Tuesday, October 20, 2015


"​A perfect mix of plot, suspense, emotion, and character. It's flawlessly done - one of the best and most resonant thrillers of the year."
      - Robin Agnew, Aunt Agatha's Mystery Bookshop

"Engaging and enthralling...Mystery fans should drop everything and pick up this book!"
        -- Associated Press

""A dark nightmare of a tale with echoes of Dennis Lehane at his level best." 
           - Providence Journal

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN:  Okay, so I am happy. The reviews are awesome. Now--crossing fingers.

So here's the question I love to answer:  Where do you get your ideas? Because my life is so rich and so full, ideas are always crashing into each other! And, somehow, exactly when I need them. For instance, for WHAT YOU SEEOh did I tell you? The pub date is today!

 I will pause right now while you go buy the book.  http://www.HankPhillippiRyan.com/what-you-see.php

Thank you! So. Where did WHAT YOU SEE come from?

One part: Jake Brogan, coolest detective in the world, catches a murder case. A man has been stabbed in Curley Park, right by the tourist magnet Faneuil Hall.  And the incident is captured on camera by call phones, surveillance cameras, and (remember these?) regular cameras! And how many other bystanders witnessed the whole thing? Jake and his partner DeLuca have a problem they never thought they'd encounter. 

 Where did this come from? Out of a case my husband had. He represented a murder defendant who was charged with stabbing a person exactly in the same spot by the Curley Statues. And one of the pieces of evidence was a tourist's cell phone snapshot of the incident. When he told me about it, I asked: "Does the snapshot show your client's face?"
And Jonathan said no.
"Well, I that's good thing," I replied. "It doesn't even show his face!"
And Jonathan said "Well, possibly. But it does show his tattoo."

Now when you read the book and get to that part, you will know the inside scoop.

Another part: You also might remember the story of “Clark Rockefeller,” the scam artist, impersonator, and general mauvais vivant (I made  up that expression, I think) who kidnapped his pre-teen daughter. Parental abduction of children is such a terrifying thought....  So, being a crime fiction author, I wanted to think about it. And contemplate and explore what might happen if it occurred in your own family. And--might there be a good reason a child would be abducted?

Jane Ryland, reporter extraordinaire, does not know the answer to that when she gets the phone call.

So, now, dear friends, it is up to you. Here's an order link--and hey! If you order by October 26, I will send you gifts! A paperback of one of my first 7 books (free!), AND a cool eyeglasses case (WHAT YOU SEE, get it?) and a signed bookplate. Just click here for the scoop!

Hey. Thank you. This is a big moment in time, and I am thrilled we can all share it together. I am off to Florida today, and then Wednesday in  Atlanta, and then back to Boston for a launch party Thursday (you’re invited!)--and then out again. Here's my schedule. Come say hello!

And did I say- -thank you?

Love you all madly


  1. Happy Book Birthday, Hank.
    It's so exciting to read all the wonderful reviews!
    What fun to hear about the real-life things that give you the ideas for your story. I can't wait to read the story!

  2. Congrats, Hank! How wonderful to have so many stellar reviews. Can't wait to read this one, although I'm going to miss both your launch party and your Newburyport event (with Susan, even - can't believe it - but I'll be in Indiana at Magna Cum Murder). Have a great launch month!

  3. Mauvais vivant! OMG, I can hear my grandmother saying that about half of my cousins!

    I love the snapshots you've been using in promoting the book--and such great reviews. Yee haw! Happy book birthday!

  4. And the brass band is blaring down Main Street! Congratulations, Hank! Can't wait to see how the story weaves all those elements together!

  5. yay Hank, the day has finally come and we are thrilled for you! look forward to seeing you at Crime bake and reading this book. xox

  6. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I am on the way to Florida this very minute… And have a big event tonight! Crossing fingers like crazy… What are you all doing today? Let's celebrate what you see!

  7. Big drum roll! Rolling thunder! Did I say I loved this book? Big, well deserved congratulations, Hank!!

  8. I have goosebumps! Congrats, Hank! LOVE the book!

  9. Congratulations on your launch day, Hank. Sorry that my review is not up yet, but Bouchercon prep really threw a wrench in my plans this year. But I am catching up, so it won't be long now.

    Enjoy your week and the continued success which is sure to be showered upon you.

  10. Aw, it is o lovely to hear from you all…can you believe all the journeys we've been though together? Ah. I am endlessly grateful. ANd so thrilled with your kind wishes! (And thank you, Kristopher…crossing fingers!)

    SO I'm in the airport right now--on the way to the first WHAT YOU SEE event- in Vero Beach FL! Then tomorrow, ATLANTA at FoxTale Books, then Thursday in Boston at Brookline Booksmith! ON the read again..and what you see is on happy author!

    More to come after I arrive..

  11. Congratulations and good luck. Can't wait to read this!

  12. Hank, happy book birthday, and remember to have FUN!! We love you bunches!

  13. Congrats, Hank. I've loved the pictures and the snippets. And of course the reviewers love it. I'm positive readers will, too.

    I think this is going to be the book that saves me from going out on Halloween. "No, sorry. I can't hand out candy. I have to catch up with Jane and Jake."

  14. Of course the reviews are awesome because the book is: Brava, Hank! Enjoy the book tour. ~Tricia

  15. So excited for you, Hank. Your books just get better and better!
    Save travels and take time to drink water and relax!!!

  16. Happy Book Birthday, Hank! Enjoy your Florida event and whirlwind tour! (Yes, keep up with your fluids. :) )

  17. Happy launch day, Hank! Your excitement is always so contagious!

  18. aw - what a wonderful interview!! Hank, I never get tired of telling you how very, very proud I am of you. I envision saying that to you for a long, long time, sweetie.

    And because I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this (Yay, Me!), I don't mind telling you all that you will love it. Love it to the moon and back!!!

  19. Congrats and safe travels!

  20. Hank, I'm late coming to the Reds blog today, but I did my promotion work for you sometime after midnight last night. I've posted on FB and Twitter about the book birthday of What You See (actually, I think I posted twice because I wanted to add a picture of the book on the tweet), and I've included my review. I love this book and this series so much! And, how fascinating exploring what people really see compared to what they think they do, and the whole area of parent kidnapping is terrible, but so interesting. Oh, I also shared the interview that Hallie did with you on FB. Great stuff! I can't imagine anyone here wondering whether or not to read this brilliant book, but just to reinforce the immediate attention it deserves, here is my review.

    Happy travels, Hank. Take care of yourself. And, Happy Book Birthday!

  21. Happy book birthday! I just ordered my copy.

  22. Wonderful, wonderful book! I will so very happily read as many as you care to write. Hugs!
    My own review ends with . . .
    I’m still seeing this story in my mind, as I look at the little pond that I refer to as Walden, a little sad that the book is finished, looking forward to another, and hoping for many real-life heroes like Jane and Jake to help sort out the tangled webs of greed and power in life as in fiction.

  23. You are just riding on the moon and the reviews are so great I hope you'll come back to us on earth! I can't wait to read this and plan to turn off all my phones and lock the door so I won't be disturbed!!!!!! Thelma Straw in Manhattan