Monday, April 30, 2012

Get this party started!

ROSEMARY HARRIS: Truth be told this party has been warming up since last Tuesday at the Mysterious Bookshop in New York where the launch party for MWA's latest anthology was held. Vengeance, edited by Lee Child, features stories by Michael Connelly, Karin Slaughter, Dennis Lehane, Zoe Sharp, Alafair Burke and a dozen others.

Next up was the Edgars Agents and editors party on Wednesday where Reds Lucy and Ro helped celebrate Hallie's second Mary Higgins Clark nomination. Thursday Edgar Judge Ro got to strut her stuff in a Mad Men style dress at the annual Edgars banquet (that's me with Meredith Cole, Erin Weston and Raven winner Molly Weston waiting for our limo!)- a list of all of the Edgar winners here
...and on Friday a trio of JRs headed south for Malice Domestic.

LUCY BURDETTE: We are delighted to report that our own Red, Rhys Bowen, won the Agatha teapot for best historical mystery, Naughty in Nice, Lucy (aka Roberta Isleib) did not come home with a teapot but was thrilled to be nominated for best short story!

HANK PHLLIPPI RYAN: Yay, Rhys! And Roberta, too--that's fantastic! (Oooh, and I'm nominated for three Emmys! For investigative reporting.) Party on!

ROSEMARY: Are you in party mode yet? Well, if you didn't make any of those events, this week on JR we're continuing the celebration by sharing our swag from those parties and hosting our own virtual Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday. Every day this week three lucky commenters will win books and bags from this season's mystery parties.

What's up this week?Tuesday - My trip to Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey
Wednesday - a visit from novelist Daniel Judson, who will share information on his latest cutting edge publishing venture with Amazon
Thursday - The Return of Kale (you know how the JRs love food!)
Friday - your official invitation to the Cinco de Mayo party
Saturday - Party On! Best outfit wins a bag of books
Sunday - Do we still love Don Draper?

So in honor of the release of Vengeance - tell us what you'd do - big, small, real or (hopefully) fiction - to get back at someone who did you wrong!

Three winners will receive copies of the book.

(Monday through Friday winners announced on Saturday, Saturday's winners announced on Sunday.)


  1. Funny - all my short stories end up tales of revenge from the point of view of the bad guy, I mean bad gal. So I've poisoned Japanese sweets with a biological toxin, knocked someone off with lots of Tylenol and good Scotch, put away a bad boss with Datura tea (from Angel's trumpet plant), killed a lover's wife with same in a kale soup, and so on. It's very satisfying...

    So sorry to miss all the parties - I'll be at Malice next year, for sure. And I will be partying this Saturday with a son I haven't seen since Thanksgiving - yay!

  2. Congratulations to all of you. Teapots or no, you are all winners to me! Thanks again for writing. We love to read!

  3. Dear Hank, Hallie, and Roberta--So very delightful to see you at Malice. Rhys, I caught a glimpse of you leaving in a wheelchair as I arrived Fri. Sorry about your accident and THRILLED about your Agatha. You are a hugely talented bunch, Reds, but, more importantly, you're a lovely, kind, thoughtful and thoroughly wonderful bunch. (Dang, now I've used up my quota of adjectives for the day.)

  4. Revenge is not in me. I cannot be bothered to waste time on stupidy.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  5. Well, that's true, Marjorie, but a lot of our characters do stupid things - or worse - they sometimes kill people!

    I'm also reminded of a pivotal action in the book The Help...eeeeewww!

  6. So thrilled about Rhys's win. Wish I could have been at Malice. Maybe next year.

  7. Vengeance is a nice fantasy, but all too often is not worth the trouble. I will say, I read VENGEANCE over the weekend and loved every page!

  8. I am so THRILLED for Rhys's Agatha!!! And our Lucy and Hallie's nominations!!! Go REDS!

    Looking forward to this week's virtual party, since I missed the real ones. Fingers crossed for next year...

  9. Vengeance is fun to plan, thinking up ways to punish those who cause pain. It is a great way to vent and recover. Follow through of those plans should never happen. However vengeance in the land of fiction is so much darn enjoyable to read.

  10. Yay! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time.

  11. An interesting question, started me thinking. I am not a vengeful person but I did have a secretary once ....

  12. Make them write a mystery novel and get it published!

    Novelists think mystery writing is easy. I don't. My next novel, (a mystery this time) titled Tulip Season: A Mitra Basu Mystery is now out in Kidle and Nook formats, with trade paperback due out on May 5. It took much time to do this book and put my heart and soul into it. The transition from mainstream novels to a mystery had its moments.

  13. Momma always said: Forgive those who wrong you. I find the best revenge is to forgive them publicly. I can feel so virtuous while watching them stew. But even public forgiveness lacks the juicy sweet of a swift kick.

  14. Forgiveness and a swift kick - I LOVE it! (Not that I'm advocating violence, mind you...)

  15. It looks like you are had a great time. I'm so happy for these winners, and now mt.tbr will get higher. I'm glad for Rhys, and hope she recovers quickly. And how cool for Hank, three Emmys!!! wow.

  16. Rhys was queenly and regal--even on the gurney with the cute EMT! And we're all sending get-well vibes.

    (And yes, thanks, I'm so excited about the nominations..sigh. It makes me think I'm still in the game.)

    Yes, vengeance. One of the all time great motives.

  17. Thinking about Rhys, of course. Cute EMT and still maintained regal gurney trip! Congratulations, Rhys on your Edgar!

    Rhys is brilliant, but we love all our Reds, you know. And Hank, you so deserve all those Emmys! I miss watching you back in Boston! [Can't you do something about the Red Sox?] xo

  18. Congratulations Rhys !
    Another books to add to my list

    Lucy and Hank, awesome to be nominated for your work.

    Congrats to all you ladies - your books are all winners in this readers eyes.

    Thanks for your website which is always fun and informative.

    I know it takes a lot of time to keep a website and blog running.

    The fact that you all write, deal with day to day stuff and still have time to entertain and share with your readers by including us in your blogs is very sweet and generous of you to take the time

    Keep writing - we keep reading :)


  19. Oh wait. Revenge. I can do that. Fiction, though... I fictionalize the tormentors in my life and reward them justly.

  20. Thanks to all for the good wishes and kind words:). Laura, it was wonderful to see you too--in those kicky pink heels:). And big congrats on your book launch TOMORROW: ALL SALES FATAL!

    Hank--3 Emmys. wow! we are so proud--of course you are still in the game!!!

    there, now that was my exclamation points for an entire manuscript...

  21. BIG congrats on all the nominations, and for Rhys: Yay for the win, boo for the fall!! I'm sending healing vibes and prayers your way.

    I can't believe someone even questioned the idea of revenge/vengeance on this site! We're talking about FICTION!! It's a harmless, even fun, emotional outlet that has *nothing* to do with my behavior in real life. Jeeze Louise.

  22. Mar annabel Jacob--our complete pleasure. It's a life-changing thing, I must admit.

    CindyD, we'd love to hear about the secretary!

    Laura Di, you win for best shoes!

    Lil, aw, thank you. xxoo

    And yay to friend of reds Lnda Rodriguez, who is raking in the GREAT reviews!

  23. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Congrats to all the authors and it looks like you all had a great time!

    LOL... I know that I often fantasy about "getting someone back" more often in the form of a scathing comeback/tongue lashing. :)

    Definitely going to have to go check out your titles! I love disovering new authors!

  24. What fun to see Hank and meet Roberta/Lucy and Hallie at Malice! (But we sure did miss Rhys.) Now I understand why everyone loves Malice -- it's a blast, start to finish!

  25. And, whoa, Leslie--it's especially a blast when you WIN!Congratulations..
    I am so enjoying all the photos people are positing of you with your teapot--you look SO happy! And we are SO happy for you..

    Come back and guest blog again, okay? (After all the victory champagne is finished). We always have lots of legal questions..


  26. In fiction ... I keep adding to my list of pretty plants that are deadly when ingested... in real life ... I wish for vengeance, but I never have the nerve to go through with it. Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!