Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free download from Honorary Red, Tim Hallinan

ROSEMARY HARRIS: If you don't already know and love Tim Hallinan's writing - shame on you (just kidding!) - but here's a chance to get one of his best books for free.
This Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, (March 10-12) THE BONE POLISHER can be downloaded for free on Amazon. The book got great reviews, Booklist concluding theirs with "Do yourself a favor and read it!"
Here's the (edited for space) Amazon blurb:
"2011 Edgar and Macavity nominee Timothy Hallinan's novel featuring erudite Los Angeles private eye Simeon Grist takes place in the West Hollywood of 1995, where the community is shaken by the brutal killing of an older man widely loved for his generosity and kindness. In a time when the police were largely indifferent to crimes against gay people, Simeon is hired to catch the murderer—and finds himself up against the most dangerous adversary of his career, a man who kills his victims one once, but twice: once physically and once in spirit. The story's climax takes place at a memorable Halloween-themed wake, but there's a big plot twist yet to come."
Here's a shortened version of the Amazon URL:
Enjoy!! And thanks, Tim!!


  1. So glad our server issues from yesterday seem to have disappeared - I would have hated for anyone to miss this terrific offer.
    I met Tim online in a discussion group and was so glad when I finally got to meet him in person. We were doing an event together in San Diego and I was early. I went to a nearby coffee shop (probably for some carbs) and here's this guy diligently working on his laptop, writing - minutes before an event. Hard work pays off! Next time you're writing in a coffee shop, think of Tim!

  2. I always appreciate the recommendations for new authors, but, I must admit, the "free" part didn't hurt either!!

    Already on my TBR...homescreen (?).

    Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Yay, Tim! I facebooked this ,too!

    And Ro, I remember that..we were all crowding in to get a hit of caffeine--I was, at least, and as the Starbuckians swirled around, there was Tim, completely focused on his work!

    Tim , you know I'm a HUGE fan..

  4. Thank you. I know exactly what I'm reading this afternoon, on the couch, in the sun, with the cat, and a pot of tea. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  5. Thank you!

    I look forward to reading your book!

  6. Hurray! I;m so glad to finally be able to get back to you guys! In 2012, that is.

    Tim, I've downloaded your book. If it's half as good as everyone says, I'll have to buy all the rest (which is what it's all about, right?). Thanks so much.

  7. Love, love, love Tim Hallinan. I just sent a student to read him today...figured Tim could show it better than I could explain it.

    Have a shelf of the books...but this will be great for my trip.

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