Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wasting away in Margaritaville....

ROSEMARY HARRIS: Cross your fingers for good weather in Florida next week because I'll be doing something that I've wanted to do ever since I was a little girl. I'm renting a houseboat.

I haven't seen the movie for years but I think it has something to do with the old Cary Grant, Sophia Loren movie Houseboat. Maybe it was the trips to Amsterdam where the houseboats look like more fun than the hotels.

Or maybe it goes back to the time my coolest friend, Becky, rented one in the Keys and told tales of fishing off the back of the boat, grilling her catch and washing it down with ice cold beers.

Get too warm - just jump over the side. Get hungry - throw in a line. Feel like a little company - just kayak over to that big yacht.

This won't be quite as adventurous as that trip (Becky was single...) but interesting nonetheless.

After the Miami Book Fair, I'll be driving south to the keys. Then, I'll powerboat to a small private island and stay on the houseboat for a few days until the beer and the sunscreen run out. I'm taking a small telescope because the stargazing should be pretty good but during the day I'm going to be sticking to the JR Writers Challenge and working on my word count! For fun I'll dive into one of the books I pick up at the book fair. Hope there's a new Carl Hiaasen to read!

What else should I bring (other than my husband...) What would you bring to a houseboat and private island? Jimmy Buffet cds...margarita mix....


  1. Have fun, and don't forget the sun screen!

  2. At least two Travis McGee novels as talismans..:) When I moved to Miami in '76, the first thing I did was head to Bahia Mar in search of slip F-18...:)

  3. Ro, maybe you'll be living next door to Hayley Snow--my new character lives on a houseboat! That's the only other thing you'll need, a copy of AN APPETITE FOR MURDER:).

    Next year I'd love to attend the Miami Book Fair--we'll have to chat...

  4. Ro! You have the MOST glamorous life ever. EVER.

    (And me, too, Roberta/Lucy about attending the Book Fair. Ro KNOWS everyone...)

    What would I bring? A big hooded sweatshirt for cool nights on the deck...looking at the stars sounds quite perfect.

  5. don't forget life jackets but mostly have fun.ff

  6. Mosquito repellant.

    Soooo jealous. Though for someone who hates boats (me) staying on one does not seem like a treat. Can't wait to hear. Post photos!

  7. Practical things: flashlight for those dark nights. Ice. Maybe mosquito coil if they are bad. If you're away from land that should be no problem.
    Fun things: snorkel and flippers, tavel Scrabble, Kindle and lots of good munchies.

    I'm also planning on Miami book fair next year. Maybe a JRW houseboat is in the works?

  8. When is next year's MBF?

    Rhys, LOVE your idea of a JRW boat!

  9. Ro, I just want to say I want your life. I think the thing you should bring on your houseboat is ME.

  10. I LIKE it...the JR houseboat and writing retreat. We can have a flotilla and tie the boats together and walk across them to the mainline like they do on New years Eve in Jost Van Dyke!

    Yes to all of these good suggestions - the big ole sunhat..almost forgot that.
    Never read Travis Mcgee but this is the second time it's come up so maybe I should.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for Hayley Snow (great name!)

  11. You need to read Travis McGee and there's no time like the present. Definitely up for a writing flotilla, you guys know how to live. Flip flops and a compfortable cover up. Get yourself some great Cuban food in Miami.

  12. Oh wow. That sounds heavenly! Underwater camera?

  13. Lucky you. Years ago, I was a guest of my daughter and friends on a houseboat on Lake Powell, Page, AZ. What an experience. The sunrises and sunsets, sitting on deck with friends in the evening, rocking to sleep on top deck while watching small bats fly out to hunt insects.

  14. Wasn't there a movie with Doris Day living on a Houseboat?

    And Haley Mills, the Truth About Spring, when they lived on a sailboat.

    I've spent my best vacations on small boats captained by my husband --

    Have an awesome time, Ro!

  15. I've always wanted to do the Lake Powell houseboat thing. Off to buy some Travis McGee books.

    I think Doris was on the Glass-Bottom boat. I've always thought I was a little more Sophia than Doris (ha!)

  16. As long as I had a bathing suit, my Kindle (with a few books)a box of tea, a few limes, and a whole lot of ice I'd be fine.

    Please, please post pictures. You are living my dream, too.

    Seriously, have a wonderful time!

  17. Have a wonderful time - I love the Keys... my current WIP has a huge murder near Islamorada - spent happy happy days at Cheeca Lodge several times. ( Not with the Bush family ) Do enjoy Travis McGee - he's one great guy... thelma Straw