Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Once in a LIfetime Deals!

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN:  How would you like tickets to Ceelo Green in Vegas? Just click here.

Or here's an offer you don't get every day:  Meet Celine Dion Click here!
Brenda Novak's annual auction is in its final hours--and auction aficionados know--now is the time to snag those once-in-a-lifetime items. NO more lollygagging around, no more holding back on your bids. The auction is closing in a matter of hours.

If you haven't explored the amazing items available in Brenda's auction--well, we don't want lead you into temptation, but there are things you'd never possibly be able to buy anywhere else!

How'd you like to have lunch with Janet Evanovich, Diana Gabaldon or Steve Berry!

Brenda Novak herself is here today--yes, she'd love you to come take part in her annual on-line auction for diabetes research. And Jungle Red is happy to help!  She's telling us the top ten things she loves about her auction--and we just can't resist telling you about some of the items we thought were amazing.:

 Brenda Novak--who I can't believe has time to do this!--says:

1. It reminds me that people are GOOD. More than good—AMAZING! Every year, I approach over 1000 donors and ask them to once again contribute a good or service to be auctioned off for the benefit of those suffering with diabetes. And the response is almost always an overwhelming yes, with other writers and industry professionals leading the pack in generosity. Touches my heart every year.

 Come join the Jungle Red Writers for a day! You'll receive autographed books from all the JR authors: PLUS! A special day all about YOU on Jungle Red.

2. I love, love, love getting the positive feedback when an aspiring writer gets and agent, sells a book or finds great value in published author mentorship or critique. Or when someone else really enjoys one of the trips—or another item they’ve won. It makes me feel good to know the auction is often a win/win, meaning the good karma of our bidders often comes back to them.

3. Watching and charting the numbers. My family wants to kill me every year because I’m absolutely ADDICTED. I check and check and check—and pray and pray and pray that our totals will go up.

AUCTION ITEM:  Evaluation of a FULL manuscript by Agent Victoria Sanders (Karin Slaughter's agent!)

4. I love the symbolic bracelet and the T-shirts that remind me of the small army who digs in to fight with me each year.

5. I love so many of the cool items—like the Celine Dion meet-and-greet, the Ceelo Green tickets, the promotion packages for authors, the cool paintings, handmade chocolates, elegant jewelry and research opportunities.

 AUCTION ITEM: Your own personal shopping spree!

6. I love my auction team—my assistant, Anna, the two auction volunteers who have been so loyal and devoted this year—Danita and Stephani, and my best friend, Pierce Mattie, who does all of the auction PR for FREE. These four people have been instrumental in the auction’s success. I enjoy our planning sessions and getting to spend time with these wonderful people.

7. I love talking to the press and trying to get the word out. It’s certainly given me a lot of experience with handling interviews!

8. I love that the auction runs every May because it’s a celebration of Mother’s Day and my birthday, which are usually only a few days apart. After eight years, May would not be the same to me without the auction.

9. I love that my kids and other members of my family (like my sister, Tonya) do what they can to support me by making things they can donate for the auction. My husband and kids pick up part of the household load so I can keep focusing on the auction.

10. I love that my dream has come true. When I first started the auction, I imagined what it would be like to raise $1 million. But I thought it was pie in the sky, never really expected it to come to pass. Yet, so far, we’ve raised nearly $1.5 million and should wind up somewhere near $1.7 million by the time the auction closes.

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: And *Only for Jungle Red readers* one lucky commenter today will win a $25 gift certificate to the auction! And another will win a copy of Brenda's newest book WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES! (Everyone else will have to wait until the end of the summer.)

***So tell us what you love about auctions--ever get a real bargain? Or a real dud?  Or tell us what you've won at one of Brenda's. Or what you're bidding on this year! Good luck--and Go, Brenda!****

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak has a brand new small-town contemporary series starting this year. Come meet the long-time friends who have made Whiskey Creek the “Heart of Gold Country,” with WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES, to be released August 28th. WHEN SUMMER COMES will be follow in November and WHEN NIGHT FALLS will hit bookstores in February 2013. Also, don’t miss her latest romantic suspense trilogy available now--INSIDE, IN SECONDS, IN CLOSE. Brenda is a three-time Rita nominee. Her books have won many awards, including the National Reader’s Choice, the Bookseller’s Best, the Book Buyer’s Best, the Holt Medallion, the Daphne and many others. Brenda considers herself lucky to be a mother of five and married to the love of her life.


  1. The only things I get really good deals on these days are Stride Rite shoes for my son (nothing else fits right, of course) and jeans for me. Even with the random shipping prices on ebay, the shoes are about a third of the price and the jeans are about two for one- and already nicely broken in.

    Brenda, this is new to me. I'm off to see what's out there!

    Thanks, Reds!

  2. I love auctions, and we've bought so much at auctions over the years. Our Victorian oak dining room table (a house contents auction in a nearby town). Our dining room rug (Skinner's semi-annual oriental rug sale).

    I was in awe watching the auction at Malice -- Hank and Katherine Hall Page auctioned off manuscripts and books and critiques to the tune of over $10,000 in about an hour. This auction sounds even more exciting, and what a worthy cause. I'm running over there right now...

  3. Well, KAtherine and I have a great time--It's really fun!

    ANd there are lots of amazing thing in Brenda' auction--for writers, there's a *whole page* of offers from agents and editors for critiques--which the promise of quick turn-around times.

    SO Reds, what are you finding at the auction?

    And as I said, it closes tomorrow! SO now's the time to scout out the stuff!

  4. AND THE WINNER OF SLUGFEST (from yesterday) IS: Melissa Robbins!

    Melissa, email me at h ryan at whdh dot com and give me your address!

  5. I love watching Hank and Katherine at the Malice auction. You'd swear both lovelies were professionals.

    I wasn't aware of Brenda's auction for diabetes before this, so thanks, Hank for bringing it to our attention--and thank you, Brenda, for doing this for such a great cause!

  6. As someone with diabetes the auction is close to my heart. Hank deserves a shout-out for her Prime Time packages--I've been out bid twice on the Candy of the Month offering. (Not for myself, obviously.) I have two gift baskets in the auction if anyone would like to take a look. One is for teens, as Darlene Ryan, and the other is for cat-lovers, as Sofie Kelly. The person who ends up with the cat bag gets to name the newest Mgical Cat.

  7. Oh, I would LOVE to name a cat. GOing over to look right now.

  8. Can we talk about auction naming experiences?

    Ive gotten some really terrific names. But I've also gotten some that were very difficult.

    Now I'm supposed to use the name "Judy" something in my current book. But my main characters of Jane and Jake, so I just--can't have a Judy.

  9. Brenda, what a great cause. In my other life, I write about health issues for the Boston Globe and diabetes is just such a growing problem.

    I'm off to your auction......

  10. Hank, such a great thing to do!

    The best deal I got at auction was a set of vintage Lacoste shirts that Scout wears everywhere. Twelve years later, he is still wearing them.

    The worst deal I got at auction was that very same set of vintage Lacoste shirts that Scout wears everywhere. Twelve years later, old women friends from Boston are still emailing him about his shirts. I don't really think they liked the shirts that much.

  11. OOh, vintage Lacoste shirts. Wonderful. (And Reine, you are so funny...)

  12. What a wonderful cause. My dad had diabetes--the disease was the invisible but ever-present member of our family. It's horrible. Kudos to you, Brenda!

    Now, to check on the auction goodies!

  13. OH, great Lisa..let us know the scoop on what you find!

  14. Two hours later, and I'm still scanning the goodies. Wow. Love the Jungle Reds goodie!

  15. Yup, Lisa, this is one of those times when shoppng is a win-win!

  16. People should continue to outbid me, so they will raise more money... but I'd really like to win the Reds' auction. xo

  17. And two items from me: two hours of legal research for a ms. or of ms. review, and a signed copy of my Agatha-winning book (dang, I love saying that!), Books, Crooks & Counselors!

    I got outbid on everything last week at the local art center fundraiser, so make me feel better by bidding up my offerings!

  18. The Jungle Red package is up to $100.00---hmmm...that is QUITE a bargain!

  19. Brenda and Hank, I'm so happy to see you on JR promoting your auction. My mom had diabetes so the cause is very close to my heart and donate in her honor every year. This is my second year and my heart swells every time I see the bids grow.

    I'm going over there now to see what kind of trouble I can get into :) Sounding veeeery tempting.

  20. OH, VERY afraid! Lots of wonderful stuff--but for such a good cause!

    Tomorrow-- the amazing Bryan Gruley--and you will not believe what's he's talking about!