Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hank and Lucy explain it all: How to Help Your Favorite Writers!

LUCY BURDETTE:  Since we have two releases in the next ten days on JRW, we thought you might appreciate some suggestions on how you can make a difference in a writer's success.

* Pre-order the book to let the publisher know how anxious you are to read it.

HANK: Yes, yes! I cannot believe there aren't authors out in the sheets, right? Yelling..please please..

LUCY:  * Leave a review at Goodreads, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble

* Tweet a link to the book with a few words of praise

HANK: Yes yes. Sisters in Crime did a big survey, and found the number one was readers learned about new books was word of mouth. It seems obvious, but it makes a HUGE difference. If you love something, say something!

Can we make that our Jungle Red motto? One kind book word a day. I'm in!

Susan's new Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante--FAB!--comes out the 27th.

My new WHAT YOU SEE comes out Tuesday. (Aunt Agatha's Robin Agnew's review said it was "Flawlessly done." Whoa.

LUCY: * Use your Facebook status to leave a link or the cover

HANK: There must be some survey about how many times you have to see a cover or photo before it registers in your bran. Anyone know? How much is too much?

LUCY:  * Mention the book in your Facebook group or other online forums

* Go to the book signing or launch party!

HANK: Yes, Yes, mine for WHAT YOU SEE is Thursday Oct 22 at Brookline Booksmith. And a fab pre-party on October 21 at FoxTales Books in Atlanta! Y'all come!

LUCY: * Post the book cover on your Pinterest board

Hank. :-(  I am terrible on Pinterest. How about you?

LUCY: * Ask for the book at your local bookstore. If they don't carry it, urge them to pick it up and tell them how much you like it.

* Find out which local indie bookstore the author uses and request a signed or personalized copy

* Take a picture of the book you love in a bookstore and post it online. A picture's worth a thousand words on social media.

HANK:  Yes, yes, please! And tag the author. He/she will be so thrilled!

LUCY:  So if you love a book/author, tell the world!

But most of all, enjoy the book! We love writing them and we love to know you are out there reading. And we'd love to hear your suggestions...

And PS, speaking of the new books, Hank and Susan are visiting Mystery Lovers Kitchen today with two fabulous cocktail recipes and a double giveaway. Come say hello!

HANK: And don't forget to…well, you know. Happy Sunday, everyone, and Happy Bookday to all.


  1. Great list of pro-author activities, and good luck ladies, but sometimes I think the best thing you could do for a writer is talk them out of it.

  2. This is a terrific list... and I'm sure I echo the thanks for authors everywhere...

  3. I wish I had unlimited funds for buying books!! But I do try to do the reviews and talk up my favorite authors. How lucky are we to have chat time with some of our favorites EVERY DAY!!!

  4. 2 Reds novels in one week - I'm a lucky reader!
    Can't wait to read them both and start spreading the word.
    And another way to support an author is request their book at the library. Libraries are huge sales outlets for authors. My mom had her friends bombard her local library for requests for my novel - the library ordered 20 copies!
    As for writing, my beautiful ladies - NEVER STOP!

  5. Sorry, ladies. Susan's right. My childish brain centers were given a shot of growth hormone at last week's Bouchercon where I roomed with crime writer Les Edgerton. His idea of sophisticated noir humor was a remote-control machine that replicated embarrassing noises while I tried to talk to the cabbie, hotel clerk, waitress and barkeep. I'm alone this week with an old cat and our new puppy, so I doubt things will improve. I'd better keep quiet.

  6. I can't think of much I enjoy any more than squealing about an author's new book. to friends. on facebook. at my blog. and that's the truth

  7. I get a lot of pleasure out of promoting my favorite authors' books. I think I would have enjoyed being a PR person in the book industry, but I do try to do my part as a reader and fan. I especially hit FB and my book blog with new books to look for. On my blog, I recently did a fall preview of books that were coming out, which, of course, included Susan's and Hank's. Also included is Rhys' Away in the Manger, as November is fall, too. On FB, I share news of book birthdays and upcoming ones on my personal page, and on my Bookaholics page. I don't blitz it on my Bookaholics page, as it's not an advertising site, but I definitely share the birthday. I need to do more on Twitter, although my Goodreads reviews are directly connected to Twitter and FB, so that helps. Reviews on Amazon and B&N are on my list, too. It's always nice to have received an ARC, so that I can post reviews immediately and feature them before publication date. And, there is the occasional placement strategy in bookstores and libraries, as I have been known to place a book in a more prominent position. My only regret about Bouchercon is that I didn't have buttons for different authors and books to wear. Hmmm, authors, might this be something you can help with for reviewers or bloggers at these events? I know you have quite enough on your plates as it is, but I'm just wondering if the marketing people with your publishers might be able to address such an item.

    I do need to get back to Pinterest in posting author and book announcements. I think I've finally set up boards for each of the Reds' authors, so I can add pins there whenever I want. I have a board for "books to read," but I'm going to make a book for "new books coming out," too. I do have lots of book related boards on my Pinterest. It's such a fun place, but it can be so addicting and time consuming once I get on there.

    Lucy, you've listed great ways to help authors. The one I usually can't participate in is the individual book signings/coming out parties. They are usually too far away from me. I do try to get a pre-order in, even when I get an ARC.

    So, Happy Book Birthday to Susan and Hank! I've read Hank's, and it is so one of my favorite reads of the year, an amazing book. I know that Susan's is going to be brilliant, too. I've been looking forward to it and Maggie being in Washington for so long. Yay for these favorite authors and their wonderful books!

  8. Oh, and Lucy, I love your Halloween graphic! And, Hank, I enjoyed your and Lucy's conversation about the helpful hints.

  9. Kathy, you are a one-woman army!! We adore you!

    All great suggestions, Lucy and Susan, and I do try to give books and authors I love a shout-out, but I'm sure I could always do better.

    Happy book birthdays, Susan and Hank!

  10. I love talking about books I love. Um, is there anything else to talk about? Anyone who met me at Bouchercon probably heard me rave about Deanna Rayborne's A CURIOUS BEGINNING. Love that book....

  11. I love you all dearly, too, Debs and Lucy! It's so easy to promote all of the Reds' brilliant books 1) because they're, well, brilliant and 2) because the authors behind the books are amazing people, with generous, loving spirits.