeny-weeny, hem-just-below-the-butt stretchy black skirts; bare smooth legs; 4-inch black heels; and who even noticed what they had on top. They wobbled, giggling and preening, across to the south corner with me in fascinated pursuit. And then they went up the steps and into the first building: Temple Shaaray Tefila.
    Go figure.