Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome back Deadly Ink!

ROSEMARY HARRIS: This summer mystery lovers in the tri-state area welcome the return of the Deadly Ink Mystery Conference. And the guest of honor is none other than our own Hank Phillippi Ryan!

For the three people on the planet who don't know Hank - and just to remind the rest of us of her rather amazing c.v., Hank is the author of the Charlotte McNally mystery series—Prime Time, Face Time, Air Time and Drive Time. She's been nominated for or won just about every major award in the mystery community -  Anthony, Macavity, Agatha, Mary Higgins Clark - and she's just been nominated for a Shamus Award for her most recent novel, The Other Woman (which a little bird tells me is coming out in paperback next week).  

And - oh yeah - she has a full-time job and a wall full of Emmys! With any luck, she'll tell us about her brand new book, The Wrong  Girl. Which - ahem - is available for pre-order on Amazon right now
The big fun for me is that I will be Toastmaster - so I'll get to make jokes and heckle while Hank does all the heavy lifting.

This year’s conference kicks off with a full day of Deadly Ink Writer’s Academy classes for aspiring writers, on Friday, Aug. 2. Hank will present Writing Your Mystery—All You Need to Know Before You Start. I will teach Characters and Setting, followed by Jane Cleland with Red Herrings. Classes wind up with The Top 10 Reasons Your Novel is Rejected, by author and agent Lois Winston. Official registration for the conference takes place  Friday night  6-7 p.m., followed by a welcoming program and a Deadly Dessert Party.

Both Saturday and Sunday feature and presentations by 30 authors and other mystery and crime experts including good pals Donald and Renee Bain, authors of - among many books - the Murder She Wrote series.

At lunch on Saturday,  I'll interview (heckle) Hank about her career and other notable authors on hand will briefly discuss their latest books. Saturday night features a Gala Awards Dinner with a keynote address by Hank.  Signings will be held throughout the weekend. Bob Daniher is the Offical Fan Guest of Honor.

When and where? -  August 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency, 2 Albany St., New Brunswick, NJ.  New Brunswick is just a short train ride from Manhattan - good news for those of us who might not want to drive.

More information and a registration form can be found at the web site,  Hope to see some of you there!




  1. I think the first Deadly Ink I went to was the first ever -- me and Jan Brogan, who as usual got propositioned in the bar by an author who will go unnamed. Smarmy.

    We had a blast. Made some great connections. And now it's moved to a great new location. Hope everyone has a blast and wishing the conference a big success!

  2. I wasn't at that one, I swear, Hallie! I've already signed up--hell, I could walk to this one--and am looking forward to seeing a lot of friends and a lot of readers in August!

  3. Jeff Cohen, if you were there you were impeccably behaved.

  4. Ah, RO, thank you! This is going to be fabulous! And I am so honored to share the spotlight with Rosemary--you know our Ro, she's always coming up with surprises! So sign up now so you can be part of it!

    As for THE OTHER WOMAN paperback--yup, Tues! And I will have a special offer for those who come Tuesday to Jungle Red to hear about it!

    (And THE WRONG GIRL? SO excited..and more to come!)

  5. And so sorry to be out of pocket for the last two days..CRAZED, out of town, .and with laryngitis. Sigh.

  6. Hank:
    Laryngitis? So THAT's why you don't "sound" like yourself!!

    The event sounds great! If I had more courage I would sign up! I WILL be thinking of all of you.

    And Hank, congratulations on the latest nomination. None of us are the least bit surprised, you know!

  7. Ro, I want to hear more about the "AS USUAL, Jan was propositioned in the bar... :-)

  8. I also am returning to the scene of this New Jersey crime. Looking forward to seeing Ro, Jeff, the NJSIC gang, and hopefully meeting Hank.

  9. Hope to make it to Deadly Ink one day. Has always sounded like a very good conference.

    And always nice to see the Reds "take over".

  10. Kristopher - are you suggesting that we're a bunch of bossy wenches?

  11. Jack, that would be so great! Looking forward to it..

    And Kristopher...TAKE OVER? We our best. xoxoo

    Just arrived in Flordia.. and I have to give a speech at 7:15 AM tomorrow! night, all...xoxoo