Monday, March 16, 2015

Facing Facebook

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN:   Remember when there was no Facebook? Really. Try. First, what did we do with all that time? Write poetry?  Read great books? Make souffles? Talk on the—whaddaya call it? Phone?
Second, of all the unanswerable questions in the universe--like,  why does the last item never fit into the dishwasher, why do you think of the perfect bon mot too late, HOW could we have forgotten whatever it was and why does everything always get scheduled for the same day--now we have to answer a new one.

Does Facebook matter?

Okay, I’ll go first. I have no idea. I—like it, though. I do. I’m fascinated to hear what’s happening with everyone, I love hearing about funny stuff, and life changes, and books, and ideas. Ideas! I love the funny videos (did you see the conducting kid?) and the  old wedding photos and the quizzes about which movie star or dog breed I’m the most like.  (I even liked creating my Star Trek name, Ryaha Millri.  Or something like that.)

But I am constantly amazed at how I can get lost in the Facebook molasses…drawn into the vortex of jokes and gossip and news and daily lives and I look up, and 30 minutes have gone by. What did I do? What did I learn?

And—does it matter?  Is it our back fence, bringing us closer together? Or is it the worst time-waster in the history of the planet?
Are you on Facebook? How do you feel about that? 

LUCY BURDETTE: Definitely an addict here. And it FEELS like our back fence. But it's a terrible time-waster, I'm certain of that. I swear I'm reading less because of Facebook. On the other hand, I've met people I wouldn't otherwise know, and heard their stories, and gotten and given sympathy...Oh yeah, and my stripper name is Schatzie Sutton.

HALLIE EPHRON: I confess, I am addicted to it. I love connecting with people, and with so little overhead (no driving, no making dinner reservations, I can 'hide' people who verge on annoying...) My high school reunion is coming up, and it's such a perfect way to remember classmates, for better or worse. I do not take the quizzes.

RHYS BOWEN: Guilty too. I found out that my son had gotten
engaged on Facebook. I see pictures of my grandkids' achievements on Facebook, plus family members across the globe, plus cute puppies interacting with chicks Plus finding out what my stripper/Game of Thrones/fairy name is. Supreme time waster... however, I am quite aware of its power. I have almost 11,000 followers on my author page and if I post that I have cut my finger I can guarantee that within an hour I'll have a hundred or more people volunteering to type my manuscripts for me. I've never had such immediate and intense interaction with fans.

SUSAN ELIA MACNEAL: Yes, I'm on Facebook. I have such a love/hate relationship with it, though! As a work-from-home writer and mom, it's a great place to take a "break" — the equivalent of yesteryear's water cooler. Yes, I suspect I spend too much time on it and have been cutting down. There are great time-tracking software programs (I like rescue that lets you know exactly how much time you're spending on which sites. But, really, I feel like I get so much from it — most of my friends are scattered around the globe — and I love staying in touch, seeing pictures of their kids and pets, etc. In fact, every time I think of quitting, someone posts an adorable baby photo or a puppy video and I'm
hooked again.....

DEBORAH CROMBIE: I love Facebook, too. I look at it as the equivalent of reading a daily "friends" newspaper. (And usually so much LESS depressing than an actual "news" paper, although it allows me to keep up when friends are having problems as well as keeping up with the babies and puppies/kittens). But I just skim a couple of times a day, and don't ever look at Facebook when I could be reading a BOOK!

Like Rhys, I love the interaction with readers on my author page, and consider that a valuable part of my daily life as a writer. On the personal side, I don't do politics, games, or quizzes, although I do like to share a good joke or video.

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Rhys, oh no! Hilarious. Yes, it's
amazing. People ask me the most personal things, and I always think--how did you know about that? And then I realize, gulp, I put it on Facebook. :-)  I've gotten cooking advice, and work advice, character names and grammar assistance. 

I know I see some of you on my Facebook pages--thank you! Do you look at the personal page or the author page? So give the Reds some guidance: how do you use Facebook? Or not? Can you not live with it--or not live without it?


  1. I hate Facebook. I am never on it.


  2. Ha ha Ramona…you are the best face booker ever! As a result, I feel as if I talk to you every day…and that's wonderful.

    Tell us about sprinting!

  3. I like facebook. I have a large extended family, and one way we connect is on facebook. So, no squabbles about who has that photo of Great-Grandma--it can be posted to an album, everyone gets to see, download, make copies, etc. And farflung friends--children grown up and getting married, babies coming along. Elderly aunts--how's their health, home situation--and, of course, funny videos, photos, jokes. My favorite this winter? A snowman with a suitcase by the side of the road, a sign in his twiggy hand reading "Florida?"

    And, the big bonus, meeting great new people, like the Reds and the Red community.

  4. I have a Facebook account because my daughter posts pictures of the grandchildren there, but I don't post there . . . .

  5. Hank, I'll be teaching all about sprinting when I see you at Pennwriters in May!

  6. Oh, terrific,Ramona. Cannot wait to catch up.

    Joan, that's like Jonathan,. I finally forced him to have a Facebook page, which he had to admit was terrific for grandkids pictures. He was so proud of himself when he finally put up a post! But mostly he just reads it. He's proud of himself for that, too. :-)

  7. I vowed I wouldn't start the whole Facebook thing, but then it became a necessity if I wanted to take BOLO Books to the next level.

    I still have reservations and I definitely spend way too much time on Facebook. But I have also gotten to know some folks better that I would otherwise only see one a year at a conference. So, it is rewarding.

    Does it cut into productivity? Certainly. Can I stop? Not likely.

  8. Thanks, sister reds, for fixing the post! I was so discombobulated last night, I did the AM PM scheduling glitch.

    My flight from San Francisco--it's SO long!--was almost back to Boston--when it was diverted to Newark. AUGGGH! and then--diverted back to Boston!
    It was SO late that Jonathan, who was coming to pick me up but forgot his cell phone, decided I must have gone home, so he went home too. Then I arrived at the airport. And I was so terrified because he didn't answer his cell or home phone! AUGGH! We finally connected.
    I think my already-frazzled brain was still in another time zone.

  9. Kristopher, so great to see you! And yes, thanks to Facebook, I saw your wonderful anniversary pictures! (awwww.)

  10. And it's funny that I start seeing the world through Facebook eyes--"oh, that'll be fun on Facebook!" A whole nother train of thought to manage.

  11. Yes, Flora, It's a perfect photo album. I sometimes delete photos from my phone, because I think-oh, it's saved on Facebook.
    Is that risky, do you think?

  12. Since none of my family is local, Facebook is really the best way to keep in touch with all of them (I mean, I could do mass emails, but hey, posting to Facebook is easier). And they keep up with me.

    Yes, I look at all my authors and I love seeing Hank, Hallie, Rhys, Susan, Lucy, Deborah (who am I missing? Am I missing someone?).

    And it gives me great hourly breaks during my "day job" work day.

    But I don't know that I'm an "addict." I went all day yesterday without posting and barely skimming. My hubby was camping all weekend (he reads, he doesn't post), and said, "I didn't know what you were doing - you weren't on Facebook at all!"

    No, I was reading, watching Lewis and working on critique revisions. Too busy for Facebook!

  13. Not on it. Never will be under any of my names.


  14. I love FB for the kids, grands and great grands pictures and updates. Also to keep up with friends.

  15. See, I agree, Mary. It's weird--if you stop for a day or so, it becomes less compelling. There's some kind of need that gets fed by participating--but when you don't look at it, you realize how much time there is.

    Kathy, why?You are so brave!

    And Gram, yes, it's a really lovely invention, gotta admit. It allows us to have"conversations" at different time,s and control when we want to take part.

  16. I first went on Facebook because several of my friends (whom I have known personally for years) had pretty much stopped communicating via regular email and, of course, my favorite form of communication--handwritten letters sent in the mail. (Seriously, that still is my favorite way of communicating, although I don't do it much anymore since so few respond.) I know that I do spend WAY too much time on Facebook, though, but it is useful to keep up with old friends and meet new people with similar interests. It's nice to be able to click and get rid of those who turn out to be not-so-nice. It has cut down on some of my reading time, and I'm working on changing that! Of course, I did start a reading group on Facebook to use as another way (hopefully) of finding new books/authors to read, and keeping up with new releases,etc.! I have a couple of Yahoo groups, too, but so many people have abandoned them to Facebook. It's sort of a "if you can't beat them, join them" deal.

  17. Yes, Carol B--Facebook seems to be the magnet.

    A reading group? You mean, like a book club on Facebook? What a TERRIFIC idea! Should the Reds all do that?

  18. I use Facebook as a marketing tool for my books, but I also use it to stay in touch with people. I don't do games or quizzes. I also don't get into political spats that get ugly. Because I was a high school teacher, I often hear from former students who "find" me on Facebook. Last week I was "Facebooked" by a student I had not heard from since 1971. Lives in Maine. Read my book. I love it when that happens.

  19. Hank, I think I'm still in a Facebook book club, but it's too highbrow for me at this point in my life. The people in the group were always squabbling about which book, and how long they should take to read it, so I turned off the notifications.

    My original reason for being on Facebook was to see photos of and by my kids, especially my grandson who lives six hours away. But now one of my daughters closed her account, and the other two are rarely on. They usually log on to see MY photos now. I started a family group for my mother's side of the family (huge, Catholic family, spread out all over the world), where we share photos, including ones someone needs IDs for, family stories, and recipes. My younger cousins love it, and I'm enjoying getting to know them, some of them younger than my oldest daughter.

    I love keeping in touch with friends all over the world. Including high school classmates I hadn't seen in 45 years or more. And Reds, of course.

  20. Joined Facebook to keep track of a teen who was traveling to Israel ... and to finalize a theater outing with a friend who hadn't gotten her act together before she headed out for vaca. Had disparaged FB for a long time and still prefer Twitter, but find myself enjoying it more than I imagined.

  21. Karen, I love that your family is now relying on YOUR pix. And Susan, so wonderful that your former students find you!

    Our daughter informed us that people her age who rely on Facebook are a bit pitiful. Apparently Instagram is preferred:). Naturally we joined up, but how many social media outlets can one mind manage?

  22. Facebook let's me see the world in the comfort of my computer screen. I keep in touch with friends, family (found out my niece got her first full-time job) and the many authors I've come to know and treasure.

    With the authors I go to both their personal page and their author page.

    And if Ramona is never on Facebook, neither am I. :)

    Dru..who should be working on another statistical problem.

  23. Facebook made me do it.

    And Ramona. But Ramona keeps me honest with sprinting. So she will always have a pass. Then again, she makes me talk too much. Yes it is her fault. Blame Ramona.

    Facebook made me happy again. Even when it's too hard to do some days. Even when I'm thoughtless. Even when people unfriend me. Or worse. Facebook is there with someone else who gets me.

    Jungle Red Writers caught me when I dropped down a big hole, and they did that with Facebook prompts to their blog. This is a really bad time, but I can see you from over here on Facebook.

    I love you.

  24. Hank, My Facebook group doesn't read and discus books as such. It's just sort of "there" for its members to "talk" about what they are reading, and for author/members to let us know about their own books! All genres are allowed, although I do ask that it be kept family-friendly. And most seem to be mystery lovers. (Maybe because I mostly accept members whom I already "know" somewhat!)

  25. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook, like nearly everyone does. I love being able to see and keep in touch with family members that I would not keep in touch with otherwise. I hate that there are some ridiculous mean people on facebook. Oh, and in real life. I can see the benefit to an author, though. I follow mostly authors. I love books. Which I should be reading instead of facebooking. (is that a word?)

  26. I do a lot of travelling on Facebook. Twist Phelan has opened up the world to me when she and her husband travel!! Much fun and information. I travel vicariously through a lot of friends as well. I love keeping up with all my favorite REDs and other authors and of course to keep up with my family who lives less than 1/2 hour from me!! We have made good use of Facebook to gather all our grads together for our 50th HS reunion this year--although I don't know how I got in there--I am much too young to be having a 50th reunion!! FB has also been a time waster and good for procrastination for a writer. But I always learn something new each day. Thanks, Hank, for posting this topic. Always interesting...

  27. Facebook, as an extension of my 27-year blog/message board participation: Being able to see photos of longtime online friends. Then, very often, being able to meet them in person, and recognizing one another instantly.

    It's the best.

  28. My hubby was a Facebook hold out. Now he's on Facebook way more than I am. At least once a day we have a conversation like this. Rick: "Don't you know about so-and-so? I posted it on Facebook." Deb: "But, honey, I haven't been on Facebook today..." So funny.

    Reine, we love you, too!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh, and Lucy, my daughter is on Facebook, but doesn't do Twitter or Instagram. And she's the coolest person I know:-)

  30. You know, I think Facebook has actually helped me read more — the recommendations I get for books are so personal — it's fantastic. I am so thankful I met Kristopher and learned about Bolo Books — I think about 95% of my reading comes from his recommendations!

  31. You need to run another "Write First" before going online. You'all haven't done that in a long time.

    I go to Facebook first and then get lost in the mire. I really need to get back to the schedule of writing first and setting and meeting my goals before I go online. I need Facebook to be a reward, not an addition.

    There I admit it...I'm addicted to Facebook.

  32. Karen --they come for YOUR photos! Wonderful.

    ANd yes, Lucy, I have had thoughts about Instagram, then my brain explodes.

    Exactly, Dru Ann! I NEVER see you on Facebook. :-) (When, okay, you are actually my daily inspiration!)

    Kristopher, come back later this week, to--we'' have a blog about branding--which you are already a genius at! (At which you are already a genius?)

  33. REINE!

    The goddess of the Reds. Just saying.


  34. Bonnie, "facebooking"? Oh, yes, indeed. Got to be a word--it's what we all do, right?

    Ellen, why do you prefer Twitter? It does seem as if people prefer one over the other--wonder what the division is about?

  35. My name is Edith, and I'm a Facebook addict. I love it - don't most addicts love what they can't quit? It's lovely to "meet" fans online, and to stay in touch with family in California and friends all over the world. Yesterday I went to a party and met in person for the first time a couple of local FB friends. We got along just as well face to face as virtually (which I knew would happen). The outpouring of support for both joys and concerns is hugely gratifying. And Ramona's sprint club - I'm there every morning at seven sharp, and sometimes earlier.

    But I know I read less because of some of my evening time spent on our evil friend, FB.

  36. how does that saying go - "wasted time enjoyed isn't time wasted?" that. I can rationalize anything. Addicted to Facebook - yes. Love it! I love being connected to friends and family I wouldn't ordinarily see near often enough. Love Throwback Thursday photos, what we're reading - everything.

  37. I tend to post on FB most often when we are on a trip: a single picture a day and a bit of commentary. I get positive feedback on those.

    I love hearing about people's lives. I ignore most (most!) quizzes and get bored with people who pound me post after post about their books or word counts for the day (I don't want to watch grass grow either).

    I've met people online and had the pleasure of later meeting them in person, and that's a great experience.

    ~ Jim

  38. I like Facebook and am on it too much of the time. While it doesn't make up for real life friends, it is a fun way to stay in touch with friends who aren't close by. I'm reconnected with my childhood best friend thanks to Facebook and even gotten him into mud runs as a result.

    I tend to look at whatever pops up in my newsfeed, be it a personal page or an author page. I'm this close to starting a page for my blog, so there will be that to run. Thoughts on that from anyone?

    Plus, there First Line Monday, another page I run over at Facebook. The idea is that each week, you come share the very first line(s) of whatever you are currently reading. Everyone is welcome, readers and writers. I just ask that you keep self-promoting out of the page. Come join us.

    I don't spend much time on Twitter. Usually scroll through a few in posts in the morning, and that's about it. But I'm on Facebook multiple times a day.

  39. I started FB to keep in touch with far away friends and family and see the great-grandchildren pictures. Seeing that so many others have gotten sucked in makes me feel a little less guilty for the time wasted there though, where the scrolling never seems to stop. Since I probably can't go cold turkey am trying to cut back and check in FB only a couple times a day. After spending so much time on the FB main page I am out of time to check out blogs like this, which is what I really enjoy. I have notifications turned on for everything I think I might care about so am trying to scroll through those instead to see if I want to go to the author page.

    It is perfect though for keeping in touch with the family. I have long "talks" with my granddaughter that I wouldn't otherwise be able to have.

  40. I'm here every day, Hank - even if I don't always comment. ;)

    Excited to see another post about branding. It is kind of you to say that I am a genius at it. It's really all been trial and error on my part and lots of hard work. (Hey, sounds like the same story for everyone!)

    Thanks for taking a look at the anniversary pics. I'm still floating about the whole thing being possible.

  41. Okay, you are all fabulous.I want to comment on every comment, but do you come back and read the comments on the comments? And can you believe you're understanding what I just asked?

    Yes, I love TBT. Wonder how that got started?

    Word count, yeah.SO funny, but they are so proud of themselves, so that's at least a mercy.

    A page for your blog, MArk? Huh. Can't hurt,right? And of course, you need MORE to do.

    Grandma, tell your granddaughter hi from us--and to come visit here! You can share a virtual adventure.

  42. And Edith, yes, the support is lovely, truly lovely. And I love that you caught my inadvertently appropriate typo today!

  43. My daughter has banned me from Instagram - "If you subscribe and follow me, I will block you." Fortunately, she shares her stuff voluntarily and there are enough people there who will tell me if she's out of control. Because I can't figure out what I'd do with it either - and stalking my 14-year old seems creepy.

    Hank, I get all comments sent to me by email, so yes, I follow up. =)

    I tend to only post word counts in private groups. At least I think I do. I do share updates on when stuff is finished though.

  44. I do enjoy facebook, but I don't do the games. I get to see pictures of my family, I've even connected with some family I hadn't seen for close to 50 years, and met family I didn't even know existed.
    I have been introduced to lots of new authors which is great as it has expanded my to be read list.
    I take the good parts and ignore the bad.

  45. What Jim and Mark said. I pretty much only see what comes through my newsfeed and rarely go to anyone's page (personal or professional). I tried Twitter, but that just wasn't for me - mainly, I think because of all the retweets of the same thing over and over. I don't think it's wise for an author to post only about their work. If they're joining in conversations about other things, show they have interests outside promoting their work and engage others, I'm going to go find their work, because I will have found them to be interesting people. Yes, I want to hear about new books (you bet!), but not 44 times a day, every day. And if someone "friends" me and immediately sends me a private message about their book, or asking I write it in on a nomination form, or start posting promotion on my page rather than their own page, I unfriend them.

  46. Depending on the subject, I do go back and read later comments. I usually subscribe to the follow up so I can check occasionally.

  47. Yes, use Facebook to keep in touch with friends but also my favorite authors.

  48. Yes, Hank. I do read your comments about my comments. :)

    ~ Jim

  49. Wait--subscribe to the comments? You guys are so techno. I'll figure that out.

    BJ, do you go to author pages? Or read what comes over your newsfeed?

    How about the rest of you--do you go to the actual pages?

    Yes, Debi, we are MUCH too young! (And did you see how fashionable the traveling Twist always looks? Whew.)

  50. Oh, so right, Karen--ignoring the bad is part of the fun, right? And it's very educational...yeesh.

  51. I'm addicted and happy about it. I've "talked" with people I'v never dreamed I would contact, and Ive met wonderful folks. I Have mobility issues so FB acts like a phone for me. It's calming, touching and fun!!!

  52. Hank, I always come back to read the comments, too. I'm certainly not addicted to Facebook, but I'm not at all sure I could make that same claim about this blog . . . .

  53. Hank, I go to the actual pages. Facebook has become my best source for author and book blogs. The URLs FB creates within comments, with photos and headlines, make it easy to exit and return.

    Facebook is a timesaver. I used to do all kinds of different communicating by email, real mail, and lists. Those are the mudflats of stuck in the muck suck.

  54. Joan, that's EXACTLY what we're going for! Thank you!

    And Lil, yeah, it's amazing, isn't it? People are so accessible!

    And as an author, I completely love it when people contact me via Facebook--what a terrific resource and connection! It feels so...natural, you know?

    (I just had to match pictures of sushi to prove I wasn't a robot. WEIRD.)

  55. Oh, Edith, I feel I should start out the same way you did. My name is Kathy, and I am a Facebook addict. But, I do have so much enabling from so many here. Edith kept me drooling over her cooking during the snows, Kaye has the best good morning and good night pictures (plus we do a little politics, too), Reine has those fantastic photos around her Arizona home and updates on her and Steve's recent health problems, and Kristopher has all those books connections and has hooked me up with some great FB friends (also enjoyed your anniversary pics, Kristopher).

    Then, there are all of the Jungle Red authors. Following you all around the country and overseas is so much fun. Lucy in Australia and my wonderful Key West, Debs in London, Rhys at all those great book festivals, Hank in a different city every day, Julia on her writing retreat to Nantucket, Susan and her interesting research trips, and Hallie and her book festival appearances. And, if not for FB, I might have missed out on the following: Susan's book cover announcement today, Hank's pictures of all those airports, Debs' recent pictures of London pubs, Julia's amazing walk pics, Rhys' Tucson Festival of Books pics, Lucy's/Roberta's chicken pesto pinwheels and the Cat Man of Key West, and Hallie's cartoon about memory (gee, I remembered).

    As many of you have noted, I have so many book friends and others that I have met through FB, who enrich my life with information, laughter. I have a friend in Scotland, who feeds me my daily dose of my love for that country, and she calls me "hen." I have come to know some through my Bookaholics FB page (, where we discuss books and all things book related.

    When my high school class had its 40th reunion three years ago, FB was a big help in organizing it and reaching people. Also, after the reunion, there were quite a few people that I wanted to stay in contact with and am enjoying a renewed friendship with. Of course, family is another good reason to visit FB. I can now keep up with my family in my hometown, sharing events and pictures of them more easily. And, my hometown even has a page where we share memories and on-going news, including deaths of those in the community.

    Now, do I spend too much time on FB? Absolutely! Its effect on my reading time is becoming a problem, but I'm working on it. My first stop on the computer everyday is Jungle Reds and then, FB. Whenever I miss commenting on Jungle Reds, I feel that I missed one of the best parts of the day (like yesterday).

    Now, off to FB. Hahaha!

  56. I visit author's pages, both kinds, and especially appreciate news of books and travels (glad you made it home, Hank). Betty White described Facebook as a "colossal waste of time," yet here I am every day . . . (in fact, if I'm not here, send someone to check on me please ;-) I wish "most recent" were more accurate and efficient, instead of repeating posts every time there's a comment but FB does as it wishes . . .
    Meanwhile, glad to be here at the water cooler with you all. ;-)

  57. Kathy, you are amazing, thank you. xoo And it's interesting, I do imagine people seeing what I post--so it's very two-way.

    Mary, you have touched on the mystery! HOW does Facebook decide what we'll see? Does anyone know?

  58. I am not on facebook too much this week because I am with my daughter and two adorable granddaughters, but this winter, it was a great way to feel like I was seeing people when I was snowed in.
    I have made private facebook pages for my recent reunions (college, 45 & high school, 50) with great results.
    I also keep up with west coast family, and with the large group of kids I worked with as a mentor (we have a group, and people post their accomplishments).
    Yes, I am an addict. But I just like it so much I don't care.
    And, Hank, I saw your facebook post today about your JRW post!!

  59. Oh, and I should have mentioned that I saw the first pictures of Amy Tan as a dominatrix with the ROCK BOTTOM REMAINDERS at the Tucson Festival of Books. That was probably on your feed, Rhys. I went back and read yesterday's post here on Jungle Reds, too. I'm thinking that you had a lot of fun in Tucson. I forgot to ask my friend that lives there if he went, as he usually does. I have to say that I didn't recognize Joyce Carol Oates. I saw her in D.C. at the National Book Festival in 2004, and she looks completely different, probably hair color and cut, but just overall, too. Of course, I realize that was almost eleven years ago, but I think she looks better and happier now. And, I must say that you look great, too, Rhys. Maybe that Arizona sunshine is as good as people say it is. My friend from high school who lives in Phoenix swears that's the reason her breasts are so much larger now. Hahaha! I suspect something else.

  60. Oh, RIGHT, Kathy, it's the SUN. That makes infinite sense... so funny! xoo

  61. Like a lot of people have said, Facebook (FB) is a great way to keep up with old friends and family, and it's especially useful if you have them all over the world. Unfortunately, the way FB's current algorithm is set up, you need to keep up and write posts a couple of times a day (and get likes or comments on them) in order to stay "relevant" in your fans'/friends' news feeds. It's FB's way of trying to prioritize what you see and supposedly keep your news feed uncluttered of things you don't really want to see. This is an example of a somewhat good idea gone bad. Your friend may only have time to post once a week and it's always something excellent or important, but you'll never see it because 10 other "friends" may be posting once or twice a day and therefore have a higher FB news feed priority. A way to get around this is to type a friend's name into FB search (top left of the page) and it will take you directly to their page, and you can read everything you missed because it didn't show up in your feed.


    I'm on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Twitter is my news service, Instagram is for my love of the visual (I'm a budding photographer), and FB is for friends, family, and interests. They don't overlap much, except maybe the photos.

    "Kids" are on Snapchat. FB is for us oldies. ;-)

  62. I adore the way FB and other social media let us find our tribes, regardless of geographic location and extrovert/introvert tendencies. I see FB in particular as a consolidator (as others mentioned), allowing me to catch mentions, blog posts, and so forth. And yes, it keeps us in the know about each other just enough to not have to repeat the same litany of highlights when we all finally meet face to face.

    And it lets me and Rochelle share photos from our Tiara Table at the LCC banquet!

  63. Whoa, what an outpouring of love for social networking! It makes friendship easy... though I confess I'm always trying to find the line between what's ok to post and what's TMI or "who really cares" etc. If I'm posting a lot it means I haven't got that much on my plate.

  64. YAY Tammy! I wondered if you'd see it! Love that.

    And yes, anonymous, sometimes I'll think--hey, I haven't see anything former (insert name here) and I'll go look them up. And I know my feed has a lot of the same names..andI'm missing a lot!

    Hallie, we care about EVERYTHING!

  65. OMG..I love FB.
    Not only do I keep up with friends and family, my intelligence quota has so boosted my confidence. I learned that I have an exceedingly high I.Q. And I have a superior knowledge of medical Greek and Latin suffixes.
    I have lazy brain cells for word math problems, but I know all the State capitols. I make my family proud.
    I know when my favorite authors' newest releases are available. I repeat, I love FB.

  66. Marie, that is hilarious. I agree--I take ALL the quizzes. Beatle lyrics--I rock. Very reassuring!

    (and thank you for watching for our releases! xoxoox)

  67. OMG Quizzes! I am so addicted to them. Take them all the time.

  68. I spend entirely too much time on FB. My husband tries to take the moral high ground by constantly proclaiming how stupid FB is. But then he hangs over my shoulder asking "Who is that?" "When did Hal get back from Africa?" "How did you know it was my uncle's birthday?"

    I've stopped doing the quizzes. "Schatzie" is your stripper name, Lucy? My elderly neighbor's dachshund is named Schatzie! You'd better stick with writing.

  69. S. W. Hubbard--I am still laughing. Husbands are the best Facebook foils.

  70. Pat, I know, it's AWFUL. And fun. xoxoo

  71. I enjoy Facebook so much. But I am sad because it has taken me away from my love of reading. It's like a addiction! I can't seem to get much done, not housework, shopping, reading, even watching tv! I try to stay off of Facebook as much as I can, but were am I now.....FACEBOOK!

  72. To answer your question, I do come back and read replies...sometimes. It depends on what else is going on that night and if I think about it.

  73. Debs, I don't understand Instagram at all. I signed up but couldn't figure out what it was for. Photos. List photos? And give them captions?

    I'd rather hang out with Arlo Guthrie on Flickr. I don't think he's ever looked at my pics, but a girl can hope.

  74. HI, Georgia! xoox

    Okay, and now I am signing up to get replies. Sheesh.

    Instagram. A blog for another day, right?

  75. AND THE WINNER of the Hank book of choice is:BONNIE FRANKS!

    Bonnie, email me via "contact" at my website to claim your prize! Put HANK PRIZE in the subject line, okay? Hurray!