Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Food of the Summer

ROBERTA: Since we all ought to be outside enjoying summer instead of hunkering down behind our computer screens, how about describing your best taste sensation of the summer so far? TEN WORDS OR LESS...

I'll go first:

Homemade pizza dough, ditto pesto topping, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes.

Okay, now you! Make us drool...

HANK: Peaches. Corn. Lobster. Proseco. Proseco. Mozzarella. Tomatoes. Pesto. Gin. Tonic.

DEBS: Artisan sourdough. English Cheddar. Fresh figs. Prosciutto. Honey. Toasted sandwich.

HALLIE: Tomatoes. Basil. Corn. Barbecued steak, rare. Watermelon. Ice cold beer.

JULIA: Hood's Green Monster Mint ice cream. Homemade blueberry pie. (I'm obviously bringing dessert!)

RHYS: smoked salmon sandwiches. Oysters. Chilled wine. Ripe peaches. Cherries

ROSEMARY: Miller's new light beer with lime. Yum!

Great job, Reds, I'm starving... What's your best treat of the summer so far?


  1. A few G and Ts on the B (gin and tonics on the bay), then dockside for steamer clams, dipped in butter, with a bottle of Moet.

  2. Oh, yes, Austin, we're there. my husband said coconut ice cream, g&t , and grilled tenderloin. He's a master you all cook out? Charcoal or gas?

  3. Coconut popcicles, corn, pear wine spritzer, hamburgers, frozen grapes.

  4. BBQ/smoked ribs, tossed bleu cheese salad, deviled eggs, margaritas.

  5. Hank: The ship's captain has banned charcoal following last year's unfortunate incident. At home, however, I am strictly a California-bred, charcoal and mesquite griller.

    PK: I forgot wine spritzers. Love them on the patio while grilling. I'm going to the store now for pears, apples, and oranges.

    Silver: Are you from Texas?

  6. Tomatoes, basil, balsamic, salami, bread, provolone, roasted red peppers, wine

  7. I just need to to explain the Hood's ice cream to the non-New Englanders out there. It's a local brand, and they make seasonal Red Sox flavors: Green Monster Mint (Fenway Park's famous left field wall is "the Green Monster") Comeback Caramel, Bosox Brownie, etc. No Fall Fade Fudge as yet.

    All the flavors have little chocolate sox emblems in them. Beat that, Yankees!

  8. G&Ts remind me... Mohitos. With garden fresh mint and caribbean run that still reeks of sugar cane.

  9. Roberta, the ten word limit was cruel, I say, cruel! I would have added many things, but especially gin--not with tonic but with Chambord, lime or lemon, a touch of mint, and lately a little fresh-squeezed pineapple. On lots of ice and topped up with Perrier.

    It's so hot here, though, that even grilling has lost its appeal, and I'm beginning to dream of soups and stews and chili and nice crisp autumn weather . . .

  10. Peach ice cream, watermelon, and corn on the cob.

    All remind me of my summers with my grandparents. My grandfather would make that peach ice cream by hand, time-consuming but worth it.

  11. Mangoes, gazpacho, berries,melons,tabbouli,chicken salad,beer,rum drinks!

    It's 101 degrees, 'nuff said.

  12. Did you notice how often drinks appeared in our lists??
    We're boozy lot aren't we?s

  13. Hey Jack...when's the party? All my favorite stuff!

  14. Chili so hot the summer sun feels like a cool breeze. Gin and tonic's a given.

  15. Gazpacho, how could I forget that. And, Of course, I want Precseco with juice. Love those bellinis, and Mohitos. But after this week with the temps at 104, that ice cream sounds good even to a Yankee fan.