Saturday, May 5, 2012


ROSEMARY: Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's never too early to start partying and my recipe for a good
party is good people, good food, good music and a fair amount of spirits! And we've got them all.

Let's decorate and set the table first - vintage tablecloths with Mexican motifs, blue glasses...

Menu -Paella,gazpacho, salsa, black bean dip (love it!), chicken mole (yum!),huevos rancheros,  Mexican salad,fish tacos, Key Lime Pie, flan

Music by Jimmy Buffett, Los Lobos, Linda Ronstadt and the Gipsy Kings (and Joe)!

We're dressed to the nines (nuevos?) in rebozos, peasant blouses, turquiose jewelry, sombreros, long skirts, boots, vintage Mexican jackets (the blue one is mine) and huaraches  - and tap shoes - and we're hoisting cervezas, sangria, tequila shots, skinny margaritas, palmyras and mojitos. Sounds like a party!

Are you ready to hear this weeks winners?
Monday - Mo, Skipperhammond and Lynda
Tuesday - Lora, Jan J and Mar (annabelle jacob)
Wednesday - Joan Emerson, Darlene Ryan and lil Gluckstern
Thursday - Julie Tollefson, Brenda and Storage Units
Friday - Deb Romano, DebbieRH and Storyteller Mary

Please send your snail mail addresses to me at and I'll send your prizes out asap.

Gracias to all the JR readers who joined the party this week and to my fellow JRs for letting me throw this party! May I suggest that you Like them all on facebook? Bowen
..and me, too?

(Stop by tomorrow and let us know if you still love Don Draper - and to see today's winners.)


  1. Amigos... un cinco de mayo fiesta... ¿Qué podría ser mejor?

  2. ¡Ajua! Let's hear those gritos!

    I'll be at a book event throughout the middle of the day, so get started without me. I'll catch up when I'm back.

  3. Thanks for the invitation! I've never had fish tacos before. These were wonderful! And the no calorie part was great.

  4. LOVE fish tacos! My favorite! Will let you all know how the margaritas go with the Kentucky Derby. (And how much work I get done afterwards...)

    Ro, thanks for the invite! I'll come to your party anytime!

  5. Rosemary,

    This is my first Cinco de Mayo party and I'm having a great time! Wonder of wonders - I'm not even a clumsy dancer at this party!

    Before I go off for another Margarita,may I offer my services to help you clean up later? And thanks for picking me as one of the winners!I will email my address to you as soon as I get a chance...must grab some munchies to go with my drink...

  6. I'm a little late to the party, but I do have a killer guacamole, and some seriously tasty chile con queso!

    And since I'm not fond of mint juleps, can the mojitos work for the Derby as well?

  7. The mojitos can totally work for the Derby. Mint is mint!

  8. Wowie - WHAT a party!!!!

    I have never had fish tacos either, but I will give them a try.

    I'd like to bring Creme de Cacao Torte for dessert.

    Nobody parties quite like the Jungle Red Writers!

  9. Now I want a fish taco -- and to hear that little girl with the microphone . . .
    Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  10. I'm assuming the key lime pie is no-calories as well. Will my sombrero work as my Derby hat?

  11. Fish tacos, sangria, flan . . . and dancing --- I'm in fiesta heaven! Thanks for inviting me to your wonderful party.

  12. Arriba ... el bacco ... el centro ... el puerto!

  13. Wow! You ladies know how to throw a party! Great mojitos! I brought some fresh cut mint from the garden, just in case you run short. Mmmmm great guacamole! Fiesta! - Deborah

  14. Nobody knows how to party like the Jungle Reds!

    What a spread! And what gorgeous outfits! ¡Estamos muy guapas! (which means We're awfully good-looking!)

    Debs, you should really try the mojitos with the Derby since they're mint-based.

    Great party, Ro! You're the hostess with the mostest, for sure!

  15. My friends and I celebrated with enchiladas for lunch followed by sopapillas for dessert. Yummy. Now we are watching the Kentucky Derby on TV while sipping mint juleps. What a fun filled day!

  16. ¡Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo. So sorry to be late like this. Stuck in bed again. Not to worry, same old stuff. I am enjoying the party from here and loving every minute. The music is wonderful! I never had a fish taco, but I'm ready to try! xoxoxo Oh... si... one more mojito, please.

  17. Oh, my Derby choice came in third..sigh. Did you see the HATS?

    Happy cinco, todo el mundo!

  18. Wow! What a party! I'm sorry I wasn't able to arrive earlier - my dog and I were out dock diving. But glad I could join in late!


  19. I've been partying with my hubby in my garden .....skinny margaritas1 Do you know that Cuervo makes zero calories mix for margaritas? Ay caramba!
    Most of the winers have gotten in touch..but a few more still to come. Didn't watch Derby - went to nursery and working on the garden, but thinkig about those fish tacos. Hallie...are you coming over?

  20. Reine, sweetie, enjoy the party! Get to feeling better fast!

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