Monday, May 23, 2011

All A-Twitter

@JUNGLEREDS: Much as some of us might like to, it's hard to ignore Twitter. After all, it's fueled more than a few middle eastern revolutions, brought politicians to their knees, and exposed Hollywood luminaries.

So, using 140 characters or less, and using your Twitter handles (if you've got 'em), do you tweet? Do you see a point? And is it a love-hate relationship? Or nothing but #fun?

@LUCYBURDETTE: (AKA ROBERTA) I'm new at this and I can tell I don't have the hang yet--following too many people and not enough of my own tweethearts

@Janbrogan Def. love-hate. Sometimes fun, but value is ? Is entire world a social media expert? Think so. #amwriting They'll clog your box.

@hank_phillippi Agree, love-hate. But seems like a one-way street. Kind of fun to do, but impossible to respond. Because--how?

@hank_phillippi And, scary, too, b/c 140 used to seem short. Now, it's plenty of room. Above love-hate "tweet" is only 110.

@jspencerfleming I'll step out and boldly declare I love Twitter. I'm a short 'n snappy kind of gal. What I want to know: @hank_phillippi - 15,000 followers?

@rosemaryharris1 tweethearts...I love it! It's fun..I post about movies, sports, moi but never check twitter on my phone and haven't sent from phone.

@deborahcrombie Just getting feet wet. Need tweet-torial.

@lucyburdette--(Roberta) Julia, tell us what you love! (Deb, tweet-torial coming later this week:)

HALLIE: Tweetless. Says me today. Tomorrow? Not sayin yes, not sayin no. Livin in the present. Have I exceeded 140 yet?

@deborahcrombie Said the same as Hallie. Have now joined #darkside.

@jspencerfleming Despite the 140-character limit, I feel Twitter is more authentically "my voice" than FB, where I'm in professional mode.

@jspencerfleming In other words, Twitter is like hanging out with friends old and new at a conference. Our blog is #writing - which makes it more like work!

@jspencerfleming And remember: SocMed expert Paul Hochman, who was our guest, said the Holy Trinity was Twitter, FB and Youtube.

@rhysbowen Julia is cheating. Doing multiple tweets. So I'll cheat too.

@rhysbowen: I tweet. Still haven't discover full power of being a tweet-magnate.
Want 90,000 followers like Sarah Weinman

HALLIE: If I tweeted when would I have time for Farmville?

@LucyBurdette Too funny, Hallie! tips and picks Jungle Red Readers?


  1. @janbrogan I think of Twitter as a running billboard.Lots of ads, occassionally applicable.

  2. @tkaehler you people are hilarious. for me, some tweets = short versions of Facebook posts. Like retweeting interesting stuff too.

    @tkaehler I have the most fun when watching an event (racing, Indy 500 qual this weekend) and chatting on twitter about it ... making new friends.

  3. @hank_phillippi DM@tkaehler Don't need 140 to say LOVE YOUR BOOK! More to come.

    My problem: how to read others tweets. Outgoing, I'm fine. Incoming, not so much.

  4. @tkaehler DM@hank_phillippi Now I'm squealing like a little kid. Thank you!

    @tkaehler I'm slowly training my brain to filter past #stuff. Filters/lists are supposed to work. Don’t use them though (yet).

  5. @deborahcrombie when find time to read all those tweets???

  6. @deborahcrombie what if don't have anything interesting to say??

  7. *bwahaha* One tip, please take part in #fridayreads. This is a twitter meme where you list the book(s) you are reading every Friday. I tend to list the twitter handle of the author if I know it. :D

    I know I follow Jan and Hank. I'll have to make sure I follow the rest of you! Me? I'm @SilverJames_ (Please don't forget the underline at the end. I still can't believe there are other Silver James folks out there. Here I though I was an Original(tm). ;)

  8. @LucyBurdette thanks Silver--will go see if we are following each other.

    Deb, retweeting seems like an easy way to tweet without your own content:) And tweeting blog posts--here and others.

    On Thursday our special tweethearts, Krista Davis and Julie Hennrikus are coming to do a tweetorial...

  9. @LucyBurdette by the way, isn't there something special we're supposed to be doing on Mondays?

  10. @becky_levine I find > agents, editors, & publishing info on Twitter than on FB. That said, FB is still > fun. :)

  11. @nanmart1 Deadline week wrong time to start tweeting. Also, having common name not helpful.

  12. @missyisms Somebody said FB is socializing with people you know; Tweeting is socializing to meet new folks.

    @missyisms Although tweets are public, Twitter oddly feels more private because Twitter doesn't force-feed me privacy-invasion policies.

    @missyisms I can tweet, retweet, or reply and not feel like I'm exposing my privacy (course, I'm careful with what I say).

    @missyisms However, I haven't found a good business use of Twitter.

    @missyisms Sorry for violating 140-character and run-on-Tweet rules with this pseudo-Tweet post. ;-)

  13. @LucyBurdette--gotcha Nanmart1 and @missyisms

    No, deadline time not the best for starting Twitter, but is there a good time?LOL

  14. @jspencerfleming Another plus: I can tweet via my ancient non-smart-phone. On busy days away from my laptop, Twitter is my only contact w/ the WWWorld.!

  15. Oh, lok at this really funny thingI found on..Twitter!

    The 46 stages of Twitter Usage from beginning - Very Funny List

  16. @LucyBurdette Here is a very helpful post by Nathan Bransford on how to use the @reply.

    Go forth and read!

  17. @cynthiakuhn Addicted but score is still Twitter: 59, me: 0. #workingonit

    @cynthiakuhn Wishing there were a "like" button on Twitter!

    @cynthiakuhn Maybe will just start doing this: #likebutton?

    @cynthiakuhn Glad that I can read about interesting people daily.

  18. @buchananbrenda loves Twitter. It's efficient and fun and ever changing. Follow @jspencerfleming if you like to laugh.

    Brenda Buchanan

  19. @normahuss I just started tweeting, so I'm a complete newbie. I'm adding up my 'follows' and collecting followers. It is really handy that they tell you up front when you are already following someone.

    Meanwhile, if anything says 'tweet' I look at it. Maybe I'll learn what I'm doing!

  20. Tweetheart. I love that. It's short, it's sweet, it's tweet...I mean twitter. OK, I'll admit I don't really get it at all. I keep seeing that darn little yellow bird and the sputtering cat.

  21. @edithmaxwell Huge time sink. I try to retweet others. Love @TheOnion, @LanguageLog, @TheBuddhaNature, and you all. Like #Guppies, #SINCNE hashtags.