Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ich bin ein Berliner

ROSEMARY HARRIS: Okay, I'm not really a Berliner. (And I'm not JFK either.)
But dang if I don't feel like giving my German publisher a big fat sloppy kiss.
I just received copies of the German edition of Dead Head - Das grune Versteck (Ein Gartencrime)!

The one on the right is Pushing Up Daisies aka Der weisse Garten, which sounds suspiciously like the White Garden - another good title for the book.
How beautiful are these??

I have to say, I liked the American covers for these books before I saw the German ones. These look like - sigh - novels and aren't quite so cartoonish.
Here's one of Hallie's German covers - also very cool.
It is pretty cool to think some German mystery lover is hunkering down with Paula Holliday.

Here's what a German blogger had to say about Das grune Versteck

Mir hat das Buch wirklich sehr gut gefallen: Die Spannung und der Humor haben mich überzeugt und ich werde auf jedenfall Band 1 noch lesen. Für Krimifans mit einer humoristischen Ader sehr empfehlenswert!

Translation - I really liked the book very well: the power of humor and have convinced me and I will read in any case, even a band. For fans of crime fiction with a humorous vein highly recommended!
Not sure what the band comment is about but just learned Das grune Versteck means The Green Hideout. Go figure!!
On the flip side of don't they do better covers than we do - take a look at the strange cover for one of Rhys' books - (Who is that woman??)

DEBORAH CROMBIE: I love my German covers--they're always very romantic and Gothic looking. That's the new edition of No Mark Upon Her on the left, with a special price sticker. I think the title translates as "The Still Waters of Death," which is pretty cool.

My French paperback covers used to be absolutely horrible, but they've improved. I really like this one in the middle, which is Now May You Weep. And on the right is the Czech version of the same book. The Czeck covers used to be very pulp-noir, but they've also gone a bit more upmarket these days. Still, I love the smoking gun!


  1. So much fun to see these covers!

    I don't have any foreign sales yet, except for England, though my fingers and toes are crossed for Japan. They seem to be especially interested in cozy culinary mysteries there--go figure. And I did sell rights to Turkey for DEADLY ADVICE, which really had me scratching my head. But it never got made.

  2. ...would love to see one of my books at Heathrow..or the Dubai Airport. That would be cool.

  3. Very classy, Ro! When I first got my book in Dutch, I had the sensation that I had written a whole new book (without any of the work). Delightful.

  4. Hi Meredith..I remember that was gorgeous! look forward to seeing you at the Edgars..miss you!
    Who else is going?

  5. Lucy, my Japanese covers are so weird. Hope you sell there, and if you do, I want to see your cover!

  6. This is SO fascinating! (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

    RO, those are gorgeous!

    Yes, Meredith, that's so funny...a whole nother book, and you didn't have to do a thing!