Sunday, July 13, 2014

Books in Boothbay, a photo gallery

Books in Boothbay!

I'm going to be lazy this Sunday morning and share some pictures from yesterday's event. Over 40 authors of adult books (no, not that kind of adult) in the afternoon, and a similar number of children's and YA authors in the morning. There was a huge mystery contingent this year, as there often is (I've heard it said Maine has more crime writers than actual criminals, and I'm inclined to believe it.) Some of the best group shots were taken by the fabulous Kate Flora, and will be available soon; in their absence, I've grabbed a couple shots from the 2012 Books in Boothbay from the Maine Crime Writers blog. (It's interesting to see how we don't change much ion two years. Jim Hayman seems to be wearing the exact same shirt!)

Our own Dottie Ryan showed up for a signed book, some chit chat about life in Maine, and to promise she'd show up on the backblog!

 Our guest this past week, Paul Doiron. Paul looks more absolutely like his author photo in person than any other writer I know. Readers visiting BiB were rabidly excited to get their hands on THE BONE ORCHARD before it's actual pub date.

 From 2012, via Maine Crime Writers: Barbara Ross, Vickie Doudera and James Hayman.

And here's Vicki this year. I have a slightly maniacal look because Ross, who took this pic, was saying "Light it up!" Evidently, me lighting it up means I resemble an overenthusiastic Amway seller.

Also from 2012, also from Maine Crime Writers: Gerry Boyle, Kate Flora and Lea Waite. Lea is the only person who looks different now; she's let her hair grow out rather spectacularly. She was also the most tired of any of us; as the author of YA historical fiction, she'd been there since 9am.

I'm either about to attack Edgar-nominated author Al Lamanda, or I'm describing a fish I caught.

 Me, the legendary Dorothy Cannell, and Jim Hayman, aka, agent Meg Ruley's clients. There was actually another Meg Ruley author there as well - Tess Gerrittsen.  Meg's clearly got a lock on northern New England.

I wish you all have a lovely and relaxing Sunday - hopefully reading a good book!


  1. Look SO fabulous! Next year, the Boston contingent is gonna crash. And we can be Jets and Sharks.

    To the tune of America:

    We like to be at the Maine par-tee
    LIke to bring books to the Maine par-tee
    Such fun it looks at the Maine par-tee..
    Too many cooks at the Maine par-tee?

  2. Just coming in from church to find these delightful photographs from yesterday's event. It certainly looks like it was a success! Thanks for sharing them with us . . . .

  3. Hank, you are so clever!!

    And I'm sure it's much nicer in Maine in mid-July than it is in Texas, so that's very tempting indeed.

    Julia, I'm sure you look just as fab now as you did then, maniacal grin and all:-)

  4. There is nothing more fun than a book festival, and this one looks like a BUNCH of fun.

    I have never been to Maine. Need to change that, huh?

  5. A really fun day. So great to see everybody.

  6. This event looks like such a relaxed, enjoyable one, not as frenetic as some. I love Ross' "light it up" prompt. Thanks for sharing this Maine (yuk, yuk, yuk, pun intended) event with us, Julia.

  7. Looks like a fun day. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It was a pleasure to meet two of my favorite authors, Julia and Paul Doiron, at Books at Boothbay yesterday. Maine seems to have more than its share of talented authors. Could it be the cool, clean Maine air?
    It was also great to meet Ross, aka The Hairy Husband, and to observe his mastery of photo taking with an iPad Mini. All in all, it was a delightful end to a lovely vacation week in Maine.