Thursday, December 26, 2013

Malice Quiz!

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Is there something still on your to-do list? Like maybe--register for Malice Domestic?  If you love traditional mysteries, this is the place to be the first weekend in May in Washington, DC!

And do you know our stuff?

Here's a quick Malice quiz: who was the first Malice Domestic Guest of Honor?

And who is this year's?

While you're racking your brains, remember: according to the Malice gurus: 

If you haven't registered yet, the rates go up on January 1, 2014. Also, those who register by the 12/31/13 deadline will receive an Agatha Nomination Ballot in early January. Register online here!

Phyllis A Whitney  first Malice GOH
And here's the first GOH:  recognize Phyllis A. Whitney ? In the 1960's, says her bio, "with 37 books in print, she was hailed by Time Magazine as the only American in her field with a major reputation equal to those of Britain's Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt."

And following in her august footsteps, this year's GOH Kathy Lynn Emerson. 
Kathy Lynn Emerson! Guest of  Honor

And following in HER footsteps, through the three days of festivities, are pals and authors and fans and readers and mystery lovers--like

 Annette Dashofy, who says:

"I'll be attending Malice Domestic this year for the first time as a published author! It will also be my first conference after my book, Circle of Influence, comes out!" 

Marilyn Levinson, who says (appropriately, right?)
"I'll be selling copies of my new mystery, Murder a la Christie." 

Multiple Agatha nominee Sheila Connolly says:

Table 10!
 "The best part is the people.  Writers, readers, fans, coordinators--they're the most welcoming group I've every encountered at a conference.  If you're a first-timer?  No problem: we'll take you under our wing and introduce you to everybody. (Oh, of course I'll be there!)"

Here's a big shout-out to table 10!  You can see by the wine and the smiles we had a wonderful time at the banquet. But who else will be there this year?

Wow--look at this lineup from the Malice Banquet 2008!
Kaye George/Janet Cantrell! Who says  "it's my favorite gathering of mystery writers and fans! I've been
going for several years now, have been rewarded with some nominations,
and wouldn't miss it for the world.

And the fab and (USA Today best-selling!) Susan Boyer says:

"I’ll be there with bells on—perhaps literally. I love Malice Domestic. It’s practically a family reunion. I can’t wait!"

And yay for Henery Press! Lots of authors from the Hen House  (Like Susan Boyer, and Gigi Pandian, and LynnDee Walker, and Diane Vallere) will be there.  What a terrific group..check out their books here...and then come meet them in person!

Hank with Margaret Maron in 2008! 
Karen Pullen says:
"I have three reasons for attending Malice: (1) to support Ruth Moose, a member of our Triangle SinC chapter, whose cozy Doin' It at the Dixie Dew won the Malice Domestic last year and will be published by St. Martin's in April (2) to brag about our chapter's anthology, Carolina Crimes: 19 Tales of Lust, Love, and Longing, which hopefully will be available by May, and (3) to enjoy the camaraderie, panels, and general all-around fun of Malice! (Plus I really enjoy the train ride from Raleigh to DC.)"

You''ll meet Jim Jackson, who says:

"I'll be attending Malice this year because Jan and I had such fun last year meeting everyone and to celebrate my 2013 debut novel, BAD POLICY and its sequel this year, CABIN FEVER."

And  Debra H. Goldstein who says she's going: 
"For the pure joy of interacting with fans and other authors."  

 Barb Schlicting says:

"‪This is my first time attending Malice, and I'm really excited.  To get to meet other gups plus be around all these other writers and readers, I'm sure that I'll feel as if I died and went to heaven.  It will be magnificent!"

And lots of first-timers--who instantly get swooped up into the fun, like Guppy President Michele Drier--who'll finally get to meet some of her fishies in person! 

Michele says: "I'm coming to Malice--my first time!--and I'm excited. Getting to meet
all the folks I think of as friends I haven't met yet!

Erika Chase says: "I'm going to Malice because it's the place to be if you love cozies! I love writing them and I so love reading them. Love to meet writers and readers, renew friendships and make new ones. It all happens at Malice Domestic."

Terrie Farley Moran is going to Malice Domestic 26 to visit with old friends and make some new friends.  She looks forward to the Friday night social and to learning about writers and series that she may have overlooked.

‪KB Inglee says: "I haven't been for years. Last time I went as a fan, this time as a writer!"
Remember when there was a hat parade? Here's Liz Zelvin's memorable cha-Poe! (What year was this, LIz?)

And Leslie Budewitz--who won the non-fiction Agatha--is now bringing her first mystery to Malice! "Because it’s such a great party – with exactly my kind of readers and writers!"  

So who else will be there?  What are you looking forward to? And what advice do you have for first timers?


And--don't forget, the Malice-mavens say:

For those interested in donating to the Malice Charity Auction please note our Auction email has changed to


  1. LOVE Malice... because despite the name it's the nicest, sweetest conference for folks who like to kill people (in their fiction.)

  2. Love Malice too--can't count how many I've attended. but the planning folks do an amazing job and it's just plain fun...

  3. There is nothing like Malice. It's smaller than Bouchercon, so it's perfect for those going to their first convention.

    The planning committee does a great job of keeping the panels interesting.

    And the setting, in Bethesda, MD is just lovely.

    If you have never been, you must give it a try. Your first will not be your last!

  4. Should I go, do you think? I've only been to Bouchercon 2013 so far. This year I'm going to Sleuthfest and Bouchercon 2014... I'm not exactly a "traditional" mystery writer though....

  5. I attended my first malice in 2007 and I have gone every year since. I am a reader with no desire to ever be a writer and I love this conference. The panels are always interesting, the authors are always generous with their time, and the attendees are always wonderful.

  6. It was on my short-list for 2014, but alas, probably not. I only have funds for one big conference a year. Next year, it is most likely to be WPA. But I will make it to Malice on of these years!

  7. I don't know I don't know! I'm going to Bouchercon and LCC, for sure. I'm like Susan -- I don't know if KILMOON fits. It's not cozy ... but could it still be considered "traditional"?

    What does the mean, "traditional," really?

    Sounds like a blast, that's for sure. I'm always up for a blast.

  8. I was all set to go, but it conflicts with my niece's high school graduation. Maybe I will appease myself and go to Crime Bake!

  9. Yes, Ramona, Crime Bake!

    Lisa, a traditional mystery features an amateur sleuth - a regular person solving crimes, not someone whose job would require them to do so like police or private investigators. Often in a village setting but doesn't have to be.

  10. Ooh, my daughter just moved to Arlington, so I would have a place to stay.

    I've been to three Bouchercons, which are so much fun. Have always wanted to go to Malice.


  11. Susan, yes yes yes. You'd LOVE it. We can be buddies.

    ANd LIsa, "traditional" is also like Agatha Christie--a mystery that's a puzzle!

  12. Hank and Edith, there's an amateur sleuth ... but there's also a detective and they're at odds. It's definitely a puzzle -- lots of elements, what the heck is really going on kind of thing ...

    It takes place in an Irish village ... hmm ...

    I've been told so many things about the novel. It's a "literary mystery." It's a whydunnnit as much as a whodunnit. It's got a women's fiction aspect to it because of the amateur sleuth's journey ...

    Hmm ... Still not sure! :-)

  13. Lisa, there are so many traditions! Honestly, I don't think the presence of a detective is an issue -- there's nearly always an official investigation occurring at the same time as the amateur investigation; the gaps, gaffs, and biases of the police officers are often what spark the amateur to investigate. Sometimes the amateur is a retired professional, like GM Malliet's Father Max Tudor. And Louise Penny's series features official investigators, but has a traditional feel to it.

    So, come to Malice. Make it your own tradition!

  14. Thanks, Leslie! I can at least give it a try, right? :-)

  15. I had SO much fun last year, and can't wait until May!

    Susan, you should come! Hank is right, it's a blast! I was amazed by how sweet and welcoming everyone was. :)

    Hank, thanks for the shout-out for Henery! We all love and appreciate you so much. Meeting you was one of the highlights of my first Malice last year, and I can’t wait to see you again!

  16. Li-SA. Li-SA. Li-SA. COme to Malice! We'll hang out!

  17. Hee hee, I'd love to hang out, Hank and Leslie and Edith and Roberta and Hallie and Kaye and Susan if you go and ... :-)

  18. Great post, Hank. You all are so right. Malice is a wonderful reunion. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

  19. I'll be there at Malice. It's such a fun conference and a great chance to meet up with mystery authors I've met through the internet and with fans. I'm so delighted to be able to say that I have fans. Oftentimes writing seems such a solitary labor of love.

    But Malice for me is fun, fun, fun. I only hope grandchild #5 waits until June for her debut from the womb, as is the current plan.

    See y'all there!

  20. Malice Domestic was the first mystery convention I attended, and it remains my favorite! Can't wait to see everyone there :)

  21. I'll be there. My first Malice. Can't wait to meet everyone in person. Don't want to be wishing my life away, but ... hurry up May.

  22. Malice was the first conference I attended and it was so much fun! A fantastic community, and what could be better than mingling with fellow mystery writers and readers for three days? (plus Benihana is only a few blocks away!)

  23. I want to go to this one, Hank, but I don't know if I can this year. I am going to have to check with my book traveling friend to see if I can talk her into attending. After attending my first Bouchercon this past year, I am ready to try out some other great gatherings. If I could get in some quality time with the Reds, Malice would be wonderful.

  24. Just registered. You will have to take me under your wing. I am nervous. LOL Cher'ley